Another Day, Another Fake Narrative

Earlier this week we gave you a peek through the proverbial circus tent that is the Leftist cabal, explaining how they craft narratives to destroy anyone who dares disagree with them.  The width & depth of their outrage is absolutely fake, just like them.

The latest fake narrative is their attempt to gang up on anyone who dares question why Jill Biden insists that everyone call her “Doctor”.  Hint: If you’re ever in a medical emergency and Lil’ Jilly is nearby, she should be the last person you should seek help from.  She received a “Doctor of Education” degree, with an extremely questionable dissertation (watch here @ 16:30)

But let’s say someone had the best Ph.D. thesis in the history of Education.  Only a deeply insecure, thin-skinned, beyond easily offended faux intellectual would possibly insist that everyone call him/her “Doctor”.  Yet Mrs. Biden does, repeatedly, and now the word has gone out to her comrades throughout the Leftist echo chamber to attack anyone who refuses to comply.  Megyn Kelly and Salena Zito absolutely evicerate Dear Jill in this discussion (9:30 in).

Mrs. Biden is indicative of the elitist narcissists who are so deeply representative of the Left these days.  Every time she permits this honorific title to be used should be a reminder of how much she looks down on ordinary people … you know, the peons like us, who the Democrat elites refer to as deplorables.  Also, is it true that any time someone says “Dr. Jill Biden”, that a kitten dies?  Asking for a friend.

In case it gets memory-holed, here is her dissertation (PDF).

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  1. Well I will only recognize those common guttersnipes like Jill, that address me as Squire or President Elect, or maybe Emperor of the North…You could have been a meat eater kid….

  2. The abstract is embarrassing enough. It looks like something Larry David might have used in one of his shows to mock somebody. It screams “Do I have enough words to go home yet?” I defy anybody to discern what specific things Dr Jill discovered in her paper from that abstract.

    1. Don’t laugh. One of my relatives got his “life experience” Ph. D. from a boiler room university which, as far as I can tell, has gone out of business.

  3. Jill didn’t write a solitary word of it.

    There is a thriving industry devoted to writing fake dissertations for civil servants who want a promotion, need the credential to get it and don’t actually have the time to do the work—and of course, rich people who can’t be bothered.

    The only way our masters actually know how to get anything done is to “delegate” to a starving prole who knows how to do something constructive.

    Jill only accomplished one thing in life using her own native wit and industry—seducing Joe Biden. Her dissertation committee knew that. They didn’t ask questions because she was a senator’s wife.

  4. With PedoJoe’s history of plagiarism it’s kinda hard to believe this hasn’t been submitted for investigation.

    1. Right? I fully expect ah-DOKKTOR Jill to claim she was actually a double-major in Education and Nuclear Particle Physics, and that she was in the top 5% of her class, graduated early, was offered a job at France’s Large Hadron Collider … but … Dhactah Jill had such a burden in her giant heart for … the children … that she focused her study on childhood education. Esp. education of undeserved (sic) communities.

  5. Good gracious. It is awful and not worthy of a passing grade in a second year course.
    Here is a sentence fragment that survived the review.
    “The needs of the student population are often “undeserved”” … clearly the author, whoever that was, meant “underserved”
    It suggests that no one read it.
    She must have got it because of who she was.
    Can anyone remember the kids who got into college on the basis of what mommy and daddy would pay or do for the college?

  6. The Bidens must’ve been royalty in a previous lifetime. Must be in their D.N.A. — they have delusions of grandeur.

    On Tucker’s show last night, he really got into it. Seems that until we know more about where the election is going, Fox News is doing its best to fill in the void with stories that seem like mere gossip.

    Somewhere it was said that when the Bidens received their mail and when some of it was addressed to Senator and Mrs Biden, to them it didn’t seem to be good enough. Senator and Dr. Biden had a nicer ring to it. Well, why not, the mailman needs to be impressed.

    It was said that Whoopie Goldberg suggested that Dr. Jill ought to be Surgeon General in the Biden Administration. Guess Dr Fauci won’t mind, he’ll likely retire on the moolah he and Bill Gates made.

    “Code Blue, Code Blue everyone report to Room 222.”

    “Is Dr Biden in the house or in the White House today?
    Paging Dr Biden, Dr Biden please report to Room 222.”

  7. One moment in the movie “The Lives of Others” is quite striking: a lame joke against the Eastern German commie regime gets a guy in huge trouble, and he gets demoted to a basement job. He gets cancelled.
    We’ve noticed for a long time that “comedians” and “comedy shows” like SNL, and late night talk show hosts, don’t dare to make fun of anyone in power on the left. It’s not that there’s no fodder for comedy in that direction. But they don’t DARE. They don’t fear jail time yet. They fear the social pressure and cancellation and most likely the threat of “you’ll never work in this industry again”. Joe and Hunter provide so much fodder for comedy, as does Kamala, and the next few years could be full of jokes about them, but only a few little-known conservative comedians and talk show hosts will dare.
    That’s true power. And judging how much SNL and comedians and the news and the late night talk show hosts all pulverized Trump and anyone who worked with him and anyone who supported him, they weren’t scared at all of what he could or would do, despite telling us all how Hitler-like he was and is.
    The news and the comedians are too scared of not doing what “Dr.” Jill commands, too obediant to not follow what the Dems dictate should be the talking points and the jokes. Evidence of true power. Menacing power. The Dems and the Left have it.

  8. My long term future daughter in law (I guess kids don’t get married anymore) has a doctorate. A REAL doctorate … from a REAL “Junior” University here in the Bay Area … in microbiology. I attended her PhD graduation … where really, seriously, smart people gave meaningful speeches. And never ONCE has she insisted that anyone address her as “Doctor”. What a JOKE. She would never deign to be so creepy as that.

    It is such a truism in life that people of REAL accomplishment never “talk” about their accomplishments. Why? Because they are DOers not TALKers. As ‘The Ghost’ wrote above … I highly doubt that Jill wrote her dissertation. And whoever read it and bestowed her degree based on it should be summarily FIRED. But the opposite will happen. This is how higher education rolls … 80% of the “scholarship” is fraud

  9. like the empty hairs ottawa resume , lots of lose ends , trained in engineering, private school instructor . never a mention that they are all failures .
    Greg Cochrane at westhunter shows that SAT results for education are the lowest scores , only exceeded by the doctoral candidate in education.

    1. When I was an undergrad, the fail-safe degree, if one happened drop out of the program of choice, was one in arts. Later, when I was a grad student, it was education. In fact, one of my freshman year classmates dropped out of civil engineering and decided he’d rather be a teacher. I have no idea whether he became one.

  10. Just because you have accreditation and letters beside your name does mean your intelligent, also to demand that you use the letters to address is extremely narcissistic

  11. Easy fix.
    We know why they want the honorarium of doctor used because the term is generally understood to mean the medical kind.
    Insist right back that the full description of her doctorate be used.
    Doctor of education is the correct term and it detracts nothing from the so-called achievement.

    1. The title “Doctor” does not infringe upon the scope of practice of either a physician or dentist, nor do those in medicine and dentistry have an exclusive right to it. It shows that the holder met the requirements of the degree and associated title. Whenever I write out my full qualifications in, say, an e-mail message, I not only mention I am a Doctor, but also a professional engineer.

  12. My brother had a Doctorate. It was in Electrical Engineering. He hated being referred to as “Doctor”. One of the firms he worked with insisted that he have Dr. on his business cards for corporate “prestige”….so he did. But he didn’t like it. He died a few years ago and there were very few people who knew that he had a Doctorate. He let his work do the talking. Jill Biden is a moron.

    1. I’ve always considered my Ph. D. as the logical progression in my professional education and qualification (B. Sc. -> P. Eng. -> master’s -> Ph. D.).

  13. Pilot licences are more rare than PhD’s.

    In North America if you add up licences of all kinds, Private, Commercial, and Military, the number is less than the number of PhD’s out there.

    And even the worst pilot out there has to demonstrate some skill and knowledge.

    PhD’s – not so much, if any of the artsy fartsy ones I’ve met are any indication…

  14. Worked in education for almost 30 years. Some of my colleagues were normal, hard-working people, especially in the early years. But many were insufferable elitists, with nothing in their skill set, accomplishments, or thinking abilities to suggest there was anything elite about them. Anyone who had a Master’s or higher (often from some online farce like Athabasca College, where everybody gets great grades for their $) was exactly like Mrs. Biden in their self-assessment. And face it, regurgitating the crap necessary to get a Bachelor’s degree in education because you really want to teach children, and know you need to jump that distasteful hoop, is one thing. Going further to a Masters or PhD means you actually believe that BS.
    Also known a number of psychologists, at least one very closely. Even worse. They never realized the phrase they uttered so proudly, “I’m a psychologist!” as if it should engender respect among those with Real Skills, was the approximate equivalent to “I have intestinal parasites” at the dinner table.
    As others have posted – anyone with real credentials does not need to mention them.

    1. “Teacher’s College” – lol!

      I knew a couple people who did that, I put them on suicide watch (kidding) they hated the BS and knew none of it was going to help them teach kids.

      Many, many years ago I happened to be at the Canadian Forces instructor school while a group of schoolteachers took a one week(?) instructional techniques course.

      They were amazed and said they learned more from that than their entire year at teacher’s college.

      1. Back in the day, a cousin chose teaching. In those days, it was all “academic” except for a two-week “practicum” which she and a friend decided to do in my small home town. That experience was a education in itself for two city kids, as they found themselves walking to school accompanied by students and to a school which our family had attended and whose teachers all knew our family. High school graduation was a community event, which didn’t happen where they lived. As for the practicum itself, gather it went very well as they were supervised by excellent teachers (our small semi-rural school district was really really good and would often out-perform the big city schools) and they left feeling they’d learned a lot.

        Cousin and friend returned at home and ended up going out to their uni to check things out. There they were met by a “professor” who asked how they had done and what the faculty could do to make things easier for them. Stunned, the pair responded something to the effect of: “forget making it easier, teach us more of what we need to know, as in real knowledge of various subjects”. Don’t think the faculty understood.

  15. Two of the dumbest girls I ever dated had PhDs. They were the “grinder” types who could do some lab work repetitively enough to push a supervisor ahead in a sufficiently arcane area of their specialty that no one else would have the patience for — voila: PhD. For myself, I typically get my patients, and certainly my friends and acquaintances to simply call me by my first name. I have no deep seated insecurities that I’m not really a doctor.

  16. I wouldn’t refer to myself as “Dr.” if the doctorate was not in the physicial or mental health field, but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m struck by the triviality of this entire controversy.

  17. They need a piece of paper and an honorific to convince themselves how smrat they are.
    Er, smart…..

    Fredo Biden.
    I meant, of course, Dr. Fredo Biden.

    1. Many people with graduate degrees, when they look back at their theses, often gasp in horror at how horribly those were written. I’ve cringed whenever I’ve glanced at mine.

      1. Yup! It took me about 5 years to go back and re-read research project paper I did for my MSc, and I was rather appalled. I’m just thankful that NOBODY ever reads those things once they get shelved in the University Library.

    2. Yeah, i’ve actually read through it too. Kyle’s takedown is a bit brutal but I’m not sure I’d disagree on the substance.

      Some facts:
      – Biden’s actual content (introduction up to but not including references) is 80 pages, double-spaced. Interestingly, her table of contents doesn’t properly line up with the page count, but whatever.
      – Typical page (her introduction) is about 250 words, so that’s about a 10,000 word thesis excluding references and appendixes.
      – a PhD thesis in the arts typically has a 80K upper word limit, Masters a 60K upper word limit. Good ones are probably half that, maybe a bit more. So Jill has written 1/3 of a typical Masters thesis.
      – the text is significantly bulked out with e.g. material that seems like what you’d find in a Delaware Tech+Community College brochure, the full text of a student survey, and a faculty interview that should probably have been relegated to an appendix.
      – the thesis has 39 references by my count, which is what you’d expect from a medium length conference / journal paper. A Masters thesis should have more than that. A doctorate (which is supposed to advance the state of research) should have a *lot* more.
      – she has a boring writing style (this is technically an opinion, but I’m right) and it’s hard to figure out what she’s trying to argue. Her conclusions seem rather trite.

      Opinion: if I was one of the people who signed off on this (pages 3 and 4) I would be very quiet about it if someone at a party started spouting off that Jill Biden deserves to be called “doctor”

  18. I know no words that can adequately describe my offense that this pile of drivel is worthy of a doctorate degree. Apparently everything does have a monetary price.

  19. I’d have to hear the broadcast(s) again, but I’m pretty sure Dr. Henry very specifically said ‘…died from COVID RELATED causes’.
    I may have not got all the wording correct, but she most definitely DID NOT say died from COVID.
    Wasn’t it Johns Hopkins that recently published, then pulled, a study on “excess deaths”? Basically historically comparing deaths in past years from heart disease, pneumonia, flue, etc., with current stats, and found that those causes dramatically declined this year as COVID cause of death stats replaced them for a net change of zero. ie the assumption was that a sweeping recatagorization is and was taking place.

    That ‘excess deaths ‘ year over year is critical information.

    1. There are no excess deaths. Last year 56 million plus died world wide from all causes, this year so far 54 million have died and the year is almost over. might hit 56 million plus who the hell knows.

  20. There are no excess deaths. Last year 56 million plus died world wide from all causes, this year so far 54 million have died and the year is almost over. might hit 56 million plus who the hell knows.

  21. I’ve believed from the get-go that Jill Biden coveted the White House far more than her husband. She somehow reminds me of Eva Peron.

  22. The same socialists that inflate deaths here and now had the exact opposite to say during the genocide of tens of millions.

    “I did not see a single under-nourished person in Russia, young or old.”

    George Bernard Shaw was along with the Webbs, a co-founder of the London School of Economics. Shaw favourably compared the USSR to the West and noted that during his visits (to Potemkin villages) he did not see a single undernourished person. Many people refused to believe that the world’s first workers’ state had a deep and dreadful downside; in this way Shaw was typical of many Western socialists, whose basically uncritical assessment of the USSR helped maintain a rosy, idealized image of the USSR for many in the West.

  23. I’ve always stated that your intelligence is not the amount of education you have had, but how well you use your intelligence with the education you have had.

    Hope I stated that right 🙂

  24. Correct me if I’m wrong on this: Was Albert Einstein ever called Dr. Einstein? Stephen Hawking?

    I know someone who took a quickie D.Ed from a no-name college in the deep south. The object was to boost her pension with the attendant higher teacher certification. She wrote the short thesis in long hand. Later I was shocked to hear from her that she insisted on her doctor calling her doctor. No one was gonna pull rank on her. No siree.

    1. boost her pension with the attendant higher teacher certification

      Yup. At Armpit College, many of my colleagues got their B. Ed.s simply because it raised their position in the pay grid.

      In the public educational system, promotion also depends on which degrees one has.

      Me, I got my Ph. D. simply because I wanted to see if I could do it. The honour of earning it didn’t hurt, either.

    2. “boost her pension with the attendant higher teacher certification.”

      Same goes for Librarians
      “Doctor of Library Science”

  25. Anyone with half a brain knows that Education post-graduate studies aren’t really academic fields but rather, ‘professional’ upgrades that lead to higher remuneration for teachers. I’ve personally met folks with Masters or higher in Education whose ‘theses’ or projects submitted in support of their degrees included: a collage of sketches, a 5-song EP of original recordings, a summer break memoir, a journal, etc.

  26. When I was in college, getting my BS in Chemical Engineering, we had to have a requisite number of “humanities” credits in order to graduate. A little known secret was that the school of “Education” had numerous courses that you could exploit in order to build up those credits, and most of them were pretty easy A’s. One that was particularly easy was “Music for Elementary Teachers”.

    1. At my uni, the same rule was in force, but I don’t remember hearing about any Education courses we could take. We focused on the “easiest” Arts courses we could take, always mindful we competing for marks with majors in those subjects.

      The reverse did not obtain; no Arts students ever had to take a real Science course complete with several hours a week in a lab. “Rocks for Jocks” was popular as it gave a decent overview of basic geology without the nuisance of actually having to look at rocks. I’ve no doubt the other sciences had similar courses.

      1. I know I’ve mentioned this story a few times before but it’s worth repeating on this thread.

        During my sophomore undergrad year, I was required to take an arts option and the only one I could fit into my schedule was one in anthropology. It quickly became clear that the professor had nothing but contempt for engineering students. For example, he completely disregarded any of our comments, even though they made logical, technical, and economic sense. But, no, because those came from someone outside of his department and faculty, we had nothing to say.

        Worse was when it came time to discuss the mid-term exam results. The swine insisted on showing the breakdown according to faculty and guess who got the lowest grades? Yup, and he chortled with great joy over that, much to the amusement of the artsies and evident irritation of my fellow would-be engineers.

        I soon figured out how to get better results and that was to parrot back what he told us, even though much of what he said was complete rubbish. As a result, I aced the course.

        Oh, and the topic of that course? Technology and society or some such thing. Once that term was finished, I promptly forgot everything I was supposed to have learned, though I still have the textbooks. I don’t think I ever looked inside them again and that’s more than 45 years ago.