14 Replies to “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. meh, perfectly foreseeable consequence of this experiment, since the survivors are likely to be much more hardy that those that fell victim to it….

    also, they probably used modelling to determine the outcome, instead of doing controlled experiments.

  2. Friggin’ tiger mosquito.
    They invaded my area 20 years ago.
    Small, fast, direct flyers. They carry just about every mosquito borne illness and waste no time feeding any time of day. Total pains in the A55. It would not surprise me to find out that their arrival was the result of someone’s bright idea. Very recently they seem to have gotten even more aggressive. Nobody sprays for anything any more.

    1. Nobody sprays for anything any more.

      You’ve got that right. A few years ago, I tried getting onto a certain amateur radio satellite early in the morning. Not only was nobody else on it, I was being attacked and eaten alive by mosquitoes, partly because there wasn’t much wind at that time of day.

      It didn’t help, of course, that the city of Edmonton hasn’t sprayed diddly squat for a long time.

  3. Yes, Thomas, we have a simple solution for the problem. DDT.
    But the bigger problems are progressive politicians and “scientists”.
    They ban DDT because they claim an insecticide messes too much with “nature”. Then their solution is to really mess with nature by changing the genetics of mosquitoes.
    They claim incremental increase of CO2 causes all sorts of problems in the atmosphere, where in fact the Earth had survived perfectly well ten times the concentration. On the other hand, they see no problem with covering all ice surfaces with a chemical to stop them from melting (not that they are melting too much to begin with), or detonating an atomic bomb in the eye of a hurricane to dissipate it.
    In general, they profess to find natural variations to be threatening, and blame them on humans, but have no problem with really bizzaro “solutions” to stop the natural variations.
    It brings to mind Dr. Frankenstein (no, not his monster, but the doctor who created the monster.) Or the caricature of scientists in white lab coats in 30’s and 40’s movies, with bug eyes behind thick glasses and a sinister laugh.

  4. Lies, damned lies, and Climate Change data.

    I just read today’s earlier SDA post “Climate Barbie’s Historical Data Modeling Gig”. A key take-away was that CB’s ministry, Environment and Climate Change Canada, only used actual data back to the 1950s. They modeled data previous to that instead of using actual data.

    The following link to a Watts Up With That article titled “If You Put Junk Science In, You’ll Get Junk Science Out” refutes a tweet from Micheal hockey-stick Mann. It notes that Mann cherry picked data to make his argument, specifically he posted a map “from a 5-year-old Climate Central article”. The author of the WUWT article, Chris Martz , notes “The first issue I have is that the data used in this map is not only NOT up-to-date, but also, the beginning of the time period used is 1970”. “Because the U.S. has such a good temperature record, I find it rather peculiar that Climate Central chose to start their data in 1970”. The latest trend seems to be, we can only get the right result if we look at smaller and smaller portions of the data curve.


    Mr Martz concludes, based on NOAA data, that “The 1930s by far had hotter summers than anything that we’ve seen in the last four decades”!

  5. Scientist thinks he knows everything,
    Scientist improves the world,
    Scientist finds out he doesn’t know everything.

    When does this not happen?

  6. Between Genetic manipulation, Left Think & Artificial Intelligence..
    I figure we got at the out set, Maybe 35-40 yrs.

    6′ Hornets, Spanish flue/Bubonic plague or Skynet – take your pick

  7. ah jeez.
    I wonder if any of the bio- etc scares Ive seen so far is the one that will get me.
    but, BUT, is THAT the desired response? a panicky public that is compelled to turn to gubbamint to ‘fix’ the ‘crisis’ THEY created?
    that sound familiar . . . . .