6 Replies to “What Price Will the Totalitarian Thugs at Facebook Ever Pay?!?”

  1. The only recourse is to permanently delete your Fascistbook account. Who continues to shop at a store that bans you or your friends?

  2. Should the story come out that this was all planned and engineered, then the wealth of the elites will be confiscated, along with the forfeit of their lives.

    1. So we should be ready to storm the Bastille then? Do you have your popcorn ready to the reign of terror to follow?

      1. No, it can be done via rule of law. Begin by charging Fauci with 600,000+ counts of negligent homicide. Emails show complicity with a hand full of billionaires and their willing participation in the cover up, you know the ones.

  3. “you’re going to lose your social media account, which is something that is very necessary for many people, obviously”

    Stopped listening at this point.

    You don’t have a right to use someone else’s computer for free. Why is that so difficult for people to understand?