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  1. Charles Adler has gone nuts in the last couple of years. Turn him off now the minute I hear his voice.

  2. After decades of looking down upon the Soviets and other authoritarian regimes for doing the same thing, it’s just not a good look no matter how you spin it.

    1. I suppose we could play the Canadian Liberal game and be ashamed of our military and do everything we can to hide it. But then Canada has been able to hide behind the U.S. for decades while playing the morally superior “soft power” nonsense, eh?

    2. Yeah, let’s pretend the US isn’t the lone superpower and overwhelmingly powerful military on the planet. And let’s live our lives by shallow recall of Eisenhower’s slogan – “beware the military-industrial complex”. Yes, let’s beware all government-complexes … esp. the Google-government complex.

      1. Picture in your mind that instead it’s Obama running this parade, and tell me what you think your response would be.

        1. I’m not like you … I don’t still HATE my political opponent when they do the right thing. Patriotism is still the right thing.

          1. ??? So MY President is negotiating an end to a Totalitarian, nuclear-tipped, NORK. MY President is attempting to FREE the poor, suffering, NORK people. How is that an argument on topic? Yeah, it must just chap your vagina that MY President has done what Obama only dreamed of doing instead of giving long droning TelePrompTer speeches …

          2. Whenever I’m feeling weak or inadequate, it’s always refreshing to remind myself that people as delusional as yourself actually exist.

          3. I estimate you feel weak and inadequate … every waking hour of the day … and then in your dreams as well. Which is why you look to suckle off the taxpayers teat. I’m sorry you no longer have a long, tedious, droning, TelePrompTer Speech from your Dear Leader to cheer you up. And I am certain your PM’s speeches about boxes of water and stuff like that are a poor substitute for the First half-black POTUS inspirational lectures. Perhaps you can find a Maduro or Castro speech on YouTube to cheer you up

          4. Looks like I hit a nerve. Deep down a part of you knows it’s true, regardless of how hard you try to convince yourself. And nothing either of us says will change that.

          5. You’re partially right, cause you have gotten on my last nerve, with your leftist drivel. In the way my 7yo kids would repeat … “are we there yet?”

          6. Kenji, Andrew is not very bright, he also suffers from severe projection syndrome.

        2. Then we would have to imagine Obama to have a set to begin with and that is too much to imagine.

      2. WTF strawman are you babbling about? Normal people don’t need ostentatious displays of military power to ‘remind’ them of America’s superpower status. Only insecure losers do.

    3. Can’t agree. Although Trump could learn to speak a bit more softly, big stick diplomacy is the only thing those (Chicoms & neo-Marxists) who would oppress others understand. Canadians continue to be free because of American might.
      Adler should change his name to Addled.

    4. Indeed. That footage was sinister and it’s sinister today. For that matter, parades suck. Can we just not have one? Especially when it’s taxpayer-funded size compensation for President SmallDick?

  3. Nice catch, Kate. If only the Trump now was still the Trump of 2016. Oh well, if I were an American I’d still vote for him over 95% of the dem candidates currently running.

    1. Only 95%? So which one of the twenty dem candidates presented in the debates are you supporting? Or is it one of the four left out.
      The Trump now is still the Trump of 2016. Only he realizes now how deep the swamp really is, and how much headwind he is facing. For example, he is not building the wall not because he doesn’t want to, but cannot (yet) find a way constitutionally to overcome Congress.

      1. That is no excuse. Whatever the reasons, Trump has not built the wall and NGOs thumb their noses while judges rule the country. Coup perhaps? Import Latin Americans and so your problems call for Latin American solutions. America is crumbling while we watch and Trump has been totally coopted by the globalists. Don’t believe me? Just watch the Tucker interview.
        Having said all that….. why 95%? One name; TULSI GABBARD

  4. Adler has always come across as practiced pompous and insincere. Never did understand why conservatives thought highly of him. Another lorrie Goldstein in my books. YMMV though.

  5. Kate is right, Charles has become what he once hated. I wonder what turned him? He is disgusting now.

    1. What turned him? Filthy lucre! Really, as a urinalist, he’s playing to maximize his audience, ethics and beliefs be damned.
      Which way is the wind blowing? Coren is another example. What they don’t realize is that, as with the article below down the thread, Leftwing publishing dies a slow painful death. Talk radio, for the most part, especially on the west coast, is nauseatingly socialist. Thanks Goreacle for the Internet, I can tune into an assortment of conservative talk radio without having to be subjected to leftist filth on NW or Cfax.

    2. Heard him today calling the leftoonist being a great canadian. This toonist who lied about Trump(who has been doing ALL he can to stop this invasion from coming over the border,with nothing but obstruction from these vermin libs). and then they blme him for their obstruction. I’m getting to the point I can’t wait for the pushback to begin.

  6. I regret clicking his tweet and giving his twitter page a hit.
    I’m sure every morning, he has CNN on TV while on the computer checking the latest news on the HuffPost.
    I personally know people who have been completely propagandized, from capitalist to socialist, it took about 2 years of watching CNN and clicking leftist websites. 5 years of late night TV talk aided it. Anything with a different prospective was faux news, and they kept quoting from further and further left leaning websites, till we stopped talking all together.
    They are now, completely different people, with completely different friends. c’est la vie
    Something similar like this, must have happened to Charles.

    1. Well Charles is now based in Vancouver…..that may explain the rapid evaporation of his brains.

      1. And CKNW wasn’t the nanny station it is now. They rarely take callers now… Almost all leftist swill.

        1. I live in the CKNW area and I have stopped listening for the same reason. It’s all trump bashing all the time. It seems that there is a disease that infects leftists and it works overtime on their hate valve.

          That hate valve is kept open and festering all the time. It’s based on fear, (of evil Trump and global warming) envy and group-think led by puke-holes such as CBC, MSNBC, The Globe and Fail, Toronto Star, CNN … plus host of late night former comics, Hollywood, all public education, etc … In other words … we are up against it folks.

          1. Except imho Michael Campbell, who regularly rails against big brother climate change government.

      2. You probably don’t get invited to all the right cocktail parties in Vancouver, if you don’t spout this nonsense.

  7. I used to enjoy Adler’s show but gave up on him over a decade ago, mostly because the only guests he ever seemed to have were other ‘media personalities’ and regular folk with emotional sob stories. I don’t actually have any memories of him questioning a principal actor in any major story.

    Anyways, how could he possibly submerge himself in such ‘journalistic group-think’ and expect to remain untainted by their entrenched anti-Conservative bigotries?

  8. “Dwight Eisenhower, grateful not to be alive.”

    What absolute drivel. I suppose Chuckie Addled would be grateful to be dead?

  9. Even ten years ago, when I still lived in Alberta, I found that buffoon in love with the sound of his own voice thoroughly repulsive.

  10. With any luck, some Mom’s basement-dwelling Antifa scumbag will heroically stand in front of one of the tanks and he’ll be flattened live on CNN.

  11. Just because you don’t see tanks in D C that does not mean they are not there. Who gives a damn what level of U S military might is on display during the 4 th?

  12. I haven’t paid attention to Adler for many years. Leafing through his Twitter pages is quite the left wing adventure. Retweeting Alyssa milano, AOC, with reverence. Calling the cartoonist that depicted trump golfing over bodies a hero.

    As I recall he used to be pretty centrist. Guess he decided he’d rather go along to get along. To each their own I suppose.

    1. It’s all relative. He thinks he is still centrist because he is still slightly to the right of the liberals but the liberals have dragged everything so far to the left he is looking at centrist in the rearview mirror.

      1. Your right there!
        Just as the NYT article that Tim Pool was referring to in a few threads back. The left has moved so far left since 2008.

        1. agreed.
          agreed agreed agreed. as posted earlier I was on the left in my yout’.
          now? well, take a sampling of the vitriol I throw at them. I moved back just far enough to find the ‘sweet spot’ the heaviest projectile I can heave and still smash them in the face.

          ooooooh gawd I hate LIEberals. my prayer group buddies advise me to pray for out leaders. which I do.
          starting with asking my Creator to blow them out of office first chance.

          p.s., my top fave military commander is George S Patton. the ONLY 4 star general I EVER saw blubbering about the cost in human lives of the business he was sooooo good at. the only one.
          followed by Arthur Currie.

          there aren’t any others on the list at this time.

          1. While I was praying for the strength to obey the command to pray for those in authority, it occurred to me that I am not so wise that I should be advising God how to deal with those he has allowed to attain earthly power. So I just pray for God’s will in their life.

          2. actually DLM, we are on the same page.
            my prayer re leaders isnt so much advice as a request, ie personal preference. aka ‘asking’ as opposed to ‘telling’.
            but always His final authority.

        2. going insane is not going leftist, it’s leaving the world of reality.

          and I hold unDork up as a prime example of “left reality”:-)))

  13. Shrug. He’s no different than 99 percent of his peers – he’s got principles, but if you don’t like them, he’ll find others.

    1. hb
      I think I know what you mean but I can’t go there, cause my sinful, spiteful, vengeful, human nature means I have to beg God’s forgiveness for my lack of Christian charity when ever think of them.

      1. DLM, and that’s why I love being an atheist, I don’t have to invent a god to pray to.

  14. He is probably just angling for some of Justin’s Media Party of Canaduh’s Media Bailout Fund. This country needs an ENEMA!!!!

  15. Good one Kate. What kind of journalist would take the sophistry route and project modern sensibilities onto a man dead in his grave for 50 years?
    Adler or anyone else who casts that net is an idiot.

  16. The reputation of the great outlives them. I doubt Adler’s will outlive him.

    So why are Canada’s living globalists envying the dead?

    Because they think the dead will not see those tanks in the streets of Ottawa, letting the globalists and their Chinese friends know they’ve worn out their welcome in North America?

  17. I’ve noticed a decidedly more left turn on corpus. Adler a steady change. But more abrupt with hosts like Drex

  18. The character you’re speaking of is a demagogue with a mouthpiece.
    Maybe not his fault, the media cartel demands it.
    As Doug above mentioned the guy loves hearing his voice on radio. He surprises hisself daily and probably can’t believe cleverness of his talk and is supremely impressed

  19. Charles Adler and Michael Coren. Who would have thought they were separated at birth.

  20. hmm.. Last time I listened to him or his show, it was Roy Green in his place….having a conversation with a “female” from Canada Corrections. dont recall much of the gist or why the interview….but I do recall very clearly a comment said “female” made: Calling us, everday law abiding Canadian citizens:

    “…non-convicted individuals residing in the community…”

    A Leftist Gulag loving mind set if I ever heard of one. Everyone is guilty – we just havent caught you yet…but we VILL ja..??

    As for Adler – never liked him much even then..too bombastic for me.
    Only good Radio Show host imo was Dave Rutherford. His replacement ..?? a useless soft left leaning clown who also loves the sound of his own voice, Rob Breckenridge. Adler light.

    1. “His replacement ..?? a useless soft left leaning clown who also loves the sound of his own voice, Rob Breckenridge”

      Lefties don’t listen to talk radio. Commie talk show hosts always have an audience of one – themselves.

  21. Speaking of showing up to riot …. SANCTUARY CITY …


    If there were an actual conservative mayor anywhere in this country, they would have declared a sanctuary city for anyone who has burgled a Liberal or NDP supporter …

    Since selective law enforcement is working for them, you would think it would be a tactic that would be co-opted…

    1. Either that, or Charles is hoping to be awarded the Order of Canada while Trudeau is still PM.

  22. Charles made some waves 20 years ago, but lost it when he went National. David Akin, Charles Adler, whatever. I tend to ignore people with no spine.

    1. Yeah, this. Akin and Adler are what I refer to as journalistic whores.
      John: What’s your name?
      Prostitute: What do you want it to be?

      Canadian: What’s your political ideology?
      Adler: What do you want it to be?

      Everyone has to work though. I just prefer those who are able to find work AND keep their integrity and principles.

    2. People with real spine pander to the comments section of fringe right-wing blogs. It is known.

  23. I’m going down to check out the festivities (or what I can without a VIP ticket). I will be stopping at the screen printer this afternoon to get a T-Shirt (dark blue with red and white letters). It will say.

    “TANKS!!!!! You’re Welcome.”

  24. When Canada has a PM who has forgotten whatever Canadian History he should know…
    The “North West Revolution” was not a simple resistance. Chief Pound maker was found guilty & his sentence was reduced (not hanged) for same consideration….

    The North West Mounted Police predated the RCMP and saved the SD Sioux from the pursuing USA troops after the Little Big Horn… BTW it was a mere skirmish as Custer only had and lost ~358 troopers and this happened after the Civil war where thousands died in a single battle (Canon & Gatling Gun) The USA did not want to give the UK reason to declare a renewed war. The small token group of NWMP saved the Sioux,,,,


    1. The NWMP did nothing of the sort.

      Sitting Bull (who didn’t fight in the Battle of the Little Big Horn) took the women and children out of the valley of the LBH River and away from where the fight was going to take place. He headed north and was joined by other warriors and chiefs. They wanted to get across the Medicine Line (49th parallel) which was considered British territory.

      The Sioux knew what awaited them if they stayed in Montana. The US army would have wiped them out. Bull had thousands of men, women and children when he moved into SE Saskatchewan. The NWMP had a handful of officers in all of the west and were incapable of doing anything with the Sioux should the Sioux decide to do something.

      Bull wanted to be left alone and did not want to return to the US under any condition. The Americans pushed the Canadian government hard to extradite the Sioux but Canada was reluctant until certain guarantees were made. The Sioux faced starvation in Canada and negotiated with the Canadian government through the NWMP for food.

      The NWMP lived in fear of the Sioux. They were lucky (and so was the newly minted country) that the Sioux came in peace seeking refuge.

  25. Remember the last time aliens invaded, the military was off duty. We’re ready for them this time. LOL.
    Meanwhile CNN claims, as usual without evidence while fully guided by partisanship, that Trump “claims” the military is thrilled.
    I must wonder if the Donald is yet again providing the fuel for leftist twits to set their hair on fire?
    I think it will a great show and the US military will proudly show off their wares.
    As far as cost, some gas and other things, chance to train (that’s what parading is), and some National Guardsmen get paid.
    By all means cancel the parade and send the funds to the children suffering in the luxury concentration camps. No?

  26. Charles Adler is still a thing? Who knew?

    -ALL- of the media, be it radio, television, newspapers, have gone as hard Left as they can. The Canadian media did it harder and earlier than the Americans, but the Yanks have caught up. If its on the radio, its Leftie. You can count on the fingers of one hand the ones who aren’t: Limbaugh, Hannity, maybe three more.

    And that is why media companies are going broke and laying off “journalists” all over North America. They try to blame it on the internet, but the truth is that they are propagandists and everybody knows it.

    Adler just got caught this time. Think of all the times he’s done this and gotten away with it. Think of the whole media doing it. All day, every day, about EVERYTHING.

    I don’t want liars whispering in my ear 24/7. Snip the cable, cancel the paper, listen to music on shuffle. There’s no need to pollute your mind with any of it.

    1. Yes, clearly the hermetic bubble is the way to go. Knowledge is for soyboy leftists.

  27. The left will go nuts over this, grossly overreacting, leaving those who feel any association with the military annoyed as hell with them. Is the military some crazy aunt who the nation is embarrassed to be seen with?

  28. Wonderful piece of trolling by the Master Showman.
    Great military parade for 4th of July and Liberal heads exploding across the politico sphere.
    The Trump brand,if you got it flaunt it.
    And as a counter argument to the USA bashing and outright hatred of their citizens,shown by todays Democrats.
    The Parade is perfect.
    As for Adler…well he is well named.

    1. I hope just for this occasion they paint the tanks ‘desert orange’…

  29. Maxime Bernier

    Governing is about priorities.

    A @peoplespca government will give ZERO PRIORITY to the well-being of citizens of other countries, and FULL PRIORITY to the well-being of Canadian citizens, including our veterans.

    Spencer Fernando

    As Trudeau’s Foreign Aid Binge Continues, Canadian Veterans Waiting Longer Than Ever For Help.



  30. I think Charles had a psychotic break after Sun News was shutdown by the Liberals and he’s now operating purely on the self preservation instinct of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

  31. And just to piss more of you off, I heard “somewhere’ yesterday the Algonquin have dibs on Ex-American embassy, and plan to open an embassy of their own.. How long before we need internal passports to travel through our Own country.

  32. Sometimes when surrounded by idiots, one must flex one’s muscles, just to remind them who the boss is.

    1. not so much ‘whos the boss’ so much as it aint THEM.
      this is a very informative thread.

  33. Anybody ever heard adler talk about his father and leaving Hungary in ’56? He gets all maudlin and can’t talk. I’ve heard him do it a few times in the past but no longer listen to him. It’s phony and disingenuous.

    The hit piece he did on Jason Kenney in the spring election finished me. He came off like a jackass and fool. By morning he was on Corus radio across the country explaining (and back peddling) his position as I’m sure there was considerable blowback.

    1. “The hit piece he did on Jason Kenney in the spring election finished me. He came off like a jackass and fool.”

      He was completely right to tack on Kenney for his disingeousness. He should have piled on Kenney for his fiscal fantasy numbers too.