Vanity Is A Powerful Drug

Woke librarians want us to know just how radical they are, and therefore important:

Our Ivy League librarians insist that their “ultimate goal” is, and I quote, “the complete abolition of law enforcement… everywhere.” Because “a world without policing” will somehow, rather conveniently, be a world without crime.

Clearly, we should put these people in charge.

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  1. They want no policing and no Prisons? So according to them Derek Chauvin, J Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao (who were arrested in the George Floyd killing) should walk free and I suppose Kyle Rittenhouse is also off the hook?
    Is that what these woke lefties have in mind? Asking for a friend.

  2. Thousands of square feet of under utilized space, equipped with utilities, heat and running water.
    These academic institutions of higher learning should be opened up to the homeless.
    Expose the champagne socialists to a real life experience.

    1. Your right William.
      But that won’t happen as these schools are businesses with a great deal of government support and grants.
      Government is the golden goose in promoting to have special education and licenses that each sector now has to have.
      So sad really when this golden goose runs out of credit to keep these institutions going.

  3. They, like many other such people I’ve encountered in the post-secondary system, hold the real world in disdain, believing it to be beneath them and its inhabitants to be treated accordingly. We deplorables, however, are allowed to exist because we are a convenient source of their operating funds.

    1. Re: Scholar strike:

      It appears to me that the word “scholar” has been devalued beyond all meaning. I offer as evidence the organizer in Toronto:
      “Professor Beverly Bain is a Black queer feminist, antiracism, anti-capitalist scholar.”
      “Bain is the author of “Fire, Passion and Politics: The Creation of Blockorama as Black Queer Diasporic Space in the Toronto Pride Festivities.”
      The CBC could hardly wait to interview Bain.

  4. I bet they would change their tune if I went into the rare book book room at Yale and stole a couple of million dollars in books.

    Remember lawlessness is only for the lesser classes.

  5. I definitely think there is an element of humiliation fetish going on in these wokesters.

  6. I chuckle every time I read about a “librarian” trying to get someone to take them seriously.

    I do that because I remember back in the Bush years when (at the meeting of their national organization) a resolution to condemn Castro for jailing actual librarians for disseminating information unapproved by the state didn’t get enough votes to pass, followed by the same people unanimously passing a resolution to condemn Bush for the Iraq invasion.

  7. Coincidentally I was considering that when a society allows immoral behaviour the number of moral minded people are reduced to a minority that can be subjected to the tyranny of an immoral majority.
    The inevitable outcome is that there are not enough qualified candidates for those tasks that require a higher level of morality such as the administration of Justice, education, and crafting legislation.
    It makes it easier for those of low morals to not only excuse their bad behaviour but to also impose it on those that do not know any better.

  8. Police forces were created to protect “criminals”.

    Apparently, before the advent of police, vigilante justice ruled the day.

    You could get blamed for something and then hunted down and killed if your enemy could get the mob behind them.

    Do librarians really want to return to mob rule? Perhaps they think they’re controlling the current crop of antifa/BLM mobs, but it’s unlikely those mobs would last very long without State cover.

    1. Bingo. Perhaps defunding the police is exactly what we need. Imagine a society where criminals are punished for their crimes. Where honest citizens are allowed to protect their lives, families and properties. Where a man can sell food from his restaurant without an army showing up to haul him away to the gulag. Raill and road blockades could be cleared immediately if police weren’t protecting far left rioters.

      Might be on to something.

      1. johnboy, “Rail and road blockades could be cleared immediately if police weren’t protecting far left rioters”. No need, just add cow pushers to the fronts of the trains, and pushbars to the fronts of the cars. Motorcycles would need to be a little more creative.

  9. The way police have been treating their fellow citizens because of a FLU VIRUS has dropped them way down on my list of people who deserve respect. Fewer might not be a bad idea, at least until those hired understand what civility and law really is. They also all need a update on just what the word freedom means,

        1. “Try doing without them.”

          Have you ever heard the saying, “There’s never a cop around when you need one.”?
          Most of us do do without them 99.9% of the time.

          If you aren’t mentally and physically prepared to defend yourself and your interests,
          you’d better realize that the cops will show up later to clean up the mess that used to be you,
          after the lawless criminal that the cops are protecting is finished with you.

  10. Feelings now trump the principles of reasoning. This story exposes the total disconnect the educational elite have from reality. Earning their keep off the public teat, in gated or segregated higher end communities, and never wandering outside their bubbles, have given them a perverse and distorted view of how the common man actually lives.
    Drop them into the nearest Section 8 housing district for a year to live and work, would definitely help them understand the reality of it all.
    As for the police, the Wuhan Virus has exposed what many have known. When their livelihood is at stake, they can be made to jump to any tune the state demands of them, even when it comes to your civil liberties.

  11. Librarians always seemed to me to be a profession in search of a job. I rather doubt they mean to give up their belief they can police what we can or cannot read . More progressive grandstanding.

  12. Librarians have been on the list of irrelevant professions for some time now.

    Print media has gone digital.

    The current generation would not know what a book was if it fell on them.

    Let the librarians rant. Nobody cares about them. They are as irrelevant and useless as the mountains of dusty books in their care.

    Librarians! LoL!

  13. “..Clearly, we should put these people in charge…”

    Ahhh no, We should put them in a CAGE..?? Or resurrect one of our Institutions for the mentally unstable and mentally INSANE. And at the same time ensure they are NEVER allowed to Call 911.

    …and given the presence the INternet has….why are we spending BILLIONs on Libraries.?? OH yea, Cause Politicians can read right.??

    But I like most have some serious reservations where Police are acting more like the SA than community officers…and seem to never be present when Burn LOOT n MUrder groups are out doing their shit.??

    SO there is that.

  14. Ah, but we need librarians. Without them, there would be no libraries. Without libraries, where would drag queens hold their story time sessions?

  15. For ‘librarians’, they got their quote wrong. “In a world without laws, there can be no crimes.”

    1. Actually, in a world without police there will be lots and lots of crime and many more victims. There just won’t be any criminal charges laid.

  16. My sister is a librarian in Toronto; they are protecting themselves as she was caught a few years ago with 9500$ of stolen cds in her basement. According to cupe, since it was under 10000$ , she got a letter of reprimand on her record. That’s it.

  17. Libraries are part of what I call the government run female employment agency. No men work in a Library. From that fact, it’s no surprise that when you walk into any Library in Canada, you’ll find at least two hardcover asswipe cases written by the Obamas and the book White Fragility proudly advertised as “recommended” within 10 feet of the entrance. A little further inside will be a transgendered thing reading a book about toxic masculinity to a group of children and their adoring mothers. The mothers won’t be adoring the trannies or even their pre-op junk hanging between their legs, they’ll be adoring eachothers’ virtue.

    1. Richard:

      That triggered a blast from the past.
      Long ago, back in the mid-80s, a former friend, a NDP socialist (tho he vehemently denied being one) and I were engaged in a debate about what I referred to as the inevitability of havoc created by governmen intervention in the economy and society.

      He thought he cinched the debate with this argument:
      Well, what about libraries!!!

      1. Ah yes, ‘muh tragedy of the commons’ types are pretty wearisome.

        Had a similar conversation with my group at work about global warming and a younger guy in our group thought he scored points when he uttered (I swear this is an actual quote not paraphrased in any way): ‘You do realize it’s the government’s job to take care of us.’ He thought he had scored points because I was literally speechless.

        1. Someone should have asked the twerp as to who really is the government in a democracy?

  18. As Al Pacino famously and accurately said in “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Vanity: always my favourite sin.”

  19. Well they are partially correct aren’t they.

    The abandonment of all law enforcement will lead to a:
    A world without crime … statistics..

    Increasingly today, cops are not bothering with charges due to the pointless paperwork they must process. In my old neighbourhood one family had its car broken into about a dozen times. The son saw one break-in in process and called the cops. They apprehended the perp and told the son that if he wanted to pummel him, now would be his best opportunity (iow, catch and release). So, two crimes, zero crime statistics).

  20. “A society in which the children of the elite are immersed in such dogma – and are told that their civilisation shouldn’t defend itself against sociopathy and predation – isn’t, I’d suggest, in the best of health.”

    Well, no. But why would they be taught anything else? The elite are, with few exceptions, sociopaths and predators themselves. So is the fruit of their fornication.

    To restore the health of society, accept that they were born evil, and the only thing worth doing is to send them to their master in hell like the vermin they are, confiscate their assets and repudiate the debts they contracted using their debt- and tax-slaves as collateral. Less than nothing of value will be lost.

    If sociopathy and predation isn’t tolerated, you get much less of it.

  21. The librarians need to work in used book stores in the shittier parts of town for a while so that they can experience the real world outside their elitist and sterile bubble. Or, be good librarians and simply be quiet and let others read.

    1. It’s not just librarians who should work in such settings. Most people in the post-secondary system who I’ve encountered, particularly at the university level, need to spend some hard time out there.

  22. Librarians?
    We still have them?
    If ever a group of people were ripe for replacement by machine,it be these.
    We have the stock fully itemized by a number,all we need is a mechanical sorter to produce the desired item and then refile it later…well within the current capacities of machine intelligence and robotics..If anyone still reads.

  23. As per the inintial quote.
    If anybody knows communism, they would recognize it as taken completely without reservation from a communist playbook.
    Playbook it is because they, the communists, don’t actually mean it, it is for the consumption of proletariat.
    Once they are snatched, the communists will tell another story. By that time it will be too late and many will die.
    One can say that your communist dicktatorship (sic), totalitarians tyranny lasts some 50 – 70 years. About 2 generations before it collapses under its own bullshit.

    People in North America think that it can’t happen here.
    Once the aristocrats of Harvard, the Silicon Valley, the super rich that would like to tell everyone else how to live, this would exclude the rich that are not involved in the global shit, it may surprise them that they would be first on execution schedule.

    Happened before, will happen again.
    You gotta read the history, not from books written by the social justice aristocrats, written by those that lived though it and those that know first hand from experience.

    In a city in central Europe, some call it eastern, it is in fact center of Europe, after a communists takeover @1948, there was a jeweler that, the communists said so, hid his gold stuff into the wall so his house/ shop. It was his stuff, he worked for it, he bought it, he worked it, he sold it, it was his. Somebody as it happen without exception sniched on him, the communists busted and excecuted him.

    Heh, there are stories on could tell …. about communists doing things the wright way.

    1. Nobody in a position to do anything about it ever listens to the people who lived through the consequences of their mad social engineering schemes. It’s never their money or lives at stake.

      All they learned from the collapse of communism in central and eastern Europe is that white men refuse to work for free to guarantee wealth and idleness for a few hundred parasites whom a sane society would have shot in the head and dumped in an unmarked grave without losing anything of value.

      So they decided to get rid of the proletariat and replace it with something less able or willing to organize successful slave revolts.

  24. Two different places where I worked, many years ago, had librarians.
    They used to cry a lot,

  25. I hate my profession some days. Librarians are public servants. We are supposed to help people find books, use a computer, learn a new skill (libraries have great STEM labs in many cases). These idiots give librarians a bad name and the sad truth is they are supported by other librarians who remain silent. I stopped going to the OLA conferences because dealing with that many idiots in one space was too much of a bother. These idiots should shut up and do their damn jobs. We have massive budget holes in our municipalities thanks to the CCP created pandemic and if we don’t provide value to our residents there is no reason for them not to chop our budgets.

  26. Well, they are kind of right. If there are no police then there won’t be any “crimes”. Stuff will just happen that involves stuff changing hands, and people dying, and stuff like that. But, it won’t be “crime” anymore.