29 Replies to “Frankly, My Dear”

  1. He’s from Edmonton.
    How much money and promotion did he get from CBC or Canada Council for the Arts? I got nuffin in a quick Google search. So how can he make it in the entertainment biz? (sarc) Who then does more for Canada, MacDonald or the CBC and CCA? If I’m right on this, I need to buy a track or two because I just can’t boycott CBC below zero.

  2. Well, now, he is sure ‘ nuff a righteous brother.
    Say it.
    Please reach the ears that don’t hear.
    Hey, maybe someone should do a cowboy version for those who are afraid of rap.
    Or would new country cancel it?
    Whatever, push on.

  3. Very impressive. Perhaps there’s hope for the under 30 crowd yet? It is they who buy iTunes?

    I don’t trust anyone under 30. But maybe some of them get what’s going on.

    He was on Glenn Beck the other day and his videos have over 350 million views, 350 million!

      1. That was a Boomer thing, of course they were known as the “Me Generation” before they were called Boomers.

        Their other shtick was “Hope I die before I get old”, and I wish more of them had the integrity to carry through on that.

    1. Studies show that the generation just coming up is the most conservative in a very long time.
      The leftists and establishment have been trying to slowly boil the frogs, and they sure managed to make most millennials tender, soft, and wet, but they forgot that there are new generations entering the system all the time, and these frogs showed up to notice the water was damn hot.

  4. He is also blowing up big on reaction video sites right now. The winds are shifting, one just has to hear.

  5. Just me, you and Tim Cook. Eff off, you all and Apple, the lot of you are celebrating Apple’s profit like the sycophants you are.

  6. Order food and call the cops … see which one shows up first


    Now compare the paychecks, benefits, and pensions of the Uber Eats Driver and the Police UNIONISTA member. And ask why your food showed up 1-1/2 hours before the Police. Sorry. I’m not anti-police. But the police of today, aren’t your grandmother’s police. Not by far.

    My recommendation? Remove the Police from the list of “essential” workers. They’re not. I would argue that essential = reliable. The police today are wholly unreliable.

    Not a Rap Fan … but his every sentence resonates with TRUTH. He would have made MUCH BETTER halftime entertainment than that AWFUL Canadian guy who calls himself Last Weekend

      1. Wow. Wow. Wow.

        It is the truth that when someone (hardly anyone) asked my opinion on race I boiled it down to this observation:
        In 1979 Nina Simone released her beautiful and mournful ballad “Baltimore”. Her lyrics provided insight to the state her city was in.
        Then I asked how, after over 40 years of exclusive Democrat leadership, the grandchildren of her generation suffered even more than she did.

        I would then ask if my listener thought it was by ineptitude or intention, cause it could only be either of the two.

        Then enter Tom MacDonald…wow.

    1. When the “BAME” give up everything white western technology has given them come back to us.

    2. Culture is all the unwritten rules and norms of a society, there is nothing to appropriate. Anything that does not become a part of a societies culture will become extinct within that society.

      Or perhaps you are one of the multicult crowd that thinks culture is just music, food, and fancy hats.

      When one looks at what the full meaning of culture is a multicultural society is impossible, and any society that tries to embrace such nonsense will become acultural, having no standards or norms, and cease to function as a society. Of course that may be the endgame for authoritarians planning to convert us all to serfs.

      May all the UnMes of the world see their plans reduced to ashes, or survive to live in their desired dystopia.

  7. Y’all screamin’, “Defund the police”, y’all are genius for sure
    They’re underfunded already, they’re way too busy to work
    Order food and call the cops, see what reaches you first

    I don’t like hip hop, but I like this.

  8. Here’s hoping that this appeals to the young. We know that pop music came be subversive in the late 60s. Many claim the antiwar songs contributed to the unification of and gave traction to the antiwar movement. Think Credence, Dylan, “The Eve of Destruction”, “War, What is it Good For”….
    I’d like to see some successful music that warns off kids from enlisting in the armed forces. I regret to say it, but during this administration, enlisting will not be a patriotic act. Making the world safe for the globalist and corporatist goons is neither heroic or honorable, nor is turning on the American public.

    1. You’ve not kept up with Biden’s appointments. His Supreme Military commander has just ordered America’s military to ‘stand down’ … while he ‘roots out’ all the “racists” serving in the US military. So … Joes Military has declared War on … itself.

  9. McDonald is good.
    Flashes me back to Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.”The Message”
    Both speak/spoke with great clarity.
    Funny thing about Rap,it did not start out with mumbling obscenities.