“On Thursday four senior Downing Street aides resigned.”

On Friday another aide followed…

When the great 19th-century Tory leader, Benjamin Disraeli, came to his friend (and fellow-novelist) Edward Bulwer-Lytton and asked for his political support in a forthcoming parliamentary debate, Lytton said: “Well, I will support you if you’re right.”

“That’s no use to me,” responded Dizzy. “Anyone can support me when I’m right. What I want is people who will support me when I’m wrong.”

That’s the unenviable position in which the U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson finds himself today. He is seeking support from MPs in his own Tory party when he’s in the wrong. And not just mildly, mistakenly, accidentally, or partly in the wrong, but massively, seriously, undeniably, and stonkingly in the wrong.

It’s John O’Sullivan, just keep reading.

10 Replies to ““On Thursday four senior Downing Street aides resigned.””

    1. “Either Net Zero (carbon emissions) go … or Boris goes.” Imagine that!? Brits don’t like freezing in the dark, and paying +33% for their energy. Partygate my ass … Boris has fully, totally, and completely embraced the HOAX of CAGW. Boris ACUALLY believes we are “killing the planet” by using fossil fuels. All because some “green” LIARS gave him an Al Gore styled slide show … which was completely scuttled in one WUWT article.

      Conservative? Boris? Hahahahaha ha ha ha ha. Boris is worse that your average GOPe … who just wants to be liked. They have no moral, ethical, or intellectual underpinnings.

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  1. The Self-Driving Neocon Dog Wag.

    The US military sheds a few non-compliant door-kickers.

    Biden is the clear leader in the run up to pinning the Colin Powell WMD award on someone’s chest. Not sure it matters who the winner is, so long as we commit to an endless and costly military engagement in remote territory of no consequence to the security and safety of the United States. It matters not at all that Ukrainian political leaders have asked us to not stop by.


  2. Milton Friedman advised us that we can’t get the right people in politics, and the best we can do is make it politically expedient for the wrong people to do the right thing. Covid restrictions were suddenly lifted in the UK entirely because Boris Johnson’s political life was in the hands of rebellious ministers; restrictions went or he did. Now his political life is in the hands of Conservative MPs, so it’ll be net-zero goes or he does. I think he’ll throw net-zero under the bus.

    Changing leaders means we’ll end up with another wrong ‘un but they’ll be in a politically strong position – and they can then start renaging on conservative policies again. On balance, I think the UK is better off with a gelded Boris doing the right things for the wrong reasons. He’ll be miserable as he does so, which is a nice bonus.

  3. Net Zero is without scientific or economic merit. Yet politicians pursue it. Is it to be in control of the subsidy money or because they’re so gullible?

  4. Boris got caught not following the narrative. Does anyone really believe that Boris is the only one or that any of these politicians and bureaucrat assholes follow the dictates they imposes on everyone else ? Of course they don’t.
    The only time politicians and “health” bureaucrats wear masks is when they’re in front of their Media acting for the camera.

    I despise everyone of them.

  5. Its always been abundantly clear that this pathetic buffoon never has been either a conservative nor a Brexiteer, that the British conservative party could entertain him as a member let alone a leader says all that anyone ever needed to know about them.
    This joke of a man has not one redeeming factor about him. Never has had.