1. “Hello, Bill? Don Iveson here. Can you give me some tips on how to turn Edmonton into a craphole like New York?”

    1. Hi Don, I’d say you’re on the right track, old boy! Just keep printing cheques and pointing fingers!

      1. “Yeah, I agree. People really don’t need freedom. It gives them ideas that they might actually be worth something.”

  2. Pretty sure this Sandinista supporting DiCommio is inflicting all this mayhem on purpose. This guy never renounced his prior support of commies so we know he’s still a true believer. Advance the spread of the Kung Flu by encouraging mass gatherings in February/March, Defund/disparage the cops, take the side of the rioters, inflame race relations, close the parks, etc etc – all to create mass discontent, volatility and chaos. It all advances the cause and maybe brings on his hoped for revolution. All he needs is another George Floyd type incident or two, together with his allies in the media, and Voila! – The People’s Republic of New York!

    1. “Pretty sure this Sandinista supporting DiCommio is inflicting all this mayhem on purpose.”

      Exactly. Every time someone says “DeBlasio” I hear “Sandinista” he is an enemy if civilization and should hang for treason.

    2. You have to destroy somewhere before you can rebuild it. And the communists are all into rebuilding society.

  3. Getting what they voted for? That’s too bad.
    Shrugs shoulders, turns back, leaves.

  4. The big hold up on the Covid-19 bill?
    Schumer and Pelosi want a trillion dollar bail out for the big cities like New York City.

    I live in Minnesota, and no one outside of the Twin Cities wants to support any bail out of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The only way for these idiots to learn is to make it hurt, and hurt badly. No Bail Outs!

    1. If you saw a recent Sargon episode, it is privatel=y admitted between the two that he will be voting Trump and republican this season. For the reasons he stated in this video.

  5. I’m just one of these surly old bastards who can’t take a touque-wearing dickhead seriously.

    However, as far as NYC goes, I’ll second Thud Muffle’s comment at 2:26.

    1. “I’m just one of these surly old bastards who can’t take a touque-wearing dickhead seriously”
      Now Jamie, never judge the grey matter by its cover but I agree,unless you’re Rastafarian a touque in summer does seem odd.

      1. 1. It has kinda become his brand identity.
        2. He is hiding the fact that he is bald.

        1. That’s why God invented the Hair Alternative Treatment. Call 1-800-I am-bald today, and learn what HAT can do for you!

          and never forget our jingle (lalala) “The Lord is good/ the Lord is Fair/ some get brains/ and some get hair!”

    2. There are plenty of Toque-wearers in Canada, it is a Canadian thing. Perhaps he is a closet Canadian.

      1. ” … Perhaps he is a closet Canadian.”

        Could be. Lord knows there’s no shortage of Canadian dickheads in August…

  6. It’s not just the big cities, it’s the small cities and even villages being held hostage by leftist councils backed by federal governments and political correctness that are allowing and encouraging, even financing the incursion of rot.

    Any pushback by the regular citizenry is attacked as “vigilantism”, as though it were a bad thing.
    At election time, leftist governments get re-elected by promising to “do something”. But they don’t.

    And if the vigilantes try to take back their neighbourhood, their town, their city, and increasingly their country, the bloodshed will be incredible. It will be called a “Revolution” and will not stop where the initiators planned.

  7. I love the use of checkpoints.
    I read elsewhere that many insurance companies are refusing to insure companies and trucks which deliver to Seattle, Portland, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities with regressive policing policies as the trucks can be then vandalized. I say “Fine”, let them all starve to death as most food is delivered to cities via trucks.
    You reap what you sow, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”, I no longer care.

  8. Explain to liberal voters how the concept of cause and effect works.

    Pack a lunch and some Valium and Tylenol.

    1. Stan,
      My lunch is Valium and Tylenol. We keep repeating those concepts, but they just don’t hear us, or don’t understand such things.

      Unfortunately, it will eventually need to be explained with firearms!

  9. And yet not a single one of these Demonrat politicans has been recalled. I guess those politicans are accurately reflecting the majority of their constituents otherwise enough people would be signing the petitions to have them recalled and not just sitting back waiting for a re-election. Similar to how the majority of Eastern Canadians obviously feel that everything they stand for is being properly represented by Truedope.

  10. Good. New York wants Democrat, they get Democrat. New York gave the world Senator Hillary; therefore, no amount of suffering will ever be enough.

    Democrats gonna Democrat; ie. loot, burn, murder, destroy.

  11. There’s a basic assumption that is at risk. The assumption that the November vote will be, and has been, free and fair and that the published count is true. With the media being either too ignorant or in the pay of foreign interest how will this play out? But first the gambit to force the hand of the Feds, Pres Trump, to save the cities so the media can twist it to be dictatorship.
    Someone the other week on this site asked if there was a similar time in ancient Rome where such conflict existed; I propose that if this keeps up America will have its General Sulla.

  12. The far-left have said it plans to use municipal governments to push its agenda.
    Ever notice that almost every town council candidate says he/she/it wants to help the poor? You don’t need to be the mayor or council to do that unless you plan on stealing from the taxpayers with no cost to yourself.

  13. I actually broke down and watched toque boy; it is amazing. No matter how many cities are on fire, no matter how bad it is, he still has to get his “I don’t like Trump” virtue signal in there.

    Look in the mirror Tim. It is you, and people like you, who have always voted Democrat, and always will, and will never stop no matter what. He said he was in New Jersey? Hope New Jersey burns, and he can keep saying how much he hates Trump.

    If you want the other side to win, then simply join the other side. Half assery is just annoying.

  14. Tim Pool says … repeatedly … “they’re doing this on purpose”. And? Well? He never concludes what that purpose might be. He hints that it might be to “harm Trump” … but even the Mayor of Portland and Nancy Pelosi admit that the constant violence and destruction is actually HELPING Trump.

    So tell me, oh kewl beanie-wearing hipster … what’s the purpose for this shitshow on multiple fronts? Pool comes on breathlessly with all his headline observations … but no analysis. Observation, without analysis. In a word: useless.

    What Tim Pool won’t bring his hipster “moderate” personage to say … is that THIS is what Communist Revolution looks like in 2020. THIS is what … Anarchy looks like. THIS is what Obama’s “transformation” of America REALLY looks like. THIS is what Soros funding of American destruction looks like.

    What is happening to American cities is what happened in Benghazi. SHE … intentionally … left our Embassy unguarded. SHE … in all HER college sophomoric wisdom actually “believed” if Islam saw us “demilitarize” … (defund our military and police forces, if you will) … then the radicals would embrace America and there would be world peace, equality, and we’d all sing songs in Esperanto. Because college sophomores lack 90% of life’s skills … SHE was wrong. Dead wrong.

    And now, these same college sophomores are running the same social experiment on American cities controlled by Democrats like the the Columbia and Harvard educated Mayor of Portland. Stand down the police. No bail. Release prisoners. Paint slogans on the streets. Defund the Police. Black lives … matter. Matter enough to let them commit crimes without penalty. This is ALL the same social experiment SHE ran in Benghazi … don’t provide the defense forces the Embassy begged-for. No … sorry shopkeepers … we have arrested “too many black lives” … so now we’re allowing them to LOOT your stores. And burn your stores. And then make you kiss the feet of these black criminal lives.

    Then … there will be “peace” … right? My college professor was convinced of it. Because she told the class that ALL people are basically GOOD … there is no EVIL. There’s no such thing as a criminal … only people who need bread, right AOC?

  15. De Blasio? This is all the work of his hideous black lesbian wife, done for no better reason than to spite whitey and the Jews—the only reason that sow has done anything her entire adult life.

    Her white trophy husband jumps when she says hop.

  16. santayana’s strapon, I know unDork has vacated the premisis, but do you have to take over???

    1. actually, the blind racial hatred and willingness to stereotype made me think of you. It’s not UnMe’s territory that Santayana’s Ghost is impinging upon. UnMe is generally inconsistent in outlook and following the progressive cause de jour.

      I expect your mileage to vary, as you’re not seeing things with the same view. I would hope this would make you consider how you post in future, but I’ve seen enough past performance to recognize that this will not happen.

  17. Get a life everyone
    Tim Toque Pool is a fool, like so many others of the interweb intelligentsia or not
    You are being click bait fools
    Stop getting your chains jerked every time some goof says some stupid thing du jour
    Oh! We need Jordan’s wisdom now…if only he would tell us something.
    Good God.
    Jordan reiterates Jung and Moses.
    Hope he recovers. And he is a Fairview native, not Edmonton, where Don Iveson proves Peterson’s many points.
    Jesus said it best. You will know them all by their fruits (paraphrase). Peace

    1. I don’t disagree. He takes 10 minutes to make 30 seconds worth of arguments. I haven’t watched a video of his in a couple of months, though they’re often linked here. The comments give me the gist of what is said, and I keep the extra 9 1/2 minutes. Tonight I used them to start a fire to roast marshmallows with the kids.

  18. Very good analysis Kenji, but lets take it one step further.

    The problem everywhere-public health, police, schools, libraries, provincial govt, city govt, you name it-has a common factor for their poor performance. University educated bureaucrats and elected officials wedded to ideas of free-spending, progressive-ism and other loony ideas global warming, pandering to minorities, etc.

    We have to get smart in the voting booth and reject university educated (marxism indoctrinated) candidates. We need to get back to electing old ladies and men with wire-rimmed glasses, a sense of community and life experience.

    1. If a combine catches fire during harvest, all the deep tillage in the township quickly shows up to start plowing fire breaks.

      Our entire government, east coast to west, federal to provincial, to municipal, is a dumpster fire, plain and simple. Everything any level of government is in charge of, is a disaster. From the weekly power drops where I live, to the fact only junkies can get free needles, not diabetics, it’s Cloward Piven from top to bottom.

      At this point, if you are voting for anyone who has a strategy other than starting a backfire to burn off the undergrowth for future safety ….

      We need a full throated and merciless attack on the clerisy, executed without hesitation, mercy, and with no prisoners taken.

  19. “for the life of me I don’t know why but it seems on purpose” – Tim Poole Really? Come on man!

    Most generous thing I can offer is that Liberals are really bad at cause and effect.

    or what Kenji said.

  20. This is happening all over. I know people in Halifax, Nova Scotia, who witnessed local hotel chains housing “welfare people” during the pandemic shutdown, no doubt in a planned effort to milk the taxpayer in every city and funnel the dollars to the 1% during the manufactured crisis. How many other scams are in place in every city Canada wide? Ask Turdoo.