8 Replies to “I, For One, Welcome Our New Self-Driving Overlords”

  1. Future car sub routines will change to a deadlier driving behavior when the algorithms figure our your political and consumer preferences don’t match the vision of those in charge.

    A tidier 21st century communism.

  2. The never-ending purge of conservatives from daily life, let alone political life, is creating a situation that will soon be totally untenable. You cannot push half the American population (and about 25% in Canada) in a corner where even prospective employers will be pressured to not hire conservatives or perhaps Christians as well … and most certainly not white males who are NOT effeminate and NOT liberal. This will precipitate a revolution or civil war that everyone will regret. This shit has to stop NOW!

    1. Of course it will. Why do you think they want to take away white people’s guns in the States?

      The last thing they want is for “diverse” paramilitaries to meet armed resistance when they show up to expropriate what remains of working-class white people’s wealth and haul them off to whatever fate they think crackers and kaffirs deserve.

      1. Have pity on Australia. They have no 2nd Amendment and liberalism/Socialism is destroying it almost as fast as CA.

  3. CA should be ring fenced with a 10 foot tall fence, have the coal fired electrical power turned off, and let them live thier dream. I reckon they would last 1 year.

    CA is the new Utopia. It will crash and burn.

  4. The same type of employment discrimination is brazenly on display here using our own tax dollars. At the bottom of page C4 of yesterday’s Calgary Herald, a recruitment ad was placed on behalf of the Calgary 2026 Olympic Winter Games Bid Corporation. They are looking to fill two positions: Chair and CEO. According to the ad, able white males need not apply.

  5. hmmm.
    leftism + advanced technology = end times
    p.s. TimR, I just saw a documentary about fakebook on this very issue. this was part of the story.