43 Replies to “Chinada”

  1. Yawn. Another day, another Liberal scandal, and another upcoming Prinz Dummkopf cuckoo-clock session in which he’ll gloss it over, assuming any of his media pets even bother asking him about it.

  2. “At the time I purchased these apartments, the Bank of China (UK) Ltd. was one of a very limited number of banks providing residential mortgages for terms of more than 20 years to people residing in the UK on temporary worker visas.”

    And we’re supposed to assume they offered the loans to just any jackass going the roads? And not to somebody whom they might lean on for support some day?

  3. I’m thinking, you can’t bribe outcomes from the Don with a dangerously compromising personal loan “advantage” as you can with ambitious paupers, ie. wage slave Canadian Ministers.
    How they wish they were US Senators and therefore legally allowed to insider trade and sell influence to lobbyists

    Canadian yuppies with relatively no money are dangerous Foreign Ministers.

  4. And to think this Jean-Chretien-flunky is supposed to be negotiating with China, over the kidnapping of the two Michaels. One cannot make this stuff up. Ordinarily, under our parliamentiary system Mr. Champagne should resign over this. But he will not. Parliament is not sitting, and our corporate media are paid and bought.

  5. Jeez. One reporter has finally managed to turn over one little rock and caught one little slug slithering out. Oh well, we’ll take it. It’s more than Her Majesty’s Loyal Oppostion has managed to do.

    1. I am surprised also!! Robert Fife doing investigative journalism.

      Not surprised about the Opposition. Although Pollievre is doing his best with getting in the face of PBO.

  6. And let us not forget Blackie’s ambassador to China who has extensive business interests there.

  7. China has bought the Liberal Party of Canada and is now calling the shots.

    Weak politicians are selling us all out … they need to be hung, all of them.

    1. “But … but … $16 orange juice.”

      It’s a testament to the intellect of Canadian voters that they understand something as simple as a $16 glass of orange juice. But damning evidence of their federal government (and Country) thoroughly compromised by the chicomms because of ministerial greed is just a bit too complex for their comprehension.

  8. Must be something in the wind or this article would never have surfaced or the Chinese leaked it to keep him in line.Simple as that.

  9. It’s odd the Minister would buy two residences in London, one would think he’s be interested in having a maison on Paris.

    1. They haven’t found out about that one yet. Perhaps the minister himself has forgotten he owns one there.

  10. “he was ‘protecting the mtg industry’ by banning people like me from using ANY rooming house rental income for financial dealings. it used to be I could factor in half of it. and now rental income exceeds my pension. naturally, I still get to pay federal income taxes on the rental income despite it having leprosy or something.”

    WTF are you talking about? Deep breaths!

  11. Why would such a negative story about a senior liberal cabinet minister get published by our compromised media?

    Let me entertain you with a conspiracy theory.

    Let’s presume the powers that be have information they can use on their pawns to keep them in line. Let’s also presume these power brokers like to retain control of who gets to sit in the big chair and that individual stays in the chair until they decide it’s time for a change.
    What do suppose, given those conditions, would happen if the power brokers got wind of rumours that same ambitious individual was working on a presumptive leadership run?

    But it’s just a theory.

    1. Personally, I think the people that actually control things are just setting it up to have JT removed as leader before the next election. They’re building the case against him and his incompetence, and they’ll also have anyone they dislike in the current government taken down as part of that buildup. You know, if you’re into shadowy-cabal conspiracy theories.

  12. Honestly, it’s at the point where the only words I want to come out of the yaps of any of the governing Liberals should start with the phrase, “Effective immediately, I resign my Parliamentary seat and Party membership, hereafter removing myself from public life.” What comes after that would depend on the person, but a great many should turn themselves into police with evidence of their own wrongdoing and that of others. If one or two get off for rolling on the big ones, I’m OK with that.

    1. “On the take would be my guess !”

      You are right but don’t expect any points. He’s a Liberal so he’s on the take by definition just like his boss. Give him a $100 ethics violation.

  13. Libranos don’t encumber themselves with ideology or a moral code. They speak only to ‘their truth’, not The truth.

    They are in the game for their gain. It’s a truth without exception.

  14. How much is Kate’s cut for directing clicks to a paywalled Grope and Flail content?

    As to the fact, it is so Khanadian! Khanada, where anything goes and there are no consequences for anything at all. You get the government you deserve. You put up with Diefenbaker’s treason, you embolden the subsequent traitors. You put up with Harper’s treason, you embolden Trudeau. Look in the mirror if you are upset with the current state of events.

    My prediction: next, you are going to put up with Erin O’Toole’s treason.

  15. Nothing new under the sun.

    Everyone thought that it was adorable when Justin declared his undying love for China in 2013. Justin was not only elected but his efforts to replace the US with China went unchecked. Money filtered into his father’s foundation and nothing was done.

    Champagne is just some chump who got caught and when the chips are down and China’s hand puppet needs saving, Champagne will be sacrificed.

    Just watch.

  16. It’s been building for a looooong time, folks: http://www.jrnyquist.com/sidewinder.htm
    And Sidewinder was a late development. The commies, Castro thru Mao have been easily influencing Central Canada politics for decades, since the war in fact. But hey, Raptors and…..squirrel-Trump.
    What do they have on Schneer, or anybody else political for that matter?
    Oh, and Kan-eh-jians are stupid.

  17. “The Liberal Party fosters and nurtures a culture of corruption”- Judge Gomery.
    I see the CCP are now outing one of their many Liberal Party employees, the ultra annoying Monsewer Chimpagne… the man with a voice so irritating it could be used as a torture device.
    Obviously the CCP are outing Minister Chimpanzee as a warning to their many other Liberal Party employees. This is the CCP firing a shot across the bow of the corrupt Turdhole Government. “We own you” is the CCP message… The Turdhole Foundation needs an audit, so does Pandemic Patty with the Arts Degree and so does everyone associated with the gangsters of the LIberal Party Mafia. Good news for MOnsewer Chimpanzee, this story will disappear faster than you can say, corrupt RCMP or bought off Media. Whoever would’ve dreamed that Peeairs cult of Turdholeland would be so corrupt.