14 Replies to “Today In Islam”

  1. Gaza famine?? I suggested to Israel that they pump millions of 25 kg bags of rice, beans, and other stable products into Gaza so Hamas would lose all interest in trying to control food because it would be almost worthless. In no time they would be whining that Israel was causing obesity. The cost would be a tiny fraction of the cost of the war.

    1. VOWG
      Is Islam better or worst than, Joolenskyy, or RCC, the pedo church, or them Mega cults. You must be a kristian with all that hate.
      Heads up, yes there is bad Islamists, and they are being encouraged by the Urnolists, and UN scumbags, liberals, and demoKKKraps. Try keeping up wood ja!

      1. Islamists have undergone non stop indoctrination since birth – some of them might have been nice people, but I’m afraid I’d never fully trust any of them.

      2. Islam may be worse than all of those. It may even be worse than your spelling.

      3. why yes. a “religion” that calls for its followers to rape, pillage, murder and enslave to show their devotion to their “God”. and they have been doing it for 1400 years. yes, its true, we have a lot of hate for muslims, but muslims have been the cause of it.

  2. Muslims have destroyed Sweden now England, Germany and are now targeting Canada. The end is near

    1. When Sweden was being praised for its much more moderate Covid response, including not closing schools and churches and not mandating the bio weapon injection, I opined that it was due to fear of their huge muslim population. Bingo, if I may say so myself.

  3. The LIE that never goes away.
    ‘High risk of famine in Gaza persists’