29 Replies to ““V” stands for Vacuous Cavern Between the Ears”

  1. If that ain’t the mark of the beast, I don’t know what is.

    Some of the world has gone mad. The rest of us marvel at the rapid decline of the western world ….

    No tickee no laundry is now a reality.

  2. Reminds me of…
    In France, they’re driving electic cars and towing gas generators.
    Help, can’t stop the idiocy spread…
    It’s contagious.

  3. Does the tattoo fade over the course of a few months,or will he/she/it get a new one for each vaccine received?

      1. And a third will be sponsored by a major German car company. Whoo Hoo, cheap advertising walking around with green hair and… wait, do we want our brand associated with those psychos?

        1. It’s a nose as the booster shots will have eyes on each side.
          You honestly didn’t think it would end here with all those nasty variations floating around.
          Company has to make money as the government and media continue lockdowns and scaring the public.

    1. No, They will get new repeating V tattoos, stacked like military chevrons, as it’ll make them feel superior and important! Thus show us their level of stupidity.

  4. There are plenty of vaccines far more important to health than this flu shot.
    Dude should get an R for Retard in the middle of his forehead.

  5. They really should go with the tried and true method of wearing a yellow Star of David. Of course the tattoo comes later in the form of consecutive numbers on the forearm.
    The catch here is that they are denied the chance to study history.

    1. Of course the tattoo comes later in the form of consecutive numbers on the forearm.

      I’m sure 666 would be sufficient.

  6. I avoid people with a “V” tattoo. I have always heard it stood for Venereal Disease, like “A” is for asshat.

  7. There was no need to get a permanent tattoo when an impermanent yellow triangle was available…

  8. From the site…

    “Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the week’s craziest news, videos and memes – all curated by the team that brought you The Babylon Bee.”

    The Babylon Bee? This story must be 100% true and accurate, then.

    1. CO – after a number of “fact checks” one of the founders of the Babylon Bee shrugged and set up a news site. On site is all parody, the other site is all real (with snide commentary).

      I’ve been reading NotTheBee.com for months now, and they’re always within a day or two of my other news sources. I haven’t seen a blatantly wrong story yet.

      1. Thanks for setting me straight. I remember the last time I came across this site it was a really weird story too, so it’s kind of easy to assume that this site exists as just another avenue to punk the left. As a natural skeptic I have zero patience for any site I suspect is dicking me around.

        Will trust your recommendation and assertion that they are sincere and add a link, as they are obviously gravitating to stories that others I link to are not.

  9. When the peoples of the west get their freedom, those tattoos will be helpful for identifying former globalist collaborators.

    Never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake.

    1. When the peoples of the west get their freedom

      Dream on….. Ain’t gonna happen.

  10. White skin is like the “scarlet letter”, you cannot be redeemed with this tattoo.

    1. OK, so are you suggesting full body tattoos for us whiteys? I’d suggest just shooting the fools and idiots. Skin colour would be secondary.

  11. I’m going to get mine on my arse. When the Gestapo at the airport ask to see it I will gladly show them.

    1. I ‘ve got a map of Canada tattoo on my butt.
      Every time I bend over Kebek separates.

  12. Nazis, Glozis, aren’t they superior?
    As mentioned above, the number sequence is next.
    Isn’t the world running in circles, the next more sophisticated than the last two and more deadly.

    The Glozis are at it an they rule today as you read this.

    Trump was one of them in the past, that’s why they oppose and hate him, he knows whereof he is speaking.
    There are few others though they are brought down one by one until there are none left.
    Little bit by little bit by little bit, they will get you, you will submit and even like it before you wake up and then it will be too late.
    The body snatchers will have you out of cocoon and you are done.

  13. Is that the new swastika? I hope they stick with the woke tats because I quite like my pink hair and would hate for it to become the symbol of the woke.

  14. “V” for utterly VACUOUS.

    “I’m curious as to Cattle Car timetable…?? ”
    Soon steak, very very soon…

    1. steakman, ignorance continues to be bliss. The cattle car timetable will be given you by your local police after they shut down your church and beat you for not having your mask over your nose. I now know that 95% of everyone in Canada is dumb as bag of rocks. That includes most of my family.

      1. Those woke damn Victches.
        Both a bitch and a witch in the new woke world.