From “more solar” to “stop with the solar” in 5 short years – how climate activism’s inner political demon is destroying environmental progress

Trojan-horse anarchists and political activists have hijacked the environmental movement, and are using it as a tool to achieve their goals of…whatever it is that folks that want to overthrow capitalism want – an imagined socialist paradise. If our government keeps appeasing eco-anarchists, they will only become more emboldened. The rest of us soon will be begging for a potato like USSR’ers did not so long ago, when our economy collapses. Read on…

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  1. No problem with the link.
    If we don’t stop these blockades that want to shut down Teck Frontier Resources and NLG pipelines then we all need to start writing our MP’s or protesting in Ottawa. Sending emails to Trudeau might jam his computer or ipad for decades I like that thought. I have never ever seen such a STUPID PM as Trudeau. Shutting down Canada because he is a coward to talk to Wet’suwet’en. Environmentalist taking over our Canada shut them down!!

  2. Works for me.
    Gang Green rules can Ahh Duh.
    Solar panels are beyond stupid at Canada’s Latitudes.
    Without storage you get a small energy input at times when no one needs them.
    Math is hard,sunlight is available for how many hours per day?
    Power is required for 24 hrs each day,with peak demand morning and evening.
    But base load is a concept beyond the reasoning skill of gang Green and their clingons.
    Subsidy mining is the only growth industry left in this collapsing country.
    I guess we can consider them monuments to the Trudeau Return,as they will still be littering the landscape decades after the Turd is gone and the subsidy farmers have moved on.
    Testament to the Idiotcracy,abandoned windmills and “solar farms”will be left to contaminate the soil until they fall down on their own.

  3. How about Nuclear?

    You can build a 1,000 MW Electric plant in the space that a coal fired power plant would fit, minus the huge coal yard. The fuel comes in ONCE every two years on three or four flat bed semitrailers, not one hundred car unit trains of coal every other day, day after day, week after week. The major expenses are not Montana coal, but local people. Highly trained and just as highly paid engineers, technicians, and post 9/11, security personnel. About one thousand people for each plant. One thousand people with families pumping money into the local economy. And the plant can pump out power 24/7/365 day after day. Modern well run plants pump out the power over 90% of the time.

    All with ZERO Carbon Emissions.

    1. E = MC squared = solution. Unlimited, uninterrupted, reliable, safe CLEAN power. We have the resources, the technology and half a century of worldwide experience. If we had invested the money we have pi$$ed away on wind and solar which at our latitudes are unstable, unreliable, maintenance-intensive and intermittent and are, without back-up, wholly unable to sustain base load throughout a 24 hour cycle we could be sitting real pretty right now. As it is we will remain anchored to fossil fuels for the foreseeable future and we will continue to blot our landscapes with the ugly eye-sores of bird-blenders and vast solar arrays. What I don’t get is why isn’t Gang Green on side?