34 Replies to “Warning: This Will Trigger Mara Gay”

  1. The nhl and the bruins are pro blm. They deserve scorn and derision. Don’t fall for their bull manure.

  2. Mara Gay is the same “journalist” who said the 500 million dollars Mike Bloomberg spent on his failed presidential campaign was enough to give every American 1 million dollars, so you know you’re not dealing with the sharpest knife in the drawer. Even her lame-ass excuse for the blunder that she’s no expert on math was a face-palm moment since, simple as the math problem is, a mere smidgen of common sense should have told you there’s something not quite right about that calculation.

    But I’d really like to know, does she believe that if a handful of billionaires paid “their fair share”, as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren – among others – apparently do, the US government would have the several trillion dollars they need to balance the budget, that a trillion dollars is merely 10 times as much as a billion?

    1. ” . . . she’s no expert on math . . .”

      Hey, dividing by one is some intense shit.

  3. Didn’t see any players singing. I haven’t watched a hockey game for decades.

    1. They only sing O’Canada … right?

      THAT woman would be pissed regardless since this is (still) the whitest sport on earth. Whitest crowd by far.

      BTW … is anyone even AWARE there is an NBA playoff going on right now? Does anyone care? I sure don’t.

      1. To me at least, the US anthem has more “oomphh” than our “dirge” up here. Sung to the accompaniment of an asthmatic organ. Even the Fwench have some uplifting refrains in theirs in comparison.

        1. Hahaha… I have to confess … I know more words to the French National Anthem than I do to Oh’Canada …

          That’s all I know … O … Canada. Nothing else. Sorry.

          1. Which would you rather sing? “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the true north strong and free, or “Car ton bras sait porter l’épée, Il sait porter la croix!” The French lyrics are so much better than the English lyrics.

          2. Kenji the anthem has been changed so many times no one really knows all the verses without the script.

    2. I’ve rarely, if ever, have seen players sing the anthem before a game. They have other things on their mind.
      You’re just an asshole for making that statement as you probably know that.
      I’ve been watching games for 6 decades.

      1. I watched live in the old Montreal Forum, sport. Three bucks standing room only. You could buy a beer in your seat, which was a damned sight better than stodgy old Tronna. Hockey became “entertainment” when six teams became infinity.
        They were thinking of that girl from last night. And by the way, my middle initial is “A”….for asswhole.

    1. If you don’t understand why we sing a military based national anthem then you are clueless about the fact that we
      are the only Anglosphere country that allows BY LAW its citizens (not slaves) to own weapons that can kill the GOVERNMENT employees and CRIMINALS who wish to take our GOD GIVEN NATURAL LAW rights away from us.

      I don’t care who you are but that is a good sentence and a summation of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

      1. Not by law.
        By right. Pre-existing the Constitution.

        Government is a fiction. Its just various people, with people vice and appetites.

        Such groupings called government have been by factors, by many multiples, the greatest murderers and thieves.

        The 2nd is not one bit about Bambi hunting or a burglar in the kitchen.
        It was put in the Constitution by men who had fought a 7 year war to overthrow the government.

      1. Hey, dork. Yeah you. They weren’t singing about hockey really, but I happened to notice Mr. Hockey Multimillionaire on the ice wasn’t sharing in the crowd’s enthusiasm for the US anthem. Over paid dingle berries, completely outta tune with their fans. Hell, on everything in the natural world. Professional Sports Dorks. I drilled the wells producing the fuels that gets them to point A to B and heats/AC their homes, for a fraction of the cost. Otherwise they’d be vwalking to a game and using their skates to make wood shavings for a fire to keep warm.

  4. Very nice, even for this Bruins fan. Two straight games of the B’s soiling the sheets to end their season. My fanatical Leafs neighbours can take heart the Bruins didn’t curb stomp the boys in blue and white yet again. Nope, this time it was the Habs.
    Old time hockey.
    Eddie Shore?
    Piss on Eddie Shore.

    1. Or, as I heard on a WestJet flight into Toronto: “How do you know it’s spring? The Leafs are out.”.

  5. Pro Sports can kiss my White Privileged (_i_).
    Nothing but pampered grossly overpaid punks and Billionaires who need Public Money to build them bigger and better venues as they Kiss WOKE ass & prostrate themselves by bending a Knee.

    Go Fk yourselves forever.

    You’ll not see a dime from this ex fan….EVER.

    1. Jeff, How can anyone have enthusiasm for a country the screws over it’s citizens on a continual basis?

  6. Perhaps the country is not completely lost. There are still many patriots among us apparently.

  7. The American national anthem can give “goosebumps” but not when sung in this stylized form of singing that seems so popular these days. I felt the cringe and had to shut it down immediately.