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  1. Good link. When I was a young guy living in the country the RCMP would pull me over every weekend just because of the one occasion (OK, maybe more than one) when they caught one of my friends with an open case of beer in the back of my truck. On one occasion they asked why we were out driving around after midnight (was there a curfew law in Canada in the 80s?). He was probably looking to pin some crime on us.

    1. I know what you mean. Cops were not nice back then. If you were in the back of their cruisers, they would make sure the paperwork was worth what they wanted to charge you with.
      Was chest poked by one wanting me to rat out on where I got my booze at 17 and a bit tipsy.
      One of my classmates got life in prison for killing a cop back in the late 1970’s.
      Never new the guy ever was in trouble with the cops.

    2. A bunch of years ago, 2014 or so, my hometown’s Canada Day parade featured an RCMP car from the 80s, and the person driving it said over the loudspeaker, “Raise your hand if you’ve sat in the back seat of this car.” Amidst laughter and a bunch of confused youngsters, more than one hand was raised.

  2. May 24 weekend lockdown…
    From my one law course in high skool I remember one thing: the importance of precedent.
    Dominion Day lockdown…
    These fuckers will keep pulling this stunt and if the courts allow them – and we know our justice system is rife with corrupt pricks – then it will get worse.
    Labour Day lockdown because of a new variant…
    Show me your vaccine passport.
    Thanksgiving lockdown…
    Your job is not essential so here’s a subsistence cheque. (UBI my scrote.)
    Christmas lockdown, fuck Santa and Jesus.
    Happy New Year? Nope.

    1. *
      martial law, huh? i’d like to say i’m surprised, but
      we’ve been tilting this way for a year now.


  3. First and foremost, we need a citizenry that will do its job and stop abdicating its responsibility. We need a citizenry that will wake up and remind politicians that the authority that they use was delegated to them by its citizens. And, that same authority, if it is abused, can and will be removed from them. We need a citizenry who through careful argument will convince, but in the end, compel those who are in political office (and any who choose to stand for political office) to respect the fundamental freedoms and fundamental rights of it citizenry. We need a citizenry who is willing to reclaim its place as the arbiter of our democratic freedoms.

    It’s your life, your freedom, reclaim it.

    Too many of us are too complacent. It has got to change.

  4. I hate to drop this bomb on you but the police in Ontario have had the right to stop anyone at anytime, anywhere, for any reason or no reason. They do not have to give a reason and can force you to take a breath test anytime anywhere that my friends is the law these days, and I believe it is Canada wide. Police state you bet. Until we say no more bullshit this will continue to get worse and the karens, who say if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear, can kiss my a$$.

  5. YouTube didn’t want me to see the video. In less than 12 minutes, it was interrupted for ads that were completely unrelated to the content.

  6. He almost lost me when he extolled “The Charter”, that Trudeaupian bit of continental Rationalism. (My deep-felt belief: The Quebec Act should have been repealed after 1783.) He’s right about everything, of course.

  7. The temporary income tax comes to mind.

    24000 purported covid deaths in Canada. Models by 97% of expert scientists were predicting worse. Way worse. The question becomes what if government scientist models predict a bad cold season, or high pollen counts, or thunder and lightning, global warming or sasquatch attacks? I think it’s called the slippery slope, and governments and their minions almost NEVER miss an opportunity to go for a slide.

  8. The Charter of Rights? Hahahaha ha ha ha ha … but you’re having an EMERGENCY Canada!! Aiiiieeeeeee!!! Your “rights” end at the reach of your unmasked sneeze (51ft. according to “scientists” at MIT). Your “rights” are subjugated to Karen’s Rights. Your Rights are being RESET as you moan and droan on about your precious Charter of Rights.

    Obey! Obey The Fascistic Leftist State. Your “institutions” leave you no choice. Your woke version of “Democracy” leaves you no choice.

  9. The apparatchiks don’t care about the law or the Charter or anything else but virtue signaling and the power that goes with it.
    Measures are more stringent than ever, a lockdown over a third wave, with ON currently at 21 deaths/day with 13.5m people.
    What has reached viral is a bunch of politicians letting no skin in the game experts dictate their abomination of leadership.
    Why listen to people who are right some of the time but wrong most of the time? Because they ignore when they were wrong.
    Despite the consequences of their incompetence. Why were term care homes hit a 2nd time? Why this obscene vaccine delay?
    Most importantly why do they constantly move the goalposts from flatten the curve to no cases to the destruction of liberty?
    The same cheaters continue to cheat. Government wagging its finger and turning us into a police state will not change that.
    Deaths were far higher in the first two “waves,” yet ON is locked down, her economy in the deep freeze, liberty suspended?
    Why would hospitals be overwhelmed now when they weren’t when death rates were four times in the first two “waves?”
    Given that, why lock down a province, a country or a world with differing covid experiences, assuming worst case for all?

    Because they’re statists, which means never admitting you’re wrong, which means passing risks on to others, in this the case the citizenry and their well-being, getting away with at best educated guesses, at worst megalomaniac power lies, for over a year.

  10. He has posted a new video reflecting the fact that Ontario actually changed to law to include “purpose of trip”


    Either way – if I get pulled over tomorrow it will be name rank and serial number.

  11. Well Here Is The 1st Charter Case On This Whole Issue Starting Of In Good Old Alberta. And Not Going Well. Judge says in this a Charter Case The Crown does not have to produce evidence to support locking up Pastor Coates. After 13 Months of Violation of Charter Rights and They Refuse To Produce The Justification.
    Have You Figured Out Who The Real Terrorists Are Yet Alberta. The UCP and Petite Justin/Jason Can’t Hear You Yet.

  12. Hinshaw has NOTHING of Evidential material to produce…

    I’d see this Commie BiTCH strung up…right beside Her Chicom deputy, Shandro and Kenney. Traitors the lot…

    1. Yup. Hinshaw’s as bad as Bonnie “I’m Going to My Winery, You Peasants” Henry.

      The actions of each and every medical officer are in clear violation of the doctrine of “primum non nocere”, otherwise known as “first, do no harm”. Their “advice”, such as it is, has caused a great deal of damage to people, many of whom weren’t infected.

      If I’d pulled that kind of garbage while I was still practicing, I would have faced disciplinary charges and possibly would have been struck from the register.

      Even when I was wrote my Ph. D. thesis, I had to support any claims or statements that I made.