36 Replies to “Dr. Fauci & Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Stupid or Liars?”

    1. Why are we listening to these people …?


      Hint: they are refusing to follow the science. They’re simply ignoring the science … hoping those “uncomfortable” bits of science that argue against their core tenets … don’t get discussed.

    1. CNN viewers are stupid, gullible, useful idiots.

      Like my neighbour, who I really liked up until about 6 months ago. Now I feel sorry for him, he’s completely lost in the hysteria that CNN promotes, his irrational fear of Covid, and those stupeeed, eeeevil Rethuglicans.

      We hardly ever talk now, and I miss my old friend, where did he go?

  1. Need more info. 80 year old, 60 years at government trough Falsey gets paid $400,000/yr, plus kickbacks…er …speaches.

    Gupta pulls in what?

    I wouldn’t let either change the water bottle for white lab mice.

  2. Outside of reporting on WWars when has the media felt this powerful and in control of fear porn? I will not watch MSM, I do not believe a single thing they articulate. Cut your cable and end the fear porn, or leave it out there for liberal Karens.

    1. Rose
      Control of fear porn? I will not watch MSM, I do not believe a single thing they articulate. Cut your cable and end the fear porn.
      DON’T cut it yet,
      Wait and see how many CNN reporters get put in OZ Twitter jail.

      Australian High Court rules news outlets can be held liable for comments under their social media posts.

  3. 100% ROSE..!!

    Cord cut in 2016 – NO Regrets whatsoever…NONE.
    Do not listen to Radio either…same filth as all the rest.

    1. Unfortunately, TV local or national news I get over the air ain’t no better.
      And when the people on the street turn on them, they retaliate on air, playing the victim card, portraying those who do not bend to their will as some kind of hateful, homophobic, transphobic, extremist, terrorist, insurgent bigots. (if I’m missing a pejorative, please feel free to add to the list.)

    2. Not yet, but……have recently become a subscriber to SXM, and am very much enjoying the various playlists available, without commercials. A breath of fresh air from FM radio while on the road, which is now the AM radio of the 20s. And, needless to say, no Covid propaganda either on XM, save for a handful of stations that promote leftist nonsense, but hey, JUST TURN THE DIAL!

      1. The truck I inherited from my father came with SiriusXM and I took over the account. When I’m on the road to and from my house in Fort St. John, it’s nice to listen to either Channel 76/Symphony Hall or 355/Met Opera Radio each way. (After I left Grande Prairie and headed towards B. C. last week, I listened to most of a performance of Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutti. Great fun!)

        By the way, SXM allows subscribers to listen via live streaming on their computers or by their software on their portable wireless devices. I’ve got it installed on several of my machines and on one of my tablets.

        It certainly beats the CBC.

        1. I bought a new Ford F-150 truck which also came with XM.. I really enjoy listening to Jazz and other music.
          BUT, in WA state we have lots of trees & mountains, so coverage can be so-so.

  4. I’m starting to wonder if the insistence on the recovered still getting the vaccine is about padding their numbers. They know the breakthrough rate is unreasonably high so they need people who are very unlikely to get a breakthrough case in the mix so the overall breakthrough rate for the vaccine looks better. They only have to admit the strength of natural immunity if people are not vaccinated. Everything else is credited to the vaccine.

      1. WE, the Pure Bloods, are the control group.

        Vigilence and resilience is necessary, to oppose and sustain our status, despite government propaganda and gaslighting.

        WE will be necessary for society’s function, as the “vexxine’s” long term effects present themselves

  5. There is nothing “stupid” pertaining to these, and many other, lying psychopaths.
    They are clever, evil, lying, sulphurous, inverted, nightmarish, non-human tools of a greater evil. However you may choose to conceive it, this is spiritual warfare.

  6. At least CNN has mentioned the Israel study. Has any Canadian corporate media mentioned it? I know the BC medical Stalinists line is that everyone must be vaxxed implying that natural immunity is a concept beyond their limited script.

  7. BOTH.
    What if Covid is a suicide Pact?
    Imagine the mindset of our effete elites,useless,clueless parasites.
    What if this scripted pandemic,has brought some self honesty to these moron’s?
    What if they have recognized the fool they see in their mirrors?
    What if they have realized how their “clients” really see them?
    Now lacking a spine and any ability to change their ways,perhaps they are seeking release from the burden of this life?

    For it is starting to look like they intend to push,nudge and threaten us until we take their potion..
    This is uttering threats.
    Inciting violence.
    And extortion..
    But the evidence is building that the Government Goo is toxic..
    So to continue to push their potion against rising evidence of its failure as a vaccine and increasing reports of unintended side effects..becomes assault with intent to harm and kill.
    Now remember ,these are the nontool using talking heads..making threats against those most competent in the use of tools..
    Are they too spineless to put themselves out of their misery?
    Is this suicide by proxy?
    For they fear life and living with a strange fury and currently they campaign to stop us from living our lives as well.
    Whipping themselves into a frenzy,they now threaten mandates and compulsion,over a potion as reliable as the twits pushing it.

    If you are threatening to inject me with a substance I believe will harm or even kill me..
    I claim self defence.
    Just how far are you willing to push from there?

    So given the skill levels of the opposing sides is this compulsion, to perform in The Dread Covid Theatre,a deathwish?

  8. Statists and collectivists lived in a contrived faked narrative world, so covid, its newness and uncertainty is perfect for them.
    All of their issues are phony – climate change, systemic racism, gender fluidity, rich not paying taxes, the state creating jobs.

    Not one of them is valid, they damn well know it, just like they damn well know vaccinations are less “durable,” natural immunity is more powerful and new strains are less infectious, because it’s epidemiology 101, the stuff of a first year science midterm.

    That must be suppressed because fake narratives and outright mendacity are critical elements of the one party state, its contradictions and most of all transactions of decline that decimate consensus, which must be then manufactured.

    Reasonable people want to eliminate poverty and racism, but quotas and taxes are what they are told what they want.

    Covid is yet another example. Telling people vaccinated are protected, that unvaccinated cannot hurt them, (not that natural immunity is what’s durable, not vaccines, that masks don’t work and weaker variants are less infectious) are all falsification requirements to keep people under the thumb of their government their consensus manufactured, for now.

    When their scaremongering lies are uncovered, where common sense requires further study by 5th column supported nonsense is accepted as fact, that moderate thinking people who question this falsehood are the liars to be destroyed.

    What better way to hide failures than a microscopic virus beyond the understanding of science and math illiterates mediocres in the mediocracy, as well as fools who see their power first above else, a natural outcome of statism, that like climate change, somehow and irrevocably binds society to socialism and totalitarianism, fun by watermelons, green outside, inside.

    That is the new status quo, the erosion and destruction of the individual in society, supposed to be the supreme being in civil society, who once released from servitude of peasantry, the new lords even less enlightened despots than before.

    Now we’re about to vote for it again, with as usual just enough useful idiots, now from the right with votes for the Orwellian People’s Party, run by a egomaniac turncoat fake conservative who zero understanding of that or our founding principles.