We Are All Treaty People$

This is Trudeau’s mob.


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  1. Good research here. And good comments on the twitter feed. Needless to say the corporate media would never research the funding and links to the eco-radicals. The Toronto-based media are only concerned with furthering the radical propaganda, and shutting the two northern BC projects down. The media and Trudeau’s other elites are only concerned with closing any and all Westetn Canada energy projects.

    1. It’s as old as America’s history.

      And those who forget it will fall victim to it.

      17th century America is replete with instances of Kings from Charles I on through Charles II, using similar tactics against the American colonists in favor of their trading monopolies – with a host of names including Cromwell, Rupert, James II, etc.

      At stake: the economic wealth of a continent who’s expanse, potential riches, and Power, could exceed all Europe.

      One example in the history of the United States, of course, is the destruction of its Founding colony (Plymouth) and its “United Colonies of New England” (the precursor of the United States) at the hands of the British and their Indian allies in the 17th century.

      The reason and the consequences of that destruction is woven in a tapestry of worldwide conflict, immense but limited British military power checked against rivals, the natural barrier of time and space across a once-impassable Atlantic, the economic problems of the London aristocracy and banks balancing profits in the Known World vs investments in the New World, etc, etc, etc – factors which gave the British mercantile nobility from James to Rupert incentive to use treachery rather than open warfare.

      Among the greatest rivals of the British merchants in the Americas from furs to tobacco were the Dutch – foremost among them the Dutch West India Company – allies and kindred to the Puritans/Pilgrims who flourished in Plymouth, themselves enemies of the Crown, heretics to British Divine Right and its vampiric religious and economic structure.

      Plymouth, as much as New Amsterdam and Beaver, had to be destroyed lest they impede future British Imperial expansion.

      So it was no surprise that the British opted to starve and deprive these enemy populations of resources and freedom of movement first, using Indian Savages who always salivated at extorting and robbing from wealthy White settlers, rather than stealing from poor Indian tribal neighbors. With the help of British trading forts and logistics for safe-havens, information provided on colonial villages to raid, the British supplied the Indians with food, firearms, bows, quivers, ammunition, etc. Concurrently, they outlawed and attacked all trade related to the Dutch on the high seas, on the coasts, in urban centers such as in finance, and against colonies friendly to the Dutch such as Plymouth.

      The West India Company, relying on a centralized bureaucracy and defense similar to the British, were paralyzed by inaction to defend their rural colonists, instead focusing on their urban interiors and the fiscal health, the Purse, of their Empire as a whole.

      In short, the Dutch regarded the surrounding coloniial towns much as the British East India Company did; they forgot the forest is comprised of trees.

      It would be their downfall.

      Once the Indians wrought their work of pillage and murder, the Savages had no need for the spinning wheels and looms, farming equipment, barns and fences, etc, lacking basic skills in using and maintaining animal husbandry, “modern” farming technology and civilization. Nevermind the developed Land – the British only pretended that the Indians had legitimate claims for their own treacherous designs – the Savages had no concept of land-ownership (hard to even conceive of, let alone implement, when the primitives don’t have a written language) or land-development, but a vague notion of “territory” similar to modern street gangs.

      Pearls before swine.

      These Pearls inevitably were “sold” for cheap to the merchants, parasites, and “Court Jews” of the British Duke – who then resold them at almost pure profit. It has ever been a profitable system. Because nothing is more profitable than theft and robbery, when the costs and investments to build structures, products, entire industries and lives are borne by others. Which is why throughout the centuries, rulers have employed foreign barbarians and thugs to keep its populations in line as “profitable” sheep.

      The more savage the tribes, the more profitable to the British, as they were more aggressive and efficient in “harvesting” the livestock called “peasantry”, the land and development harvested like a crop to be resold.

      The Dutch colonists were doomed, if only because the Dutch West India Company’s philosophies were all too familiar, and predictable, to the British.

      No city or economy can survive without its supply and exchange with the countryside, food and munitions, horses and money. Once the surrouding country outside New Amsterdam and Beaver were destroyed, the city authorities and bankers and traders have nothing to exchange or grift. By leaving the body to bleed and be consumed by Delawars, the Dutch West Indies Company suffered blackout, and death. They were still trading with the Delawars, cravenly trying to eke out the last bits of profit, even as the British Admiral was arriving to evict them from New Netherlands.

      By the time open war came upon Beaver and New Amsterdam, the war was already won at a fraction of the “cost”, and the British renamed them “Albany” and “New York City” respectively. New Netherlands essentially became the Province of “New York”.

      “Area denial” and “Resource denial” are modern phrases, but age-old concepts whether in 17th century New Netherlands or 21st century Canada. It takes no imagination for Royal scoundrels to use partisans and barbarians to attack and immobilize their enemies, whilst pretending their own disinterest and innocence. Whether it’s called “Insurgency” or “Terrorism”,or “Uprising”, or “Political resistance”, the calculation is still the same.

      – “Treachery” –

      Using false pretenses in the service of weakening, confusing and paralyzing your enemies.

      However, the British success in New Netherlands would turn out a little differently in Plymouth a decade later. As one might expect, the British attempted to duplicate their success against the Dutch by leveraging their Savages against the Pilgrims.

      Initially, Oliver Cromwell had demanded that the United Colonies attack the Dutch settlements in fealty to their “rulers” (although Plymouth was famously settled without Royal approval or charter). He rediscovered that the New England colonies were in no way subjects of England – indeed, the Plymouth Puritans’ Founders had found safe-haven in Holland initially before their exodus across the Atlantic, and were unsurprisingly on friendly terms with the Dutch denizens in America.

      Morever, Cromwell and his Royal merchants had long allied themselves with the more “aggressive” {Read: “Savage”) Indian tribes from the Mohawks to the Nanticokes, tribes which preyed opportunistically on white settlers, and against whom the United Colonies under its Articles of Confederation (their “Constitution”) were created to fight.

      The British would learn that, although the Pilgrims were less wealthy and seemingly far less powerful than their kindred spirits, the Dutch, they were more effective and responsive in war; unlike the Dutch corporate paralysis engendered by the top-down system of rule and waiting for orders or military reinforcements, the Puritans and their allied colonies were locally governed, with each man capable of performing his duties either individually or as part of a “Militia”.

      The Pilgrims didn’t wait for the Indian attacks to starve them out when the first massacres started in Middleborough and Dartmouth in the summer of 1675 (after which, the British invasion would inevitably come as it had in New Netherlands). Indeed, Militia were mustered and engaging Indians before the Plymouth Governor or the United Colonies issued their Call to Arms. When the Indian and British depredation became a clear threat on land and at sea, the United Colonies declared war on the British surrogates, from their Indians to their tax collectors (though they could do nothing about the British Navy) in September of 1675 (exceedingly fast compared to the lethargic Dutch), convincing even uncomitted Indians such as the Mohegans to join the Union’s side. Shortly thereafter, the Right-Hand of Plymouth governor, Benjamin Church, assembled a “Ranging” Militia talented in unconventional tactics not yet known to European armies of the time; the first “Ranger” regiment in the Americas…

      ….and in July of 1676, the United Colonies annihilated the British proxy Army – “King Phillip’s Army” – to a man.

      The victory of Plymouth and its United Colonies was short lived, however. The war had exhausted the Pilgrims through sheer weight of casualties, a catastrophic depopulation from which they could not recover. Now, the Plymouth was in no position to defend itself against the British attack and maritime blockade to come – many wondered if they would even survive the winter – the United Colonies were doomed, regardless. Plymouth’s victory seemed pyrrhic…

      …and in the immediate aftermath, it was indeed pyrrhic.

      The inevitable surrender of Plymouth to Charles II, and its eventual incorporation as a Royal Colony was a sad end in American history.

      But it was not the end.

      The British were shocked that the Plymouth Pilgrims – considered heretical peasants and mongrels by the well-bred Anglican peerage – could, and would, fight more effectively and bravely than the more well-regarded Dutch. Nevermind that the entire confederation of the United Colonies fought too. Indeed, the British never thought a war of such scale would ever break out – presumably the United Colonies would simply fracture and allow the King to confiscate relatively unspoilt property and serfs for the Crown at “minimal cost”.

      And just as the British had underestimated the Pilgrims and their allies, so did the surviving Pilgrims later realize (beginning in their negotiations for a Royal charter staving off a British attack and blockade) that the United Colonies had overestimated British Power. The annihilation of the Indian “Army” in the Americas – one King Charles II was incapable of providing upkeep, let alone replacing – meant the remaining Pilgrims had not simply bought negotiating leverage – they’d created a legend of martyrs to be taught to new Americans thereafter.

      The Crown was frantic trying to discover how the colonists, long dismissed as peasant-folk who would inevitably succumb to Indian predation, had fielded a force that could annihilate the more numerous Indian “Army” which all the European Empires regarded with almost mystic quality (London and the Royal Court had high regard for the military prowess of Indian warriors from its own “experience”, beginning in Jamestown).

      The Royal elite were never in any position to overwhelm the Indian tribes.

      Now, many realized, they might soon be in less position to overwhelm the American colonies – even with Indian help – so long as the Americans had the will and the means to fight back. Because for all their pessimism, it wouldn’t be too long before the colonies recovered and grew even more prosperous, independent – and potentially lethal to British rule. American colonists continued to teach their children firearms and frontier survival (which could fill the ranks of more Rangers, and possibly an Army), taught them that the British hierarchy were their enemies, taught the history of the Pilgrims which has endured for centuries, taught the necessity of militia musters, taught the principles of elective governance…

      …all to the constant consternation of their British overseers through decade after decade…

      …. and all throughout the century after Plymouth’s destruction, the British never failed to discourage, deny and seize the People’s Arms given the opportunity, force testimonies and Oaths to the Divine King, require obeisance and submission to Catholic and Anglican religions as insipid as today’s Environmentalism, ban the musters and assemblies which endangered their rule, disparage and outlaw the elective bodies, build alliances and mutual arrangements with Savages, etc, etc, etc.

      Such is the reality even now, for Governing Power inevitably requires a large degree of voluntary compliance and acquiescence from the People. If manpower is limited to the citizenry, there are never enough constabuls or soldiers to subjugate that citizenry against its own Will – so long as the citizenry are of similar “Quality” – ie “Armaments”.

      It is against God for a son to be used against his own People, much less his own family, even “in the name of the King”. Therein lay the incentive for the King to bring in “foreign” inflows of manpower, proxies, insurgents, terrorists, etc. But even then, subjugation is difficult so long as the citizenry is well equipped and motivated.

      In this, the Colonists realized that the King had no Divine Right – that God no longer granted Power to the King – did He ever grant the King such power to begin with?

      The new “American” philosophy and culture that grew contravened millenia of unbroken

      God’s power is granted to the People – against which the King and Pope are powerless. The various Churches -mistakenly or malevolently – had reversed the causality; had inverted God’s Will.

      To the Pilgrims, it was proof that they had been vindicated; that their beliefs, their self-governance and their way of life was not heresy. Quite the contrary, it was the Anglicans and Catholics who were acting against God’s designs.

      And the news spread throughout the remaining colonies, even among Anglicans, that although he fashioned himself Divine, King Charles II in fact did not have the ability to subjugate the People by force – he lacked the Forces, he lacked the Right, he lacked God’s sanction.

      It is a Truth that terrifies the British – and the Truth that has always terrified Despots and Tyrants. It is why the British constantly tried to deprive the colonists of that very God-given ability to fight, the ability of the People to enforce their own Will – their God-given “Rights” (Not King-given). The possession of firearms prevented Britain’s Savages from ravagaing and threatening the colonies for growing British Empire’s leverage and profit. It is why Royalty always uses foreign Savages to augment their ranks – for they lack the sanction of the People they rule over. It is why they always ban firearms, to make the People helpless against Royal partisans. It is why they deprive the People of sustenance and local governance, because if the People grow in strength, the strength of Royalty is diminished.

      It is why Royalty prays to false gods, and worships themselves, and forces others to pray and submit to them and their false gods; to Kings, to Indians, to Jews, to Mammon, to Gaia, to animals, etc…

      …and it is why they hate God, for God grants them no authority to violate the People’s will.*

      And though this Treachery was seemingly successful against the United Colonies in the 17th century, it would encapsulate a history that would ultimately end British rule over the richest lands of the New World.

      The victory of the Pilgrims in 1676 may have seemed short-lived at the time, but their destruction was incomplete.

      In 1776, exactly one century after Plymouth’s “ultimate defeat” by the British, the Americans would rewrite the history of the once United Colonies. A history thought to have “ended” in failure, was reborn and endures to this day, by God’s grace.

      *The god of the Jews, Muslims, Environmentalists, etc are not Christianity’s God – though many claim the same English word, words have meaning. And thus because the meaning/definition is different for each, so it is that they are not the same entity. People who have read the Bible, the Quran (and Hadith), the Talmud (and other rabbinic compediums of the Halacha), etc, know they do not pray to the same. Allah and YHVH and Gaia, etc, are not God.

      1. Wow, great post. I’ve even printed this off for further study and education of others. Thank you for taking the time to explain the things I’ve long suspected, but didn’t know for sure or enough about, to understand fully these century’s long dynamics. Thank you again.

          1. Interesting history. The official religion of the Dutch was Calvinism. The Dutch rulers were very similar in religion and manner to the British and French. They just lacked the GDP. The British fathered common law under Catholicism because the local leaders rose up and had the support of their population against the Royals. Not so different than the American Revolution.

            Interesting parallel between the use of the Indian population to divide and conquer then as now.

      2. Interesting historical analysis, though the anti-semitism is a poison pill raising a flag of caution, a warning of intellectual quicksand along the trail on your map.

        The two provincial governments most subverted by the current fashion, the red/green colour corruption. Red, as in Cult. Marxism is still Marxism and green referring both the the revived paganism of the nature worshipers and the other green, the flag Orthodox(militant/political) Islam. The governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta, have just witnessed their jurisdiction/responsibility for the Rule of Law(administration of justice) has been over-ridden by: 1. The Trudeau Regime ordering the provincial police of Western provinces to stand down. 2. Cult. Marxists having infiltrated into power in e.i. the cities of Regina and Saskatoon ordering their city’s police to stand down and not enforce the law equally, but to exempt the insurgents.

        Yes, in one sense we are pilgrims, and the Trudeau Regime et al, see share that, too. There response is to try to reverse the historic example. To have Plymouth Rock land on the pilgrims.

        1. Yes the Jew hate made me choke as well. Since I know better about Jewish contributions to the new world, including how many were among the earliest arrivals and how Jews helped write the constitution and how many parallels with Jewish law there are in it, I have to assume this entire thing is just biased hate filled garbage. Using the term YHVH as if it was a real and only name for God used by Jews illustrates the author’s towering ignorance of Judaism. BTW the whole Divine Right thing was never part of Judaism either. Why do you think David got in trouble over Bathsheba? Why do you think Saul got replaced?

        2. Love the play on words Larry.
          There was a Jewish kid two grades behind me through public school. Whenever I saw him picked on I did my best to stop it. He would never fight. He tolerated me and so did his rich farmer parents. I was cheap labour. One sunny day we rode our bicycles into his parents huge circular driveway just as a half wagon load of people corn backed into a driving shed where long tables were set up and Jewish mothers were shucking corn. It was our job to make sure the ladies never ran out of corn to shuck. I could not believe I was hearing the marriages of their children negotiated over those tables. The intensity and detail of the negotiations impressed me deeply.
          Later in life I had an unusual Jew for a friend. He told me of the many extreme pressures his parents put on him because he would not accept a marriage arranged for him. When I expressed surprise, he said such was usual in his culture and it reminded me of the intensity of those Jewish mothers at the corn husking and it occurred to me that Jewish mothers might just be the reason there are so many highly intelligent Jews.
          Have you noticed that people who are not your intellectual equals tend not to like you?
          A surprising number of the most admirable people to have inhabited this planet have been Jews but they have also had their share of villains and a smart villain is easy to hate. Let us try to show the Jew haters that there is good and bad in all cultures and let us not discredit all of their opinions because of a common mistake.

        3. To quote Premier Moe,

          “Moe said he has not and will not direct any police organizations to begin enforcing court injunctions and making arrests. That decision is up to them.

          “The discretion of law enforcement agencies as to how they act, that’s entirely their choice, but the expectation of governments is that the law will be enforced,” Moe said.

          “We have the right to protest, we do not have the right to break the law,” he added in reference to rights in Canada.”

          So Moe believes the police forces are in charge – in charge of enforcing or not enforcing court injunctions, in charge of making or not making arrests. He has turned the decision making over to the police. Essentially the police are totally in charge.
          I thought the elected government was in charge. But here in Saskatchewan the Stasi are in charge. Moe has caved. He claims to stand up for the people of Saskatchewan, but that is clearly a lie as he has no intentions of doing so.

      3. Thanks For the excellent post and for pointing out to me that I have neglected early American history. I must rectify that.

        1. Garneau is an asshole and he got reamed by the replies. Probably won’t be able to sit down for a week, but an asstronaut should be used to that.

  2. And they are protecting their Ancestral lands!!! Wow
    The Rockefeller group and Tides have being trying to landlock Canadian oil for some time! Thanks to the liberals and Justin they may succeed! Why are we still in Canada!

  3. Socialists and communists draped in green – funding (partitioning and unaccountable) communists draped in bead blankets – shaking down the government – advised, staffed and consisting of socialists and communists draped in green – lending credibility to the communists draped in bead blankets and allowing the shakedown – all to the waving pom poms of the socialist and communist mainstream media.

    If unanimity is a requirement for any project to proceed shouldn’t that requirement be extended to everything else? IOW, no one should pay any taxes (consent to theft) until everyone in the country has agreed or are we a nation of preferred races with distinct privileges? (rhetorical question)

  4. On Tuesday Scheer called for the blockades to be removed, and the protesters where just a small number of eco-radicals.
    His statement was roundly trashed by the sock monkey but on Friday he changed his tune admitting the blockades had to come down.
    I expect by next week, maybe next Thursday the liberals will be making the shocking discovery that there could be a small number of eco-radicals attempting to co-opt the blockades. The minister that is supposed to be responsible will advise the RCMP is investigating no further comment, ongoing investigation etc etc.

    1. small number of eco-radicals attempting to co-opt the blockade AKA the kliberal government

  5. A seriously broken “confederation” with a government of mental defectives led by a corrupt fool.

  6. New borders will be redrawn over this debacle. They will follow according to each group’s of citizens beliefs for what’s “right and wrong”, affinity for our rights as natural laws and our thought processes.
    Westerners aren’t made of the same stuff the Quebec shakedown artists are.
    We don’t think the same as Ontarians when it comes to relying on the government for support and/or their lackluster attitude of this Librano government.
    Eastern Canadians are into what’s in it for them within Confederation and vote accordingly….
    South Western BC are full of boutique greenies, Chicoms and socialists.
    I am glad its Trudeau who has lit the fuse. It is a Laurentian sponsored soy boy who will “burn this bitch to the ground”.
    I can hear Librano balls shrinking.
    They have no answer for this Frankenstein monster they’ve created nor have the guts to fix this.
    LMAO and enjoying the popcorn.

    1. They’re doing what all LIEberals do…….deflect and blame others, while doing nothing to resolve the problem.
      “It’s up to Ontario PP”
      “It’s up to the chiefs”
      “We’ve exhausted our efforts”
      “We don’t order the RCMP what to do”

      This is a stand-off that will endure for some time yet. The premiers better not get suckered into doing Groper’s dirty work. Everyone has a false expectation that the blockades will end because Trudope wished it so, and nothing more.

      Real damage to the economy needs to occur for this country to wake up to the fact that Groper is an incompetent, weak, ineffectual,, damaging asshole that doesn’t care about the Middow Clath!

      It’s not about wanting the damage, rather it’s an inevitable outcome to his total lack of leadership. Blockade ON! Burn it all down!

      1. Groper? How about the entire political class in Canuckistan?
        It’ll last until the first folks die from some stupidity, like no propane heat in the local hospital or old folks home. Somehow “muh house” don’t cut it. The Big One hanging over our heads is COVID-19, coming to a city near you. Actually, it’s already here.

  7. It sure would be interesting to do an Audit on the Trudeau Foundation to find out whom are the pay for play are lobbying this Liberal Gov’t. We might get a real surprise!!! I see a lot of Canadians talk about the USA and Trump TO BAD they don’t pay attention to TRUDEAU. Trump is doing great things for the American people putting them back to work and bringing company’s back to America…NOT LIKE SOMEONE NAMED TRUDEAU killing CANADA AS WE KNOW IT!!! When Trudeau hires people that worked for Tides, WWF and Green Peace…WHAT the H*LL do we expect from this Soros, Iran loving turn coat Trudeau!!

    1. The Chinese are putting money into the Trudeau Foundation:


      Justin was more than happy to give money to American-funded anti-Canadian oil groups:


      This is all further proof that anyone but Canadians call the shots around here.

  8. Rykehaven,
    I have ancestors from the Plymouth Colony that fought & died in King Phillips war… The Indians were eventually wiped out. The French (Quebec) and the British both encouraged and supported the Indians…..

    My ancestors where Quakers that took up weapons (despite the Hollywood baloney) and defended their farms and families… They fought in the War of independence, and on both sides during the Civil War…My side of the family spread from Plymouth Colony to Vermont and then Canada… They were Quaker Colony farmers who followed the opening of free land….creatures of opportunity…..

    “John Rogers of Marshfield, Ma”

    The Problems in Canada are not Just political, but a 97% Judicial failure of the Rule of Law….The SCOC is incompetent …When you abolish the rule of Law, Canada no longer has a reason to exist… Enforcing Court Orders is the function of the Court … They are pitiful clowns

    1. Crimeny! My family are interloping newcomers compared to your lineage. My Swedish ancestors settled in Erie PA … long after it was cleared of “hostiles”. And now my children … their great-great grandchildren are going to have to fight the “hostiles” all over again. In the courtrooms. In the boardrooms. In the banks. In the public pensions.

  9. My Grandfather fought at Vimy! I asked him how did the Canadians take the Ridge when all our Allies failed! His answer was short “Farm Boys”!! It looks like we might have to take another Ridge!

    1. I was a young man when I heard turdo the previous say, “The family farm is inefficient. We will support agribusiness.” That was the moment I first realized he was my enemy.
      The most important product of the family farm is resourceful young men of independent mind. Exactly what the turdos of this world don’t want.
      Young women too I guess. Though most of the farm girls that I loved, were a bit too independent minded for me.

  10. The greatest thing that Jefferson came up with (along with the help of his cousin Randolph) in the Declaration of Independence was that our rights come from God and not the government or a so called divine right king. The modern progressives , since they don’t believe in God, have regressed back to the divine right of kings. They believe that all rights come from the government. This is the modern road to tyranny.

    1. I agree, you cannot imagine the stunned looks I get, when someone claims that Canadian’s don’t have this right or that. (Generally 2nd amendment stuff)

      I respond by telling them, my ‘Rights’ are not gifts, begrudgingly given by politicians, nor by red robed thieves in Ottawa.

    1. Justin’s friends and advisors knew the blockades were coming.

      Justin wants the Ford government to take the political heat from the police getting in scuffles with the Mohawks

      Ford is rightly doing nothing to fix a mess team Trudeau encouraged.

  11. Ten or 11 years ago Glen Beck warned FNC viewers about many of the things that are happening today. “Leadnow”, “Tides” etc. — there are many– everything points to Agenda 21. You know the rest.

  12. Why is everyone afraid oif violence? This is cowardice. If there is vgiolence while enforcing the law, it is lies on the law breakers.

    1. Robert, it was not that long ago that One of the Republican Ladies was scheduled to speak @ UofA and hired a Canadian Security detail… When the Ottawa police refused to provide security the event was cancelled… The Canadian Private Security was nothing but wimps on 911 phones …. Limp & worthless

      Yes Canadians are afraid of any kind of (verbal or Physical) Violence, or the making of citizen arrests

  13. – And on Yahoo News just now, Little Potato is demanding that the barricades come down……

    1) who’s he demanding it of? – the natives, who could care less, or one of the forces in Canada that he “supposedly” “controls”, that can make it happen whether the natives go along with it or not?

    2) Why’s he waited so long? Realizing he’s been on vacation for the last four months and couldn’t be disturbed, he coulda’ taken a few minutes between cuba libres at poolside to demand this.

    3) Why didn’t the REAL Prime Minister, Chrystia Freelebensraum, demand this weeks ago? Hadn’t he given her any authority? And if not, why not? Didn’t he trust her with any power? Or did he just forget? And…

    4) What’ll he do if the natives, who could care less, ignore him? Will he demand again, louder? Throw a temper tantrum? Break things? Waste tax dollars? Lie some more? Hold his breath til his face turns blue? { – which I realize, would be a nice change from blackface…} Or will he just say “Oh well…” and go back on vacation?

    1. The native Warriors are all “made men”.
      If the authorities move on the Belleville blockade there will be resistance and the cops will be left with few options.
      When one of the “warriors” gets put in the pen, the unwritten rule of untouchable applies.
      But in spite of what happens to the warriors the useful idiots will be counted on to go into fits on que about police brutality when the first arrest takes place. Then the cops get thrown under the bus, unless they where smart enough to get an assurance from the sock monkey that he will let the police do their job without repercussions. This is the great poker game now.
      The blockades know the cops won’t move against them until Justin promises not to throw them under the bus. The cops know this as well. Justin knows that if he orders the cops to move they won’t do it until he assures them publicly they can do their jobs without being sacrificed.
      The longer the blockades continue the weaker he looks with liberals fulminating that his step father would have taken care of this long ago.

      He made this mess, he has to clean it up.
      What might be of interest is who in cabinet might be making leadership moves.

    1. “Mission accomplished Gerry, way to go!” “Thanks, Justin, just doing my job.” “Speaking of jobs, Justin, how about one right here….. oh baby………”

      1. PET would be so proud of his son right now….. And Mo Strong would be, too.

    2. “On Friday, Teck released disappointing fourth quarter results, saying global economic uncertainty negatively impacted commodity prices.”

      So that’s it. It’s all Trump’s fault. Obviously.

    1. Anything that affects Quebec is dealt with. As for flyover country, well, who cares? We’re just a bunch of racist deplorables, aren’t we?

  14. I’m not surprised Teck pulled the plug. It was an iffy project on a number of fronts at this time and no corporation want’s a public confrontation.

    It was apparent that the libranos had little interest in approving Teck so this is a big win for them. I expected them to delay but this really gets them off the hook.

    Alberta looses.

    1. Alberta looses.

      That was the objective all along. It was never about the environment.

      It goes back to when Alberta “disrespected” PET by tossing out in 1972 Liberal MPs that were elected in ’68. He was determined to teach Alberta a lesson it would never forget and Prinz Dummkopf wanted to finish the job.

      1. Albertans disrespected the Laurentian elite in 1935 by electing the Socreds. They were never forgiven for so blatantly defying Bay Street.

  15. Asking politely did not work. Maybe this will help.

    Government asking for an extra $2.1 billion for Indigenous programs

    (posted Feb 21, 2020 on CBC)

    A couple of snips:

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is asking Parliament to spend an additional $2.1 billion on Indigenous programs and initiatives, above and beyond what MPs already have approved.

    One of the bigger items in the supplementary estimates would forgive $919 million in debt that Indigenous groups across Canada accumulated while they participated in comprehensive land claims negotiations.

    The government announced in its budget last year that it would repay or forgive $1.4 billion in loans the government gave Indigenous communities — many of them in British Columbia — to allow them to participate in land claims negotiations.

    Among other things, the government is proposing an additional $52.9 million for the RCMP for First Nations Community Policing Services and $1.2 million for Library and Archives Canada to help it preserve Indigenous culture and language recordings.

    But, but. I thought they want the RCMP to go away.