14 Replies to “Because Diversity Is Our Strength”

  1. Any bets that he’ll serve, maybe, 5 years at the most and be released for “good behaviour”? Any further bets that he’ll then turn around and try and get his Khadr 6/49 payout?

    1. Not only will he get an apology from Prinz Dummkopf, HRH will then proceed to scold us. (“Thith ith not what Canada ith about. Canadianth can do better.”) No doubt, our taxes will go up to pay for the “compensation”.

      1. No like turd sr. turd jr. will steal what he needs from service people. Liars & thieves don’t change they just try to shift the blame.

  2. Does Canaduh deport Criminal Aliens after they serve their sentence? Or are your leaders too progressive for that?

  3. The 28 year sentence seems rather harsh when you consider most murderers,even multiple killers,usually only get 25 years.I guess it was because one victim was a cop. On the bright side, Sharif will be eligible for parole after one sixth of his sentence has been served, unless of course,his lawyers apply to have him sent to a healing lodge.

    Perhaps he had an ISIS flag because the Edmonton Oilers flags are too expensive for a struggling immigrant.

  4. Another charming, UnMe, turd worlder, let’s import more. Can’t wait when civilized people become a minority, what could possibly go wrong?

    1. Colonialista, I will venture a guess that when civilized people become the minority they will remove the majority of the uncivilized from their midst. Self preservation will take over.

  5. One of the largest police investigations in Edmonton history? We have the guy on video running down and trying to kill a policemen with a knife. Then he was apprehended from a vehicle after it deliberately ran down 4 pedestrians. What the eff is there to investigate?