Geragos: CNN and MSNBC Coverage of the [Chauvin] Trial is an Abomination

Mark Geragos, a prominent California attorney and registered Democrat, has some very critical things to say about the media coverage of Derek Chauvin’s trial.  But given that CNN and MSNBC will profit from the burning & looting of American cities, what the heck do they care about responsible journalism?!?

11 Replies to “Geragos: CNN and MSNBC Coverage of the [Chauvin] Trial is an Abomination”

    1. Yup, that’s our media. Hate-mongers. Like MacBeth’s hags, gleefully stirring the cauldron.

  1. I have stated this many times here before….

    We must defeat corporate and social media before conservatives have ANY hope of a free and unedited voice in our communities. Trying to win the minds of voters under current circumstances is akin to trying to win a soccer game where the entire field is tilted 20 degrees towards our net.

    Unstolen elections, globalism, warmongering, racial wars, etc, etc, none of it remotely possible without leftist media having almost absolute control over the narrative. They currently retain the power to take any story and massage it to make the right look bad and the left look good. After 5 yrs of especially overt bigotry and lies, conservatives still seem clueless as to how to counter this massive propaganda cabal.


  2. I listen to the trial everyday while working and the prosecution is losing very badly. It’s going absolutely, completely, horribly wrong for them. It’s so bad one of their witnesses is being called back for the defense. Think about that. This woman who trains police officers was supposed to eviscerate Chauvin but her testimony was so valuable to the defense they want her back.

  3. Let’s call it was it is, a lynching. The Minneapolis Police and City authorities are back peddling for their lives. Whatever problems they had with Chauvin previously have come down on their heads. Let this city burn until the rats are smoked out.

  4. Per Tim Pool, the authorities are scapegoating Chauvin to divert from their own failures, whether it be realistically confronting the opioid crisis or police training.

    1. Despite my criticisms of Tim, he has been doing a stand-out job of covering this trial and exposing the outright lies of the activist leftist media.

      The fact the “authorities” prosecuting this case could just as easily be defendants in it is somewhat mind-numbing.

  5. When power is the only end, blame is the only game. Must project negligence. Never the media or DeMarxists, the true inciters.

    These rioters are sons of bitches yes, but their sons of bitches. BLM criminal thugs get a bonus bail from racists while silly fools who dared to come up against the statist leviathan continue to cool their heels in prison, for as Tucker put it – meandering.

    Who can doubt opposite standards of justice seeing this and Hunter Biden prancing about selling his snort cheese book.

    Criminals on the right team get a pass. Meandering fools are an armed insurrection, DeMarxists already behind barbed wire.

    Watching my province, at one time of the few slightly sane jurisdictions, fall apart in their neverending quest for zero cases, the perfect the enemy of the good, is proof of two things imho. One, they can’t resist power and two, they can’t manage risk.

    Avoiding the former while embracing the latter requires leadership and yes, accountability. How is that ruling they ask?

    We have handed our professional, financial and spiritual lives over to demonstrably blinded incompetents and their “experts.”

    Marx said the dictatorship of the proletariat would end when the revolution reached fruition, which of course it never does.

    We’ve no reason to believe this bunch, who usurp each others power with our money, waving their nice hair, will ever let it go?

  6. As was said above, BLM is their BLM, and they will protect their own. Absolutely a double standard justice system. Chauvin it seems is a thug, but he’s being railroaded and scapegoated on this, and they will try to convict to save the city/cities/country from revolt. I will be shocked if he is found not guilty. Even the jury pool is terrified and will pay dearly if there is no conviction. The irony is we seem to be allowing or accepting this to appease the BLM crowd, when it is they who should be incarcerated. Floyd was also a thug and a criminal, and died of a self induced overdose. To blame this cop is an abdication of justice and an abomination. We are, I think, witness to the last throes and years of the decline of the west, and it has been our own apathy and self indulgence that has allowed it to happen. I’m sure that places and people like in Iran, the middle east and in China are just giddy with glee over this self induced decline and fall.