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        1. Sorry I must be behind.
          But I will leave you with this tidbit about our glorious doktors and the general Health Network.

          From a Market Ticker post.
          Interesting this happened back in the Plague days also.

          A blast from the past, from a book called Chronicles of Geneva (second tome), pages 395 thru 402, authored by Franois Bonivard:

          When the plague hit Geneva in 1530, everything was ready. They even opened an entire hospital for plague victims. With doctors, paramedics and nurses. Merchants contributed, and the magistrate gave grants every month. “Patients always gave money,” and if one of them died alone, all the property went to the hospital.

          But then a catastrophe happened to the hospital: the plague died out, and subsidies depended on the number of patients.

          For the staff of the hospital in Geneva in 1530, there was no talk of right and wrong. If the plague brings in money, then the plague is good.

          And then the doctors got organized. At first, they only poisoned patients to raise mortality statistics, but they quickly realized that statistics dont have to be just about mortality, but about plague mortality.

          So they began to cut the ulcers from the bodies of the dead, dry them, grind them in a mortar and give them to other patients as medicine. Then they started wiping the dust on their clothes, handkerchiefs and garters. But the plague somehow continued to subside. Apparently, the dried bubbles did not work well.

          Doctors went to town and at night spread bubble powder on door handles, choosing those homes where they could then profit. As one eyewitness wrote about these events, “this has remained hidden for some time, but the devil is more concerned with increasing the number of sins than hiding them.”

          In short, one of the doctors became so cheeky, careless and lazy that he decided not to wander the city at night, but simply threw a bundle of dust into the crowd during the day. The stench rose to the sky and one of the girls, who luckily played out of that hospital recently, discovered what the smell was like.

          The doctor was tied up and placed in the good hands of competent craftsmen. They tried to get as much information from him as possible.

          The execution lasted several days. The “clever” Hippocrates were tied to poles on wagons and carried around the city. At each intersection, the executioners tore off pieces of meat with hot tongs. They were then taken to a public square, beheaded and cut, and the pieces were taken to all the districts of Geneva.

          The only exception was the son of the director of the hospital, who did not take part in the trial, but muttered that he knew how to make drinks and prepare powder without fear of contamination. His head was simply beheaded “to prevent the spread of evil.”

          Seems history often DOES RHYME.

          1. Sorry John, somehow when I got to the bottom of your post I thought it was Nancy who posted it, anyway awesome story.

  1. My general advice to SDA readers: if you want to know what’s worth knowing, read Russian and Israeli news sources. Amazing how much worth knowing you can learn from people not paid to recycle globalist talking ponts.

    Tonight’s reading on the real history of Europe: Vladimir Putin ”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians:”


    Meanwhile, Ha’Aretz, the paper of record among Israeli globalists, went to Lesser Russia to find Jews in a state of panic about the return of the Russians. They found none. Community leaders report little concern, much less panic, in the face of talk about imminent Russian liberation. Wuhan flu is a bigger concern than Cossacks.


    In general, the Israeli press is mostly free of “Ukraine” hysteria. Among the delights enjoyed by the citizens of the Jewish state is to no longer have to give a tinker’s damn if their former tormentors live or die.

    Israel Hayom relegated “Ukraine” to the back pages, only bothering to re-write a wire report on a proposal to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republic, independent since 2014:


      1. Pardon me. Am I supposed to be offended by being called Konni? It doesn’t work if I don’t even know what you’re even referring to.

        For the record:

        Like our Israeli friends, I don’t hate Lesser Russians. I don’t have the time or energy.

        If you hate “Siberian Mongols” (Greater Russians), that’s your right, I suppose, as long as you don’t provoke them.

        Just be aware that you live in Canada. You live under the jackboot not of Vladimir Putin but of the government of Chinada province, a notorious puppet of the real Mongols—the Chinese—and their emperor Xi Jinping, whose plans to enslave the world are real, and well under way.

        You sound like a parody of a “Palestinian” Arab who hates Jews more than he loves his own children. The Russian Army is the only reason the Germans didn’t feed you into the gas chambers right behind the Jews Todays they’re the only thing standing between you and the People’s Liberation Army.

        The Russians are not your enemy. Your enemy, and the enemy of everything you hold dear and everyone you love, are the Chinese and global finance, who plan to enslave the world or destroy it trying. The Russians are just in the way.

        Wake up, man!

        1. LOL, you still haven’t figured out why I call you Konni? You could not run a net search for “Konni Putin” and see what comes up?

          Let me spell it out for you:
          I call you Konni because you’re Putin’s bitch.

          As for the rest of your delusional drivel: Russians are my enemy, just like Chicoms or Quislings. Russia is cancer and a sworn enemy of Western Civilization. They’re enemies of all civilized people.

          1. I had forgotten about Konni Putin. By all accounts she was a good and well-behaved dog, devoted to her master. That she unnerved Angela Merkel is gravy.

            I’ve been compared to worse creatures by better people.

          2. “By all accounts she was a good and well-behaved dog, devoted to her master.”

            Nick fits you like a glove.

            “I’ve been compared to worse creatures by better people.”

            I am certain you were Konni.

          3. People’s unwillingness to recognize what russia is and what russians are, is extreme. My rational assessment isn’t extreme. People in the West often romanticize russia, see russians as those tough, somewhat funny, boisterous people, maybe rough around the edges, but good hearted none the less.

            Nothing further from the truth. They are deeply cynical and hypocritical people. Yes they’re tough, they are also brutal and capriciously cruel. A russian boss is the worst possible boss, a russian employee is lazy and arrogantly incompetent, a russian secretary on the other side has no problems servicing her boss anyway (and anywhere) he desires.

            Russian worships his tyrant. Russian will eagerly lick the boot of said tyrant as long as the tyrant occasionally unleashes rusian on someone else. All their greatest leaders are always tyrants: Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Catherine the Whore, Stalin, Putin. When they had a tsar that was moderate they promptly killed him and replaced him with communists. If you don’t stand with a whip over a russian dog expect the dog to jump to your throat.

            People in the west also believe that russia’s neighbors are really like rusians. Again nonsense. Everyone who borders with russia, fears her, and wants russia to leave them alone. Russians are despised by her neighbors. Leppers with syphilis have more appeal to someone from Eastern Europe than russians.

            We know them, you don’t. Shut up.

            Then there are the arguments that you often hear repeated by pathetic demagogues like YW for example, that NATO is encircling russia. As if russia was under a threat of invasion. None in Kremlin believes that. The reason why NATO spread is because everyone begged NATO to accept them. Those who did not get accepted in time, soon had russians tank within their borders: Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova. But those lies about russia being threatened by NATO are very useful to Kremlin. They help to rationalize russian behavior to western idiots and they help whip local idiots into frenzy.

            What stuns me is that otherwise sensible western analysts buy into the lie that russia feels threatened. That we should not antagonize them. As if Kremlin leadership believed that at any moment in the recent decades anyone in the west planned to invade them. There are easier and and less painful ways to commit suicide and they know we know it.

            What russian leadership fears the most is that russia will be left behind and russian leadership incompetence will become transparent, … then heads will roll. And so they are trying to drag as many as they could with them. for shit to become normal, for there to be no contrast like between Poland and russia for example.

        2. Also they enabled Hitler. He would have never achieved the successes in the West had it not been for their support. Then he sucker punched them before they had a chance to stab him the back. Russians and Germans bear equal responsibility for the genocides occurring in Eastern Europe thanks to their partnership. Except that Germans did everything they could to distance themselves form their past while russians deny it a glorify the false version of it.

          And Ukrainians aren’t lesser russians. Russians are northern Mongols. Chicoms aren’t Mongols either. Read for example “Russia Under the Old Regime”
          by Richard Pipes to understand why.

        1. 1True. I do not read English pro-Putin Russian propaganda, nor do I watch CBC News or CTV news. These are all corrupt news agencies run by corrupt people.

          And T.A.T., the above brings me to a vignette I experienced in 1979 while visiting Romania with my girl friend for five weeks. It was a extended vacation, where she would visit work communes to set up import contracts for Romanian folk blouses, which she would sell in Quebec.

          Anyways, we were staying for a few days in the hill country, just south of Soviet Ukraine, at an isolated commune. (The small hotel had no running water, let alone hot water). At any rate, in the evening we stopped by a common bungalow where about 40 people were watching the British TV show “Upstairs, Downstairs”, where the Romanians read subtitles and the two of us had the audio English language. Everybody enjoyed the show, but after it was over, the Communist news came on, led off by a propaganda piece about how “successful” the grain harvest was. At which point all 40 Romanians, mostly peasants, immediately walked out of the common building, with frowns on their faces. At the time food shortages were starting to take hold.

          The Awful Truth, you may enjoy Russian propaganda, but the ordinary public does not. The same holds true with CBC propaganda. The public yearns for truth and honest discussion. .

          1. Let’s just say that in 2021, RT tells far fewer lies than the Corpse. Which is the most praise George Orwell, in his day, could give the BBC (compared to Nazi German broadcasters).

            I knew that the only stuff worth watching on TV in the Socialist Republic of Romania were western dramas. Dallas was popular too.

            I’m also not surprised that Canadian retailers were exploiting slave labour in communist countries even then.

    1. Thanks for the link to the Russian stance. There is no way that the West should get involved.

  2. In Saskatchewan today:
    19% of new Covid cases were unvaccinated (including an unspecified number that were less than 3 weeks from their first shot).
    81% were vaccinated to some extent including 21% that had their third shot.
    Approximately 76% of the province is “fully” vaccinated which would seem to indicate negative efficacy of the vaccine is starting to show up in the government stats.
    The numbers are interesting but somewhat meaningless as Shahab says up to 80% of recent cases are unreported. That would mean 6% of the province contracted contracted Covid in the last 2 weeks.

    1. Your post is interesting. If this is the COVID corner, here goes:
      A few days ago, I wrote about my sister who is in Florida with her significant other for the Winter season. They are triple ‘vaxxed’ and they had also taken a seasonal flu shot. Their boosters were just after the New Year. She is fine but he isn’t. He is suffering overall debilitating pain, and went to a Physician. He was prescribed pain pills and told to come back for a follow-up visit if there was no improvement.

      He’s was a healthy mid-70 year old non-smoker who was used to playing tennis daily and attending the gym regularly. He loves his daily wine and spirits and eats healthy food.

      This is an update of his health: He is not better, in fact, he’ll be seeing a cardiologist next week and was put on BP meds. He is testing his pressure daily and it has improved. However, he’s still extremely weak and fatigued but is alert and moves around slowly. He can lift his leg somewhat so she can put on his clothes to dress him. The reality of their situation is sinking in. They are quite miserable.

      P.S. I just couldn’t believe my ears tonight when N.B.C.’s “Saturday Night Live” let on that they are now finally aware that the ‘vaxxine’ isn’t doing anyone any good, much to their chagrin. I was shocked — the jokes were not jokes.

      P.S. A woman name Karen told me off on Saturday afternoon in the produce department of a grocery store. It seemed my mask wasn’t to her satisfaction. I told her to mind her own business and that I had immunity. People gave us stares, a guy looked directly at me, as if to say, good ‘job’.

    2. Cly…..The vaxxes have zero efficacy, zero. All the bullshit on the planet won’t change that. All so the called science being discussed will not change that. The shit doesn’t work and is killing and injuring tens of thousands. we need to stop the insanity immediately.

  3. Hopefully the start of something bigger…

    Laurentian University (in Sudbury, Ontario) sees enrollment applications plunge 43.5%

    Laurentian declared insolvency on Feb. 1, 2021, and anticipated a drop in applications. Adding to the negative coverage the school has received across Canada since last year, the university is embroiled in a court battle with Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk.


      1. While Canadian citizens watch inflation destroy their finances and food becomes even more scarce and expensive, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government has got your back…

        “(Canadian Food Inspection Agency) is seeking comments from Canadians on a proposed change to the size of diced white #potatoes sold in cans. Our consultation is open until February 21, 2022.”


    1. Don’t forget that Prinz Dummkopf once said that in a confrontation, he would “stare down” Vlady. Oooooooohhhh–he sounded seeeeerious, doesn’t he?

        1. Yeah, who cares about Eastern Europe, of all the world wars only two started there, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

          1. There could be a war between Ukraine and Russia, and they could fight it out and we could ignore it.

  4. Can anyone please explain to me how it’s in anybody’s interest to give a crap about the Ukraine? It’s certainly not worth a single Canadian life. Mind you neither is Europe or eastern Canada.

    1. It seems like it should be in Joe Biden’s interest, Ukraine paid his son a lot of money assuming that they would be buying protection. Poor Ukraine, they don’t understand how the Democrat syndicate works. It’s not what have you done for me, it’s what have you done for me lately.

    2. As the American Empire weakens the other Empires (Russia & China) surround their prey to expand.

  5. Hard on the instructions from Lori Lighthead in Chicago to only purchase the groceries you need to prevent food shortages in the supply chain, we have this bucket of gas to throw on the fire.

    “Hey, Rubber Ducky, we got us a convoy!”
    If all these truckers are headed to Ottawa then there are precious few deliveries to be made in Western Canada for the upcoming week.

    This comes hard on the freeze that is descending on Morontario for the upcoming week.

    1. Any bets that this convoy’s going to get the same treatment as the earlier one? Yup, it’s going to be nothing but racists and white supremacists that are going to Ottawa and the government will completely ignore the truckers.

      Duplicate dung, alternate accumulation.

      1. I remember the corporate media’s smear job, of the earlier truck protest. I view federal politics like a bought-and-paid-for Tammany Hall city. The national media cartel are bought-for, and a repeat smear job is in the offing. Hope the brave truckers put their rigs in park at the right time.

          1. We have a ways to go.
            When the little ones are starving that’s when some will get off their asses.

      2. But first they would reveal their existence.
        These Anti Obedience Mutants walk amongst us.
        After two years of denying the existence of Liberty Loving citizens..CBC is forced to cover a truckdriving crowd of them?
        I foresee “Technical Difficulties”

      3. People need to contact their MP’s and demand that the government negotiate with truckers. Unvaxed truckers delivered goods at tgdvpeak of the pandemic. There is no reason to block them now. This is yet another abuse of power by Trudeau.

    1. This was the plan all along. The aim is to wipe out 80 percent of the worlds population. It’s not like they haven’t been telling us this for the past thirty years. The fake pandemic was TPTB way of the stupid self selecting for extinction

      1. Darwinism at its finest.
        I raise 2 fingers of fine single malt scotch to their stupidity.

  6. Interesting juxtaposition of worlds – Quebec versus Florida.


    “It’s health madness [here in Florida], but there’s a psychological upside, since COVID doesn’t dominate all life like here [in Quebec]. We Montrealers live in a tense, depressing pandemic bubble — all-COVID, all the time — which is why many people avoid following the news.”

    …and flee to Florida.

    1. Like one commenter observed with apologies to Gino Vannelli.

      ” Yellow cars look better in the drink “.

  7. Welcome to Chicago [shit-cog-oh].


    “Just outside Chicago, a state senator’s car and other valuables were taken at gunpoint in December, and a group of children, one just 10 years old, carjacked more than a dozen people. A rideshare driver being carjacked shot his attackers earlier this month in Philadelphia. Last March, a 12-year-old in Washington, DC was arrested and charged with four counts of armed carjacking.”

    I’m not really sure why a state senator’s car (valuables) matters, but 12-year-olds getting arrested for armed carjacking is a thing.

  8. The United Nations is providing cash to help illegal invaders trek up through South America, Central America, and Mexico, says Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies.

    They’re giving money out at way-stations up and down the trail. There’s a process in Tapachula: You get your Mexican visa papers, then you go to the UN building next door, get an appointment, and they interview you and look at your situation. It’s not big money, and not all of them get it, but enough get it to sustain them so they don’t have to go home, and so they can go on to the next way station.