27 Replies to “Another Day, Another Example of Covid Study Propaganda”

  1. shake their heads at how “science” had become so utterly corrupted

    On the contrary. They will marvel at how it was used to correct all the errors of the last 6000 years and bring about the perfect society by greatly resetting all of us and building us back better.

    The times we live in now will be seen as the goldenest of ages.

          1. John, I watched ”V for Vendetta” for the first time this Friday past. I was struck by the parallels. Made me want to go buy a Guy Fawkes mask.

          2. The Gentleman Actor who played ” V ” was the same one who did ” Agent Smith ” in The Matrix.
            Hugo Weaving.
            Not bad for a ” Guy ” in a mask.
            ” Ideas are Bulletproof “.

      1. “I guess one Alex Jones was right.”

        Alex Jones is a genius. He employs drama in his presentation but makes up nothing. The things he is called out for are usually direct quotes from Marxists, pedophiles, and devil worshipers. One example. When he quotes George Soros’ (a Jew) admission on 60 Minutes that he helped confiscate Jewish property during the war, Jones is called an anti-Semite.

  2. I personally have no doubts about the CDC transparency. They have none, they are all liars.

  3. It’s not COVID-19 – it’s PSYOP-19. The numbers have been cooked since day one and are used to support the narrative and agenda.

    Miraculous how the seasonal flu numbers have tanked the past couple of years, eh?

    1. Yes Jeff that is 100% correct. I have been saying that since day and I agree with you.

  4. We should wear rubber boots and carry a shovel around every day because The Science has become bullshit.

    1. Quite of few of those from ” follow the science ” need that shovel treatment from the school of the 3- S’s.

    2. This is brilliant, Buddy! I’m going to start using your analogy.

      For awhile, I though we should start a fake hashtag trend, which encourages people to colour their hair to prove their Woke bonafides. Sadly, if it caught on, I have little doubt that that legions of conforming normies would comply … you know, because of the Science.

  5. Ben Carson presents a common sense approach for the political medical community to follow:

    I am amazed at all the wannabe socialized medicine justice warriors who are crappy doctors. In many large urban centres, you also have these same doctors becoming slum landlords because the money is good. People wonder why socialized medicine develops doctors with facist tendencies?

    Time will tell the tale. You have the facist socialized medicine types crying the sky is falling and eveyone will die from Omicron.

    Let’s take stock early in the new year, after the Christmas holidays to see who is still around.

    With that, Merry Christmas… Happy New Year and all the best in 2022.

  6. If the authors of a “study” won’t share the raw data, the study is irreproducible and therefore unscientific by definition.

  7. How many people in the world died from complications of a common cold virus before 2020?
    We’ll never know because we never tracked it. Most were marked complications due to pneumonia, sepsis, myocardial infarction etc. For the last two years it’s been complications from COVID.
    Two years in and this “pandemic” has killed .07% of the population. So bad they had to redefine pandemic, like they redefined vaccine.
    I knew two things before 2020.
    There is no cure for the common cold, except you.
    When it comes to doctors, ALWAYS get a second opinion.
    About those second opinions, it looks like the US COVID ‘advisors’ were working pretty hard to discredit the Great Barrington Declaration.

  8. In light of Megyn’s interview and the one with the top doctor in Ontario I propose a lesson in Covid Logic and Math 101.

    Little Billy has had two Pfizer shots, Little Tommy has had two J&J shots, Little Mary has had an Astrazenica and a Pfizer shot, Little Alice has had a J&J and an Astrazenica. Tommy’s parents have both J&J shots, Billy’s parents had both Pfizer shots, Mary’s mother had both Pfizer shots and her other mother had both Astrazenica shots, Alice lives with her grandmother who’s had two J&J shots and the Astrazenica booster. The question is, which family has the most bananas?

  9. Something overlooked in the interview about schools is that in Maricopa and Pima counties the ghost schools graduated a lot of ghost voters, wouldn’t that explain everything.