Poverty Sucks

Quelle surprise that more and more Canadians are coming to the conclusion that changing the weather 200 years into the future is not worth a life of penury. Most of us at SDA came to that conclusion the moment carbon taxes were introduced, but it’s too bad it has taken this long for enough Canadians to realize that this was never a win/win proposition to begin with.

Now, when Canadians are asked to rank their top concerns, the top spot is a duel between “economy” and “cost of living” — with climate change lucky if it can crack the top five.

Carbon pricing was broadly popular when Trudeau took office; one survey had 56 per cent of Canadians supporting a price on emissions. As support has dwindled, it’s dropped in almost perfect tandem with the rate of Canadians actually paying the carbon tax.

This was most dramatic in Atlantic Canada, where good feelings on carbon pricing screeched to a halt on July 1 when it became the country’s last region added to the federal carbon pricing scheme.

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  1. “British Columbia introduced a carbon tax in 2008. It came to an extra 7 cents a litre for gasoline (with a similar tax on other fuels as well). The “carbon tax” was to be cancelled out by lower taxes on other things — so that, overall, taxpayers are not paying more taxes.

    This statement was the lie that got the 56% support… now everyone is seeing that there isn’t a lowering of other taxes, just more taxes upon taxes because the government is a voracious consumer of tax funds.

    1. The fact that anybody, let alone 56% of the population believed that is a damning indictment of citizens. That should have been a test, and if you bought it, you can’t vote because you are too stupid.

    2. Even before TurdHole came along, the price for regular gasoline was hitting 175.9/litre in the BC Lower Mainland. At the same time in Calgary it was around 89.9/litre. This was due to Vancouver and the surrounding municipalities soaking the public to pay for mass transit.

  2. The next lie is the concept of surveys. Very few modern governments want bad news, being run by childish, arrogant, self-entitled, narcissistic, ideologically driven idiots. So survey companies, just like the quisling media, deliver exactly what the governments want to hear, and do so until it becomes impossible to hide the obvious. He that pays the piper calls the tune. And he that calls the tune does not want to hear a sour note, ever, or he stops paying for the tune.

    And of course, people that present facts in emails, or phone messages, or texts that contradict the narrative are ignored or get an automatic response or a polite word of faux acknowledgement from an assistant with zero interest and even less authority. Never let reality get in the way when a good fantasy will match your argument.

    1. I have secrets…
      Lots of secrets…
      Should I expose them?

      Not of your life as our current society and politicians would make my future a living hell.

      I have secrets…
      Lots of secrets…
      Believe me, much of current society is smoke and mirrors.

  3. At least the trudaeu administration was up front about it, and you’re seeing the resulting dissatisfaction relatively quickly. You see it every time you pay a gas, diesel, or electric bill.

    Down here in the states, our administration(s) is just going to keep borrowing hand over fist to accomplish the same goals, and we won’t realize how bad it is until we’re drowning in massive interest payments. We’re starting to have trouble treading water, but not drowned yet.

    1. Brandon, interest just took over as the largest single expenditure by government in the US at 1 trillion.. There is 10 Trillion to roll over from essentially 0% to 5% over the next year, adding another half trillion to that figure, and structural deficits of 2 trillion as far as can be seen. You are 20 feet under water with weights tied to your ankles and your air bottle is empty. You are drowning. Right now.

      1. The Americans won the cold war by basically bankrupting the Soviet Union. What’s happening ing the USA right now is a similar attempt to bankrupt the USA. Who is complicit in this effort?

    1. I harken back to when Lucien Bouchard exclaimed “Canada? Canada is not a country!” He was right. It’s too bad Quebec never separated.

    2. How many Canadians are there in reality? I see fewer of them almost daily, we are being rapidly replaced with “others”, for who’s benefit I do not know, as when what is, no longer is, those who are creating the problems will also be gone.

  4. It would be especially galling to learn how often China builds a new coal-fired power plant.

    You know, if the news reported it.

  5. Two things;
    1There has been an effective propaganda campaign that used fear and emotions to win support.
    2. People are very willing to support actions that have negative consequences for others while they receive benefits.
    I may add after the last 3 years,this should suprise no one.

  6. A lot of these ‘people’ would really hate part 2 of what was done to save Mother Gaia if they ever figured it out.

    Crazy conspiracy theorists….

  7. Maybe in another 20 years Canadians will figure out that humans and their CO2 contribution don’t control the weather. Am I an anthropogenic climate change “denier”? Yes, I am…in the same way I don’t think that human sacrifice, prayers to ancient gods or rain dances change the weather. All practices that humans once believed had influnce over weather, climate and crop growth. Our ancient ancestors must have naively believed the “experts” and their all powerful leaders too.

  8. As stupid as they are, find me a Canadian who wants a longer and colder winter.
    I think you’ll have a tough time.
    Add ‘and be poorer’ to the statement.

    If you truly believe that we can affect a change then you must be onside with the outcome.

  9. I said at the outset that brainwashed people would be all in favor of “fighting climate change” just as long as it didn’t impact their own financial wellbeing.

    But that was the whole point of carbon taxes – keep raising the price of fossil fuels until people can’t afford them. The Liberals & NDP both campaigned on this, and were elected anyway. Somehow their supporters must have thought that someone else would pay the costs, they themselves never would.

    These are people who can vote, and who can breed. That’s my biggest worry.

  10. “Carbon pricing was broadly popular when Trudeau took office; one survey had 56 per cent of Canadians supporting a price on emissions”

    Two words. Bull Shit.