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  1. Those are reparation plastics, so don’t count on the social justice meter, according to their licensing division department.

  2. Here’s an idea … how about spending all those $ Trillions devoted to “studying” Climate Change and spend it actually CLEANING UP THE PLANET!! Actually DOING something. Not BANNING Starbucks straws … but cleaning up the problem at its shitty, shithole, source?!

    I am an Environmentalist. One who CARES about the natural environment, and always … “packs it in … and packs it out”. I don’t leave a discernible footprint in the wilderness. And like a backpacker, I am efficient, light, and nimble. No wasted effort. No wasted resources. The global warming industrial complex is wasteful. Useless.

    Capitalism is the SAVIOUR of the planet. Our WEALTH keeps our country clean. “We built that” … that clean country. Our tax dollars earned from our CONSUMER society built that. Our culture built that. A culture that doesn’t like like pigs in the dirt. And when the UN, via the Paris Accord and others, further excuses the PIGGERY of the countries mapped above … the UN is our planet’s ENEMY. Socialism, Communism, Marxism are our planet’s ENEMY. Pig cultures are the Planet’s ENEMY.

    I am SHOCKED that this articles TRUTH is out.

  3. This article is true, but it will not stop the Social Justice Warriors from continuing to FIGHT AGAINST EVIL PLASTICS AND ALL THOSE WHO USE THEM. After all, they are saving the planet, or so they “think” – actually FEEL.

    1. Whilst paddling around in their plastic boats and wearing their plastic clothes, and taking pictures of themselves on their plastic phones.

      Wonderful stuff, that plastic.

  4. Plastic is not our problem…..global warming is no longer our problem either……USA’s CO2 emissions are back where they were in 1995…..Left up to us, CO2 levels would be back to 360, where they were in 1995


    It’s amazing to me people fall for it…..CO2 causes global warming..that’s going to destroy the planet
    ….and over 150 developing countries get to spew as much as they want….and all the liberals act like it’s putting arsenic in the air
    They all give it away….when they quote emissions as GDP….global warming doesn’t care how much money you make
    Even the most whacked out liberal can’t possibly believe it

      1. Canada exports coal to China and India, where virtually all the emissions growth resides, yet our PM is ok with that.

        But not pipelines, who has nowhere near the emissions, or actual pollution, even when double counted as our PM does.

  5. To virtue signal his environmental bona fides , P.M. Justin Trudeau should do an exploratory canoe(no C02 emitting petroleum) trip down the Nile and Niger rivers. While lecturing Africans on their obligation to Gaia not to spew plastic pollution into the river.

    Muslims being lectured to by the kuffar leader, might give rise to some security “issues”. So he should have Climate Barbi, M-103’s Iqra Khalid and Minister of Consular Affairs, Algahabra, and Min. of Irregular Migrants, Ahmed Hussen to applaud his speeches. Min. of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale and Min. of Border Security, Bill Blair and Chrysta Freeland Min. of Global Affairs could be his security team.

    Opposition Leader, Andrew Scheer plans to visit India soon. So he could, likewise, canoe up the Ganges tossing flower petals and deplore the plastic refuse dumped into the river by Indians. This 6 months before their national elections. I’m sure they’d be suitably impressed.

    Given that a year after being elected leader, most Canadians have never heard of him, and polling support for him being Prime Minister is much lower than support for Justin Trudeau. As long as he doesn’t try dancing in the canoe and fall into the Ganges river. Such a trip shouldn’t affect his polling in Canada, too much.

    If both of them don’t make it back to Canada in time for the October 2019 fed. election:

    Well, the Liberals could run an empty chair in Trudeau’s place. Hardly, anyone would notice.

    The Conservatives could then run a empty blue chair, so the voters could differentiate the two parties.

    1. Just as with the Global Warmist explorers sailing into the Arctic to film evidence of melted summer ice end up stuck in the massive ice floes … so too … would PMPippiLongstocking get stuck innfloes of plastic in the Nile.

  6. The fact that one discarded plastic straw in North America can affect several more in other parts of the world is definite proof of quantum entanglement.

    If you don’t believe me, as (post-national, sharia-compliant, gender-balanced, carbon-neutral Soros vassal) Canada’s national expert on quantum computing. He has all the answers about that sort of thing, doesn’t he?

    1. @603 B A
      ” He has all the answers…etc”

      Yes, and he has the staff… like the ‘Goddess of Weather’ and that Minister of External Aff’airs, our Negotiator par Excellence.

        1. ▪@ 9:33 B A
          Would venture to say that Climate Barbie, the Goddess of Weather, would never qualify to be at your Table, the Mensan Table. (Probably others too, here) All McKenna has to do is memorize and repeat pre-written dialogue. She must be on auto-pilot, full time.

          For the record, you have full credit for the ‘Goddess of Weather’ label. I believe you coined this last Spring.

          To credit Mark Steyn: the following…
          “Hysterical queens like Gordon Brown are demanding we introduce global taxation, micro-regulation of every aspect of your life, massive multi- trillion transfers from the productive sector to eco-rackets and transnational bureaucracies, bovine flatulence levies and extraterrestrial surveillance of once sovereign states on the basis of fevered speculations for which there is no raw data.”

          As reproduced from January 1, 2018 @ 10:55 am by Sid Vicious who said that he always liked this summary from Steyn’s column ” The Dog Ate My Tree Rings.”

          Oh, how true!

          1. All McKenna has to do is memorize and repeat pre-written dialogue. She must be on auto-pilot, full time.

            Climate Barbie acts like someone who’s still stuck in her high school student council days and can’t understand why most of the world doesn’t take her seriously.

  7. As I understand it most recycling materials gathered in North America are shipped overseas to China to be processed. I understand that Europe sends most of its waste to India.

    So do these countries simply dump our waste into the ocean?

    So in addition to spending a great deal of time and money in collecting, sorting and shipping this waste we do not actually accomplish anything in regards to dealing with the waste?

    1. It was until last year when China tightened its standards on importing plastic for recycling. Now it mostly goes to Philippines and Africa. All western plastic recycling and dumping could have been avoided if we used high temperature incineration, but the ENGOs oppose that.

      1. cgh, you are rite in that unrecyclable plastics should be burned. But recycling that stuff is not hard, and there is NO reason to send it abroad. I know, I started up and run a recycling plant. Who ever thought of shipping the stuff is an idiot, and didn’t/doesn’t understand recycling.PERIOD!!!

        1. It is uneconomic and environmentally worse to recycle much of what is being recycled today. “It makes sense to recycle commercial cardboard and some paper, as well as selected metals and plastics,” J. Winston Porter, a former official at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), told The New York Times. “But other materials rarely make sense … The zero-waste goal [outlined by cities like New York and Seattle] makes no sense at all – it’s very expensive with almost no real environmental benefit.”

          1. Agreed, Joey. There’s only one thing truly worth recycling and that’s metals, particularly aluminum in typical household waste. The rest: incinerate the lot at high temperature like a cement kiln. Even paper recycling, the economic value is marginal.

  8. The amount of plastic litter from America is tiny when compared to that coming from other nations Africa and Asia yet if you pass out plastic straws in SANTA BARBRA you get six months in jail which proves these modern day Eco-Wackos are total idiots

  9. @ 545 pm Kenji
    Thumbs up… for the PM Pippi Longstockings ref !!!


  10. Hey SWJs, time to give up your iPhones. They have too much plastic, heavy metals, aren’t really recyclable, and most people don’t dispose of them properly when they break or when they buy a new one. Oh and I almost forgot, Apple makes obscene profits.

    1. … obscene profits on the backs of Chinese wage slave labor, polluting with impunity, and payoffs to the Communist Chinese.

  11. Not surprised. A few years ago we visited the sky walk at the west rim of the Grand Canyon, there were three Chinese ladies in front of us on a trail when one of them finished off her bottle of water and threw it on the ground! I was infuriated considering there was a garbage can right in front of them. So I picked it up ran up to her, handed it back to her and chewed her out while waving my hand in an arch at the scene below us of one of the greatest wonders of this world and told her not to visit Canada, then pointed at the garbage can. Not sure if she understood a word I said, but she got the drift. No respect!

    1. If they can examine the composition of said patch, why can’t they just run a really large fishing net around it and tow it to shore?

  12. Perverted, clannish, miserly, and as utterly convinced they are a master race fated to rule the world and enslave its inhabitants as they are indifferent to the fate of outsiders, whom they regard as little better than cattle.

    The Chinese are the Jews Hitler warned you about.

  13. Dumped in the oceans, the plastic is expected to last forever, right?


    What happens is, the actions of waves and salts rubbing on the plastic breaks it down into smaller and smaller pieces. When they reach a certain size, they can be, and are, eaten by tiny plankton like critters that eat any hydrocarbon, such as oil (oil has leaked into the oceans for a long time, critters have evolved to eat it) and things made from oil, such as plastic. Result, when scientists looked for plastic said to be in the ocean, they discovered far less than expected, and noticed that there were no particles smaller than that one certain size, since once they reached that size they were immediately eaten. Thus, plastic in the ocean is not forever.

    Note, during and after WWII, the oceans were covered in an almost universal oil slick, due to the vast number of oil tankers and oil fueled ships sunk. So, if there were no oil eating critters, the whole oceans should have died, right, and they would still be covered in oil, right? They are not. There are places I know of where 1-2 tons of oil leak into the ocean from underground, naturally, and have for millions of years. Since oil was once composed of plants itself, it should not be a surprise that critters have evolved to eat it, after all, it is an energy source.

    Now, if plastic and oil were able to last forever in the oceans, the following would be true:
    1) The entire ocean would have been covered in oil long ago, the oceans would have died, and so would this planet (due to lack of oxygen from no plankton).
    2) The entire ocean would now be one huge floating plastic waste bin, and the scientists who went out to find the reported huge amount of plastic would have found an even huger amount of plastic, instead of what they did find, an almost plastic free ocean.
    3) A lot of people who can get great amounts of money, power, and prestige by shouting how the world is coming to an end would suddenly lose all that, as well as losing all that ability to virtue signal without end, and suddenly realize that, not only are they without the great virtue they think they have, in fact, they are pond scum and have been for a very long time. At least one study showed that people who think they are “saving the world” act more rotten to the actual people around them than other people, after all, they think they have earned it.

  14. The Pacific “Gyre” story is a total hoax. There is no state sized plastic blob in the Pacific Ocean. All of the
    photographs we have seen of boats in the middle of a pile of floating plastic were close up narrow-angle shots
    taken in Manila Harbor. I have personally looked up the location on Google Earth anyone with two brain cells
    in their noggin would expect to see some refraction on a mass of that size. This is a bigger hoax than
    Anthropomorphic global warming. This would not pass scrutiny with me and my classmates in our Jr, Hi
    science class! If the dork who took those photos turned 180 degrees, we would get a nice shot of a
    Philippine coastline.

    This is no different than heart-tugging images of Polar Bears clinging to floating ice in Alaska. Polar Bears are
    strong swimmers and they never lose sight of land. If they did, they really would be an extinct species.

  15. Make those nations that produce the most plastic litter to start cleaning it all up making plastic that can be recycled and make it more biodegradible in the oceans which dont means they should litter more just recycle 99% of it all i still cut up those beverage can collars