15 Replies to “It’s Probably Nothing”

  1. Declare independence now,reap the benefit later.
    For Can Ahh Duh says Oil and gas is done for,unneeded and evil.
    In fact they display this idiocy toward every commodity.
    So they will be happy to see us go.
    And..We can reduce the Prancing Princes “Carbon Footprint”,in fact by the West ditching Confederated Canada,they can claim “Massive reductions”.
    So they should be happy to pay up..Oh wait,they have no money.

    1. SHUT DOWN LINE 5….I am praying canada elects Trudeau again with a majority. Hopefully this will accelerate the break up of the canadian Gulag.
      I no longer have any emotional attachment to canada. Sure I have family in other parts of canada, but that never changes anyway.
      They can always come visit if the are allowed out of the Gulag.

  2. Kenney should leverage the upcoming oil shortage for everything its worth. Unforeseen diverse intersectional unequitable virally spread maintenance infections with indeterminate treatment time frame. The East will certainly understand and happily pay whatever per litre because it’s the woke thing to do.

    1. Sadly, he is too much of a globalist idiot to even consider that. He definitely was not what he claimed to be.

      1. Kenny knew/knows precisely what he is/was. A progressive pretending to be a conservative.

        Kenny’s allegiance is not to Albertans or conservatism.

        Jim Prentice II

    2. He’s too busy confiscating churches and throwing pastors in jail to do anything sensible.

  3. The glass is half full way of looking at this, is that we are getting back to where we were five years ago. I always miss out on opportunities because I don’t see them. A contractor friend of mine was telling me about the sky rocketing price of lumber a year ago. If I’d thought about it, there are several publicly traded Canadian lumber companies I could have invested in and made a killing. Canfor (CFP TSX) is up 250 percent in the last year. Weyerhaeuser (NYSE WY) is up about the same. The commodities prices going up are an opportunity to make money. Anglo American is up more than 50 percent in the last year Vale is up, Freeport MacMoRan could have been had for 10 bucks a share a year ago, not it’s over 40.

  4. This is a generational opportunity to make profits from government hubris, ignorance, and corruption. Mythically green bromides may capture rents from the elected sociopaths but reality cannot be denied forever. A commodities supper cycle is one way to beat inflation at their expense. Ag crops and inputs, Suppressed stocks in Oil, Uranium, Copper, Gold and Silver will out-perform the commodities prices themselves in these times. Just be aware that there lots of junk stocks out there. All that central bank injected liquidity has got to chase something and it’s going to go after things of real value.

  5. Commodities are still dirt cheap. Which is just how our Chinese friends like it.

    Can’t sustain eight-percent growth for long if you have to pay the barbarians a fair price for their coal, oil and iron ore.

  6. Gee Kate, being a farm girl, I’d have thought you would have put this canola grain price price chart up also. heh


    The rumor is that there is no canola left in the bins around my area except for those damn hoarders.
    In fact, I was told the spot price will hit $22/bu this month.
    And it was at $21.78 on Friday.
    And next months futures are at $22 and still rising.

    Makes a guy want to be a farmer again when he grows up. LOL

  7. I’m not sure if this has been posted yet.
    It is a dream come true for some people.

    A ransom ware attack on the company that controls Line 5 , the biggie that supplies about half of all the oil and gas to the eastern states.


    Get in, sit down and shut up, you’re going for a helluva ride!

    Especially if it takes some time to restart the line.

    1. “5 year high is not a big deal”
      The experts? claim that once the speculative forces helping the market rise decide to stand aside we could see a major correction down but they’ve been saying that for 4 months.