Break Them Up

Google’s Manual Interventions in Search Results

I happen to be an engineer who used to work for Google, and I have come here to explain the truth behind many of these stories, including the story of the three most consequential words I may have ever written at Google: “the smoking gun.” The account I will give will corroborate several of these stories from the perspective of an engineer who has firsthand knowledge of the blacklists and documents that I will discuss.

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  1. The institutional left is in cultural dominance. It controls academia, much of corporate management, the public sector, media, organized crime, oops, I mean labour, and entertainment. Social media, being a modern creation of academics and having experienced exponential corporate growth and success is naturally a use-at-your-own-risk experience. You are the product as advertising pays all the freight while geeks and “progressive” corporate slime control the ride. Exposing the slant is useful. You want objectivity or a more friendly or alternative slant, you have to find a model where you pay the freight. He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    The slime ball who lied to Congress should be charged with perjury.

  2. Someone as insignificant a me has been censored and just plain blocked from expressing my point of view, on far more than one site or platform.

    1. I have been blocked from three Reddit political forums. I am always polite and thoughtful in my posts. I can only assume I have been blocked for expressing conservative views which are not popular with the Reddit crowd. I also have concluded that the Reddit “mods” are idiots.

  3. Uh think like a lawyer! He he.

    The black list is not a manual intervention. It is still automated.

    So technically the exec didn’t lie.

    Since many members of Congress and the Senate are lawyers, they should be able to ask sharper questions. After all they are plenty skilled at providing evasive answers themselves.

    1. they manually switched to a different algorythm, to make sure search results would be different,

      that is manual intervention.

  4. Frankly, even non-political search results for Google suck anymore. You used to get link after link; now just a few links per page, and thoroughly compromised by advertisers or filtered through a political lens.

  5. I have a website from which I make a (very) small income. Not enough to live on, it barely covers running costs. However, I did spend a lot of time tweaking it to get a good placement on Google searches. In fact, I had it coming first (after the paid ads, of course).

    I noticed a while ago that it was now placed well down the list, and sometimes not even making the first page. I spent ages looking at the sites doing better, including their meta data, how many external links they had etc. And found no good reason.

    Then I tried searching on DuckDuckGo, Bing etc. and guess what? My site is, if not top, usually second or third.

    Go back to Google and look some more … hmmm… looks like these sites also pay for ads. So it looks like not only do your paid ads appear first, but your search ranking is heavily influenced by how much money you give to Google. No wonder they refuse to discus their search algorithms.

  6. I have starred using Yandex for searches on controversial topics (like climate change). For topics where I expect Google is manipulating results, Yandex is useful. Now it is Russian, so undoubtedly they censor other topics, but it is a good tool for finding stuff that goes against the usual favoured perspectives on the left.