One Flu Out Of The Wuhan Nest

Yuri Deigin:

We examined public sequencing data from Wuhan and discovered contamination of agricultural datasets by viral sequences. We were even able to pull out two novel MERS-like coronaviruses, one of which was in a reverse genetics backbone.
So much for “they would have used a known backbone” argument of Andersen. Our findings confirm the following:

• there was massive work on many viruses in Wuhan
• novel CoVs and backbones remain unpublished
• biosafety guidelines were potentially breached
Read and shiver.

Unexpected novel Merbecovirus discoveries in agricultural sequencing datasets from Wuhan, China

In this study we document the unexpected discovery of multiple coronaviruses and a BSL-3 pathogen in agricultural cotton and rice sequencing datasets. In particular, we have identified a novel HKU5-related Merbecovirus in a cotton dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2017. We have also found an infectious clone sequence containing a novel HKU4-related Merbecovirus related to MERS coronavirus in a rice dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in early 2020. Another HKU5-related Merbecovirus, as well as Japanese encephalitis virus, were identified in a cotton dataset sequenced by the Huazhong Agricultural University in 2018. An HKU3-related Betacoronavirus was found in a Mus musculus sequencing dataset from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2017. Finally, a SARS-WIV1-like Betacoronavirus was found in a rice dataset sequenced by the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University in 2017. Using the contaminating reads we have extracted from the above datasets, we were able to assemble complete genomes of two novel coronaviruses which we disclose herein. In light of our findings, we raise concerns about biosafety protocol breaches, as indicated by our discovery of multiple dangerous human pathogens in agricultural sequencing laboratories in Wuhan and Fouzou City, China.


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  1. After reading this crap, still buying Chinah? Doing business with them? Still doing business with those, still doing business with them? Blackie admires their basic dictatorship. Still doing business with him and the LPOC? Buying their Chinah food products, baby formula et al. Putting up with “Chinese style” surveillance of your every move….over here? Bullshit WUFLU, GLOBBLE WARMENTING? Voting CPC, LPOC, NDP or GREEN? At least NenXi got the message today.
    I’ve more feelings for the ants cruising my patio this afternoon and the birds at my feeder, or the neighbor’s cat hunting voles in last years grass.
    I think I’ll go listen to some Alison Krause for a while and tune out.

    1. Yah! Sums up some of my feelings as well. As for tuning out I’ve been at that for awhile. Thanks


  2. I’ve said since day one…..

    Prove me wrong this is not WW3.

    China is taking over the world with no bull it’s.

    ^^^^. Auto correct can’t find gun zingers.

  3. The ccp ultimate aim is to have a lethal virus that does not kill chinese.

    1. Pete your wrong. They would be happy to kill off all the old people as they are a drain on CCP/China. The CCP/China has no respect for human life only their own dirty necks.

      Note CCP = Communist Cesspool Party. Every one has one ie; Canada.

      1. You are so right, hence fentanyl etc. Democrats and Trudeau (the ‘reset’ crowd) are also likeminded I think with the burden and finacial costs of providing senior care, socialists as well. Look at government sanctioned euthanasia. Many workers do not like their jobs in dementia wards, seniors facilities…

  4. Imagine a world where a bio-terror agent had escaped from an Israeli WMD lab.

    Ask yourself whether the western media would have covered that up for any length of time. Imagine how thoroughly Israel would have been condemned by all respectable Gentiles. The Zionist Holocaust, it would be called, when it wasn’t being called the Judengrippe.

    It sure as Sodom and Gomorrah wouldn’t have been hushed up for fear it would make Bibi look bad.

    The Chinese are the Jews Hitler warned you about.

  5. I remember years ago during the Cuban Missile crises my mother said don’t worry about the Russians be ware of the “Yellow Hoard”. I now completely understand what she meant…….Steve O

  6. I am not a medical intelligence expert. But I can read summaries and the impact of their work. The summary portions of this report should scare the shit out of anyone who reads it. I still don’t know what to make of the cotton line and if that relates to anything cotton or everything cotton and the rice line seems scarier. But I’m checking everything now that says “Made in China” off my list.

      1. Here’s a question…..what do folks in the Wuhan area use to fertilize their rice crops with? Wuhan Biolab, bio waste? Color me surprised. (mmmm, you likee, tasty too!) As far as I know, only Chinese folks over here eat the Chinacrap stocked in the grocery stores. I never have and never will. Nitrates will kill me, instead. One of the other tales I read several months ago, concerned COVID traces in sewage samples. Indestructible. I think I should review some old HarryChen PHd Youtubes on that one. They recycle everything over there. Then all our medicines are made in Chinah, too. Yeah, I know dats racissssss. I’m still alive, so far.

  7. So…
    If you map Guanine to the pseudo-nucleobase Huanine, and Thymine to Nymine, the sequence reads thusly:

  8. In other words “much worse to come” and that moron Fauci used US taxpayer dollars to fund the research.

    1. SHHHHH! Folks have forgotten that one with all the fuss and noise of Wuflu. The refills were on that ship stuck in the Suez.
      It’s free now.

      1. Yeah I know. The same ones who are supposed to be doing their jobs from home, securing vaccines and organizing injections have been fast asleep with Trudeau for the last year.