32 Replies to “The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House”

    1. Ha! Red handed. Now if we only had some investigative bureau, federal I’m thinking, non-partisan of course, that would track down the organizers…

  1. Never mind the ‘Last Tango in Paris”; what about the “Last Walz in Minnesota”?

    Have the “experts” decided whether Twatter and Farcebook are “common carriers”, specially protected species, or whatever?

    1. He’d say “Apollonia honey, Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka…”

  2. Domestic Terrorism. When will the US face facts and deal with it for what it is, and stop making excuses?

  3. Ha!
    “The Calls Are Coming From Inside The House”
    That’s genius right there, Kate .
    This might be even better than “What’s the Opposite of Diversity?”

  4. The masks are dropping. The left is pulling out its last gambit playbag tricks. They couldn’t attack Trump, the passive coup having failed, so they made the Pandemic play, with Chinese assistance, and that failed. Now they are going for open revolution, in the name of racial warefare, but no one believes that. this is insurrection.

    We must all stand against the tyrannical forces of the left. And you perfessors at the universoities, you will be the first to go, fon’t you realize that?


    I am not suggesting Russia is now a Communist enemy. No, not at all, Russia is now sensibly nationalist. No, but the Communist infiltration of the West IS still underway.

  5. Midnight + 30 minutes in Minnesota.

    I think Minnesota Attorney General Ellison and some of his staff are the more likely threat to operational security. He had a radical background, mostly with Islamism, but he knows all the Progressive Radical players, and I am sure some of his staff were Antifa and Black Block supporters or even cadre. Same with Mayors Jacob Frey and Melvin Carter. Some of their city council ARE Antifa Supporters.


    (The Minnesota Governor and the leadership lied to us at 9am, when they said all the bad guys being out of staters.)

    He finally called in enough freaking troops and police to get the upper hand tonight in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. They are controlling all the major intersections and crossing points including the Mississippi River, which prevent the bad guys from moving around. (attempting Cordon and Clear?) They have been stopping vehicles without license plates full of people. Unfortunately, they let the people bail out and escape, but they found demolition tools, wood and gasoline in the vehicles. (Likely Anifa B&E and Arson crews? The registered owners need to answer questions.)

    They are FINALLY using a curfew to separate the rioters, looters, and arsonists from the do good feel, good progressive liberal protesters. Unfortunately, they are NOT arresting the people that were breaking curfew, they seem to be content with chasing them off and preventing them from starting trouble tonight. (I wonder if they are afraid of finding the identities and parentage of the punks they arrest?)

    The good news is, No Arson, No Looting tonight in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and more importantly, the suburbs too. And unlike the last two nights, no traffic jams and crowds of idiots around the fires.

    But since all the bad guys are still loose, tomorrow night will be just as dangerous as Thursday and Friday night.

  6. The running dogs for China have stirred up a Domestic civil conflict while the Chicoms enslave Hong Kong.

  7. Yup, great Headline.

    The good news for Conservative’s in Minnesota is that unlike Canada they have the right to protect themselves .

  8. When are Twitter and FB going to be served with subpoenas for the true identity of the provocateurs?

    PS: The more I comment, the disproportionately more captchas I have to go through. Is this by design? You are pathetic.

      1. I was just thinking how much I liked all these posts….you really finished it up nicely. Happy Sunday.