33 Replies to “Dear Leader”

  1. Watching Castro’s Son do his emergency act speech clearly gives the impression he things he is doing something momentous that will make him live in history as the stunning and brave leader who made the firm decisions in troubled times.

    He clearly things he is doing some sort of ‘Day of Infamy’ moment that will be quoted for generations and inscribed on the walls of his monument.


    He honestly believes in himself.

    Remember the good old days when he was just a racist who spoke over women during town hall meetings?

      1. To me, Trudeau looks and sounds like a programmed automaton. Coded to : pause here for 2 seconds, activated angry eyebrows, look left, increase emphasis on key code words….Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do to improve those dead, soulless eyes of his. Then there’s Freeland jerking like a tweaker behind him.

        Is someone drugging these people?

        Really enjoyed the video. One of my favorite YouTube channels.

        1. From a report at mdpi:

          … Less common adverse effects of BNT162b2 have been reported, including pericarditis, arrhythmia, deep-vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, intracranial hemorrhage, and thrombocytopenia….

          Which is why Dr Death changed the recommended time between jabs to 8 weeks because of heart issues even though he didn’t say it was heart issues.

          From the abstract: …Our results indicate a fast up-take of BNT162b2 into human liver cell line Huh7, leading to changes in LINE-1 expression and distribution. We also show that BNT162b2 mRNA is reverse transcribed intracellularly into DNA in as fast as 6 h upon BNT162b2 exposure….

          So where do you go to get your loved ones back who died too early? Who can you sue?

          1. I read about the new research released about reverse transcription of the Pfizer vaccine. I hope that further research shows that if code from the vaccine attaches to the DNA that it becomes part if the unexpressed “junk” on the DNA. If the vaccine code is expressed the concern seems to be that new cells will continue to produce the vaccine spike protein, causing chronic auto-inflammatory and auto-immune disorders.

            I’m not sure who pays but someone needs to be accountable. Lots of good people took those vaccines out of a sense of civic duty or under duress from government mandates.

    1. Don’t be surprised if TurdHole catches and stores his flatulence in jars. Then he opens and snarfs the contents later. He might even share them with Rosemary Barton.

      1. I think he will trademark the fragrance as ” O du Butts”!!!!
        It must be fresh, taken after they pillow bite each other.

      2. He certainly behaves as if every time he thunders from below, he is making a divine pronouncement.

  2. Its good that people outside the Canadian Gulag can criticize Basic Dickhole Juthtin without fear of reprisal or getting beat up by a Turdhole Cop or having your bank account frozen by him or being thrown in jail for protesting his reign of hate fear and division.

    I didn’t notice if he pointed out Basic Dickhole in blackface or assaulting a female parliamentarian or sexually assaulting a journalist or his multiple breaches of conduct as a parliamentarian or his possible criminal activities regarding SNC Lavalin or the grifters from the WE “charity” racket. Probably too much to get into with that degenerate POS, Turdhole.

    One thing is for sure Basic Dickhole Juthtin is a raving lunatic, clearly brain damaged, unhinged, just like his Father and his Mother.
    I think the Ted Bundy like hatred and malice he feels towards Canada and Canadians comes from his Father, Peeair.

    The whole world knows Canada is ruled by a tyrannical criminal organization led by a raging psychopathic narcissist , the whole country is so corrupt it needs to be torn down.
    Maybe Juthtin the Turdhole will make laughing illegal too.
    Time for a wee scotch… or two.

  3. So the Emergency Act was invoked because Herr Justin The Far Less Than Magnificent True Dopen Minister wanted to evacuate Parliament and avoid debate…or was it because he was creating a sh*tstorm as he evacuated his bowels?

    I’m pretty sure in any case that Canadians are long past enduring his incessant verbal diarrhea! 🙂

    A failed leader, with a failed coup d’etat, defeated by a bunch of blue collar truckers “VIOLENTLY” praying in the street! 🙂

    “As an example of suffering and patience, beloved, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. Indeed we call blessed those who showed endurance. You have heard of the endurance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful.” James 5.10-11

    Thank you “Awaken with JP” …


    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief

    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group “True North”

    1. I don’t think that a squalling child will neccesarilily understand the reasons for the caretakers to make the bad people (anyone with common sense) go away. They are just glad that there are no more problems and that it’s time for ice cream / pudding.

      This interpretation calls for believing that our current PM has an IQ under 75. Ouch, if true.

      1. Squalling child for sure. A thoroughly detestable piece of work who never had to learn the word no. A tyrannical toddler who never got his face slapped or his arse kicked.

        1. Jamie..

          …and that nicely sums up the entirety of Justin Trudeau.
          A Soulless narcissistic psychopath with pedophilic tendancies & an intellect on a level that severely questions his supposed sanity.
          POS – as is his brother Alexandre, his Mother and both fathers.
          GARBAGE humans.

          1. Fidel might have insisted on prophylactics had he known his son would turn out to be such an idiot.

  4. Evil cannot tolerate ridicule.

    No, that’s not right, evil depends upon the intolerant and needs to ignore and actively discourage or outlaw ridicule. Particularly ( I think ) those who are intolerant and so blind to that intolerance that they are convinced that they ( individually ) are on the side of good.

    And I’m sure I have crossed words with some of these evil folks here within the last couple of weeks. They are certain that they are on the side of good. By their fruits shall we know them. (And I’m sure that those who preach evil won’t recognize it as evil.)

  5. Watching Freeland twitching like she had body lice in that short clip kinda confirms what people more astute than I have opined about this woman…she has a rather serious neurological disorder.
    I mean, something is really wrong with her.

    1. “I mean, something is really wrong with her.”

      The list is long & distinguished. The least of which is her twitching…

    2. She’s not the only one with the Prinz Dummkopf variant of St. Vitus’ Dance. Look at the flunky behind her, who’s also twitching, but not as bad.

      It’s like they’re at some sort of revival meeting and are about to speak in tongues.

  6. “We will grow the economy from the large intestine out.”
    Or was it some other organ or gizzard?
    “Because it’s 2015.”

    Ask Liberals if they voted for Trudeau because of all the free shit he promised that they wouldn’t have to pay for, or if they voted for him because of his mindless inanities and nice hairdo.
    Voting for Trudeau because of his handouts implies some sort of intelligence though they may be immoral and selfish.
    Voting for him based on his inanities and hairdo just means that they are stupid.

    And what the hell is it with that bouncing bobblehead Freeland?
    Maybe that’s a clue?
    She’s imagining herself playing in a bouncy castle.
    That would explain a lot.
    Chrystia Bouncy Castle.

    1. The cult following was established in 1968. It kept growing like a malignant cancer. CBC claims that Pierre is this failed state’s best PM. If it weren’t for the cult following the spawn would still be a failed substitute drama teacher.

  7. Justin Stalin invoked the emergency act for one reason, anger that the unwashed masses stood together and spoke out against his regimes’ abuses of our rights, the media give him a tongue bath but ordinary people loathe that man. As for Tam, she take a running leap off a short pier, I will never never AGAIN let any government at any level put me under house arrest and force me to wear a face diaper. I’d rather pay fines or go to jail for disobedience. I will never ever again comply with their filthy vicious little political edicts tarted up as “Public health and safety”.

    1. +++Rose. Now if only 10 million of us did the same damn thing. I have been bucking it since day one and have been all alone mostly.

  8. From observing various Liberals and Democrats,I am becoming a believer in Demonic Possession.
    Their eye reflect no soul.
    Their skin bulges outward,their eyes protrude.
    The twitching is pronounced.
    Common speech is beyond them.
    All they can communicate is talking points,never an answer to any question,just the programmed response.Usually a blatant lie.

    Evil,in its most boring and idiotic forms,emphasizing the Banality of Evil,seems their chosen path,such that the truth is toxic to them..
    Perhaps the Good Book and the old tales were true.
    Evil exists
    Stupid and evil are often impossible to separate or tell apart.
    Vampires (evil parasites) have no self reflection?
    Aliens walk amongst us?

    Who knows for as that old story went..
    “Who knows the evil in the hearts of men?
    The Shadow knows”
    Followed by the most evil cackle,kinda like the Vice President of The USA or the Sausage designated “Deputy Prime Minister” emits when under the slightest pressure.

    1. They are all alumni of the WEF cult which is just another form of Scientology, or even the Club of Rome (remember their dire prognostications). Schwab got a bit carried away with the interviewer giving him a tongue bath and his hubris could not resist bragging about how they have influence not only in Trudeau`s Canada but around the world. You jumped the gun Schwab, you thought the covid mandates would provide the control mechanisms you dream about. Now your genie is out of the bottle and you can not put it back. I would like to see a list of Government functionaries plus politicians of all stripes who are signed up members of the strangely named WEF. An artificial construct comprised of billionaires and their sycophantic useful idiots. We seem to have an over supply of the latter in Ottawa.

  9. JP Sears has a great channel and is a strong voice for freedom. If you don’t support his Youtube channel you should.