17 Replies to “One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest”

  1. I want to see Trudeau and Ford show all these groups that get Pandemic Exemptions while Canadians are locked down constantly.
    Considering we still have international students coming in as Ford complaint on international travel is still arriving.
    The Pandemic hotel was never closed as it was deemed essential as infections ran rampant.

  2. #BranchCovidians this new religion, is really gaining converts fast.

  3. The Wuhan Lab theory is accurate. You can tell by how hard the commies in both China and elsewhere try to dismiss it.

  4. I waffle a little bit, but I’m about 75-80% convinced it was an accident, due to carelessness or typical Chinese lack of concern for anything they can avoid acknowledging or dealing with. And that everything they’ve done since then has been a face-saving exercise to obscure that knowledge, which they’ve aided by paying off the right people in the right places. They know exactly what happened to the last detail, but no one else does. Not for sure, at least. And even if they came clean, we’d always wonder if they really came clean.

    1. This wasn’t China’s Chernobyl. This was their Hiroshima.

      A demonstration of what China’s war machine is now capable of, for the edification of any barbarians still daft enough to oppose Chinese dominion of the world.

      It worked.

      And if the workers’ and farmers’ revolt led by Donald Trump regains power in the United States, there’s plenty more plagues where Wuhan flu came from.

      How does a 21st century version of smallpox grab you? Or an airborne rabies virus? Rest assured they’re being looked into.

      And you’re paying for it too.

      1. Diddly
        We removed Saddam and Kadafi for terrorism, Ha
        Spread millions of Islamic illegals good and Terrorists all over the world.

        THANK You Very Much . *

        Now Xnbien , CCP China has killed 7,000,000 sickened bat flu victim’s across the globe, and their Re-education camps are running full blast, Anyone need a $20,000 Kidney?
        Slow Biden, CDC, Turduckens PM, Canada , Liberal’s, Democrats etc. Etc. Love to kiss China-China sweet Ass.
        My dear old dad used to say,
        “Makes My Ass Crave Stove Wood ” burns me Up.

      2. ee my post below, Diddley. This would have proven to any sane military man that this weapon is no use as it is indiscriminate and cannot be controlled once released.

    2. Marc,
      A year ago I would have concurred with your 75-80% convinced but subsequent readings / events have boosted that probability up to 99%. They done it. Now my 75-80% confidence is reserved for accidental release. That still leaves 20% for pure evil by James Bondian level villains.

      1. I will also add that the villainy is not limited to the Chinese. The world-wide virus “industry” was and is heavily invested in “research” at the Wuhan labs and big names were complicit. Hence, the seeming lack of interest in wanting to pin down the Covid origin. The Wuhan wet market and the pangolin intermediary hypotheses are the equivalent of the schoolboy excuse, “my dog ate my homework”. We absolutely need to know if the covid originated from risky gain of function research so we can react with extreme prejudice against those carrying out dangerous virus and bacterial manipulations. We can’t let it go if millions of deaths have resulted from scientific arrogance and complete disregard for human life.

        1. I think, until the Commies come clean and show us the research lab notes, we can safely assume that it did originate in the Wuhan lab and was released, even accidentally, by them. One thing they cannot escape is the accusation that they did nothing to stop it spreading internationally even though they considered a serious domestic health issue.

          The onus is on them to mount a defence, not to obfuscate and sidetrack.

        2. Mr. Austin, one good thing to come out of this misadeventure is that the powers who are investing in biological warfare programs will finally realize that this pursuit is a folly as grand as using gas in WWI. Once released, its progress cannot be controlled and it is just as likely to hit you as them. This is why, even though given the life and death nature of an ideological and racial war, no side used chemical weapons in WWII.

          1. “Scorched earth”.

            You’re assuming both “rational actors” and “not an ideology that requires destruction of the enemy at all costs”. It’s a truism, I think, that any weapon that exists/is created will be used at least once. The state-level relative sanity that has existed in the past cannot be guaranteed to exist now or in the future in the age of asymmetric warfare.

      2. Yes Mr. Austin, I agree with you,. But I never believed the James Bondian level of evil could really exist until 9/11. My first reaction, understanding who did this and why, was: There really are evil people in the world bent on tpotal destruction of civilization.

        Actually that day I received a call at work from my wife who said our daughter has seen a plane crash into the WTC. My response was: “Deliberately?” “What size of plane?” I continued that this was the work of Bin Laden and his islamist fanatics. Then I understood that evil exists.

        My father was sent from HQ to report on Belsen as soon as it had been discovered (he was an HQ errand boy) and he doesn’t say as much, in fact very little about it. But it would appear he just knelt down and threw up – and he’d been at war and seen people killed in a miriad of ways for 5 years. Evil, it does exist.

  5. Presented with people who fit the description they always made of Jews, and far worse besides—tightfisted, clannish, cursed with all the empathy of a snake and delusions of grandeur that convinced them that Heaven has given them a mandate to rule the world—our elites have developed an interest in “anti-Asian hate” in record time.

    It was only once Israel got the bomb, and made credible threats to use it on the financial capitals of the Gentile world unless Gentile elites found another scapegoat for all their own greed and incompetence, that Gentile elites finally concluded that Holocaust jokes were no longer fit for polite company.

    Imagine the shows of horror the media would be staging if an Israeli rocket was about to fall out of the sky—much less if a genetically engineered virus had escaped from an IDF WMD lab in Tel Aviv.

  6. I have a relative who was career air force and did postings around the globe and he always believed the chi coms were out for world domination . Unfortunately his family laughed him off except a few of us who knew better . RIP …RG……….

  7. Competition!

    I believe the orbit means it can only land between +/- 40 degrees of latitiude (may be wrong there slightly). Where do you think it may land?

    The US Capitol building would be a bit of a problem for the Chinese, as the Brits might say.

    The Imperial Palace in Beijing may be a cause for celebration for the Chinese people.

    But, like all space debris, the world will breath a sigh of relieve when it falls on Austraaiilia