54 Replies to “Is There A Doctor In The House?”

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  1. It looks like they stuffed the bed with pillows and are pretending to place a tube in one of said pillow’s fake mouth?

  2. Their mock up shows a person that is still facing up. Their monitor shows an oxygen saturation of 98% before they flip them. Uh what’s wrong with 98% ? And they should have made a fake person without tree trunks for legs. This “individual” looks to be in the super morbidly obese category. Fake news.

  3. My med type here says “staged”. Vital signs normal.
    Max two people to intubate is normal.
    One doc , one assistant etc.

  4. Designed to frighten, not to inform they say.
    They laughed after they examined the tree and saw all the drugs etc.
    Possible but unlikely.
    Looks like open heart recovery.
    Beyond the pale.

  5. I’m not a health care professional but back in 1969 as 15 year olds, friends and I used to stuff our beds with pillows and climb out our bedroom windows for midnight rendezvous.
    What these masked frauds have done sure wouldn’t cut the mustard to fool our parents.

  6. My guess they’re doing a stocktake of their bleeping equipment which is why it’s all lined up on the right. I don’t know who is supplying the normal vitals but it’s not the “patient “. I also don’t know why the blood line but then neither do they as they’re all crisis actors.

  7. Looks like the hospital sequence from Python’s “Meaning of Life”.
    Make sure to bring in the machine that goes *ping*.

  8. I don’t pretend to know what is/isn’t going on.

    However, if it’s from the government, you can rest assured it’s a blatant lie or it’s bullshit in one way or another.

  9. Makes you wonder what they are really selling.
    The need for such blatant propaganda indicates a really problem with the narrative.
    Soon we will be treated to repeats of Obama’s “White Coat Brigade” telling us that “All Doctors Agree”..
    Too late, never mind.

    Government run healthcare is dead.
    Only a glibberring idiot would still believe that the patient matters.
    Along with our current State,being a fine rendition of The Fourth Reich,healthcare by bureaucrat has been proven to be total fraud.
    Both cannot be forgiven.
    The treason of our Parasitic Overload must be rewarded..

    For in This Dread Covid Theatre,we have seen what they consider valuable.
    What are they saving?
    Certainly not a civil society where each individual can aspire/or not to their own goals.
    They seek to save and shape an Authoritarian State,with the Useless and Clueless in command.
    In these two years of “Emergency” Government has grown and accumulated powers they never had…The citizens?
    Ignored,crushed and abused..

    yet the “State” is nothing.
    A fiction at best,which small minded fools use to give authority to their lust for power.
    They have only the power we give them.
    I shall contribute to this brave new Canada,in exactly the same manner these idiots respected their oaths of service to the old.

    It is always a good day when my enemies clearly self identify.

  10. BP is 122/60. Not bad. Heart rate is 73. Pretty good. Oxygen at 98% me thinks. Not bad.
    Pretty good for a mannequin. LOL!

  11. Doctor: Nurse…roll that little useless machine on your right closer to the patient please”
    Nurse: “Which one Doctor?”
    Doctor: The one labelled “PANDEMIC” in all caps and in bold Helvetica that we use for subliminal messaging to instil fear”
    Nurse: “Oh, that one”

  12. I counted 9 pumps with 6 IV piggy back bags and not one full bag of D%5W or Normal Saline. The patients face is not visible either and why are so many people standing around. The way medicine is rationed in this country, I highly doubt that they are using this many resources on one patient unless it was a large donor to or a cabinet member of the Liberal Party of Canada.
    Heck, I can’t even get a simple bunion fixed and it has been 2 years since the referral.
    Why don’t they just caption it “This is what could happen to you of you don’t have the vaccine” instead of blatantly lying.
    We are living in a communist country with the fake news, propaganda, one party system and media control.

    1. There DOES appear to be quite a few highly paid … ‘comforters’. Patting the patient on each leg … I apologize … it appears as though Canadian Government healthcare IS the best ever in the history of the world.

      BTW … here in CA we have CALTRANS … who hire highly paid ‘shovel leaners’. These are the 3-4 guys standing over an open hole … leaning on their shovels. Oh and “what’s Orange, rolls on wheels and sleeps 6?” Answer: A CALTRANS truck

    2. I highly doubt that they are using this many resources on one patient unless it was a large donor to or a cabinet member of the Liberal Party of Canada.”

      Close. It’s a dear friend of turdo la doo. It’s pinky no’tool on the table. They’re giving him a spinal implant.

    3. Jckirlan

      Way too much clutter in that room, and too many idjits standing around. This must be an allan S/unMe production!

    1. Well, the machine on the left “Prisma Flex” is a plasma exchange unit.
      And six people around one patient? I’d die of claustrophobia.

      1. I see, it can do both. Cool machine.
        So convalescent plasma therapy it is then, in a teaching hospital.
        Typically necessitated by an immuno compromised patient.

  13. I’m sure that’s real. Just not sure what it is that’s real. No link to a waiver signed by the patient for them to publish images of him/her undergoing medical treatment?

  14. I notice the IV controllers on the right of the picture don’t appear to be connected to the patient. Perhaps another patient to the right of them?
    These controllers have “Red Deer” stickers on them.
    It would also appear that the ventilator (Hamilton Medical APVcmv) is connected to someone or something to the right of the image as well.
    Plus why would they blur out some of the image near the patient’s head?

    1. Also why would those IV controllers, if they’re for a patient out of shot on the right, be facing away from the patient?

  15. The Prismaflex critical care system to the left is used for patients that have lost their kidneys.
    In other words it is a hemodialysis machine.
    It could very well be that the image we are seeing is a patient being prepared for a transplant? I don’t know.
    This would explain the tube (the one with blood) being run through the patient’s neck to the heart.

  16. Red Deer Royal Hospital, ICU 19A
    Blurring has been applied to obscure the “patient”
    at least one lead is sitting on a blanket.

    1. I don’t see a patients face under the blurring.
      Plus any lead we see connected to the patient runs to the left, not the right.
      The ventilator tube she’s holding doesn’t appear to be connected to anything yet.

  17. It certainly does look like another Deena-decreed diorama, doesn’t it?

  18. I think you’ve got it all wrong.
    They are trying to bring that petrochemical based plastic monster to life.

    Gain of function, etc.

    1. The 400 amp Lincoln welder in the corner was a dead giveaway.
      Same with the Snap On chassis dyno and blow torch.

  19. Where have they been for the last year and a half? Living in a cave? Have they learned nothing?

  20. It is fake, staged.

    What is the point?
    Is that supposed to scare Albertans? It just reminds me that ICU staff do work hard all the time.
    This ‘scene’ takes place daily, and has nothing to do with the wuhan flu.

  21. My niece is a nurse and she says it takes 6 people to turn intubated people over which they need to do to avoid bed sores and to keep their chest cavities from collapsing. I would guess two would suffice if the patient weighed less than 200 pounds.
    Obviously they need help from the military or the lumber jack union to help. A felt covered pry bar and a cum-a-long should do it.

  22. Not quite sure what the question is here. The patient is on continuous renal replacement (CRRT) for kidney failure, the patient’s face is blurred out for confidentiality, the staff may be getting ready to assist with a turn; the one at the head appears to be adjusting the depth of the endotracheal tube, although it’s hard to tell, so the patient is obviously on mechanical ventilation. The padding or raising of the sheets at the foot of the bed may be there to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, and there appears to be another patient to the right of the main one in the photo. The vital signs can be good either because the patient is hemodynamically stable in their own right or, more likely because they’re on a combination of vasopressors to maintain their circulation and the CRRT is allowing the fine tuning of the patient’s volume status. Welcome to an ICU. Just hope you’re not the one who has to assemble the team to transport the patient to the OR to remove a section of dead bowel.

    1. You’re full of shit. There’s so much wrong here. 6 pumps and 8 bags for a hemo patient? And equipment for the patient next, which is facing away from the patient??
      Staged stupidity or a training class, def not a real patient.
      A Dr my ass…. lol

    2. My other half is an ex ICU nurse (30 years experience) She says its standard when turning a patient onto front to assist with breathing. O2 saturation/ heart/pressure would be as shown due to ventilation and all the other reasons they are actually in ICU. The person at the head will be an anaesthetist who will always be there when turning a patient on intubation / ventilation she reckons its the minimum amount of help needed when turning.
      Yeah I was disappointed as well.
      She was rather scathing of some of the comments.