The Mind-Numbing Grappling Hold of the MSM has been broken

SDA regular may recognize this quote:

Until this moment I have been forced to listen while media and politicians alike have told me “what Canadians think”. In all that time they never once asked. This is just the voice of an ordinary Canadian yelling back at the radio – “You don’t speak for me.” – Catherine McMillan

You may be repeatedly reminded of her words when you watch this:

10 Replies to “The Mind-Numbing Grappling Hold of the MSM has been broken”

  1. More simply put, a large portion of the Left projects onto any opposition the perverse applications that they, themselves, apply. Sprinkle in a nice wad of narcissism, and…there you go.

  2. His whole “rant’ on this could just as easily have been against “Mother Hen and her Chicklets” right here in Canada: CBC , ctv, global, red star, g&m etc.

    In fact, I think our MSM is about as disgustingly Far left Woke as it gets.
    They’ve been at it for decades…and it sure as shit is in fact indoctrination. Nice to know that supposedly their (CBC), viewership sits at 6%.

    Am loving hearing and seeing folks like Gervais and Fox throwing their BS right back at em. Keep it going boyos..!!

  3. I was thinking about this last week when a story popped up in the National Post about the current GG.
    The column was less informative and mostly an attempt to influence.
    I won’t make a statement about her suitability to the job as the point here is that the media has stopped doing what it’s mandate is and have chosen a side.

  4. Yeah, reminds me of when the Toronto Red Star ended its comments section (i.e., “yelling back”).

    I predicted that this was pretty much the end of the Star, and until PM Jolson opened that slush fund, I was right. Now, it will take a bit longer, but its inevitable: if I’m not allowed to “yell back”, why would I waste a minute of my semi-retired time, and give them a click?

    Seriously bad business model, but hey, I’m just right-wing capitalist, not a rich left-wing clod suckled on the Atkinson Principles:

    Current TorStar stock:

    0.43 CAD +0.010
    Jan. 22, 12:19 p.m. EST

  5. A bit off topic, but did Blackie Trudeau keep painting his face with shoe polish because Sophie has jungle fever?

  6. Can Ahh Duh has already admitted that the Media has lost public trust,public patronage and favour.
    When they announced $660 million taxpayers dollars to save the media that says good things about them.
    They openly acknowledged that citizens no longer value our presstitutes services enough to pay a penny for them.
    Now the rush to brand all criticism as “hate speech” only highlights how badly they are feeling this loss.
    Censoring words is hopeless,for the English language has so many workarounds.
    Our parasitic overlords are so committed to their theft and treason that they will accomplish what no conservative government ever could.
    The collapse and outright rejection of government “help”.
    Bankruptcy is Can Ahh Duh’s future.
    WEXIT while we still can.

  7. note our beloved and respected Kate is a PIONEER in this regard.
    p.s, Cal Jones: ‘pm jolson’. ha ha ha !!!! good one !!!!

  8. The left has been upset since the interweb has interrupted the gatekeeper monopoly of journalism school grads in corporate and state run media. Fortunately for them, the constant movement of the so-called centre to the left, has made it easier to label anyone with a differing opinion or speaking in opposition to the narrative as “extreme”. A typical “journalist” will introduce a story about any and every study by the Centre for Policy Alternatives without any adjectives. The same “journalist” will introduce the Fraser Institute as a “right wing think tank” if, in the rare situation they give them any coverage at all.