There Goes The Narrative

The white supremacists are on the march.

Lucy yanks again.

U.S. Park Police identified the driver as Sai Varshith Kandula, 19, of Chesterfield, Missouri, noting that he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, threatening to kill / kidnap / inflict harm on a president, vice president, or family member, destruction of federal property, and trespassing.

And it’s all too much for Reuters.

24 Replies to “There Goes The Narrative”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it?! We just had a mass shooting in TX where the brown-skinned Mexican, Murderer had NAZI flags and white supremacist paraphernalia… and now we have some rando brown-skinned, Hindu Indian from MO declaring murderous intent on Joe Bidinh … and surprise surprise! He’s carrying a Nazi flag.

    FBI Puhleeze!?

    Oh! Where is the Bidinh cabal having trouble finding Nazi flags? Yeah … in the white community.

  2. The flag looks planted. And the mug shot of the driver yeah s reams of white supremacist! 🙂

  3. So do we assume the flag was one of Biden’s from the days he was allied with the Dixiecrats trying to put down the N-Words.

    1. Too funny. I love that meme. And with it … acknowledgement that the FBI is a JOKE.

  4. Haven’t the media been telling us for a while that a POC can also be a white supremacist?

  5. Am I the only one finding this whole white supremacist wannabe thing hilarious?

    What is so good about being a white supremacist that even non-white people want to be one? What am I missing?

    Maybe Dave Chappelle knows…

    1. I’ve been told that “white-adjacent” is just as bad as “white” … so there’s that

  6. If you look closely enough, you’ll see somewhere the side of the flag,,, little tag that says, “Property of the FBeye”. and another tag that says, “Please Recycle” !

  7. So how does a 19 yo rent a truck? THought all the rental places required you be at least 21. Or was it 25?

    1. OTOH … he sure attacked that gate with all the experience of a 19 yo. Unable to negotiate the driveway turn in his 25ft box truck … the teen hit the curb before he unsuccessfully rammed the gate at 5mph and did no damage.

      And how was this kid not riddled with bullets? Ashly Babbit was murdered in cold blood for far less an aggression.

      This just reeks of yet another false flag event.

  8. Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper
    BREAKING: Apparently a Nazi flag has been pulled from the cab of a U Haul truck that rammed the security barrier at Lafayette Square near White House [andy: a piece of evidence that the cops have thoughtfully displayed on the road]

    “CBS affiliate WUSA recorded and photographed the scene as police removed a Nazi flag from the car and unfurled it on the ground.”

    The Redheaded libertarian @TRHLofficial
    Everyone knows the first thing you do at a crime scene is tamper with the evidence to display it for a photo op.

  9. There’s something fishy about this story, a ’false flag’ operation if there ever was one. And they can’t even be bothered trying not to make it look obvious.

    1. Do these REALLY SPECIFIC charges (“threatening to kill/kidnap/inflict harm on a President, Vice-President or family member”) actually exist in the Criminal Code anywhere?

  10. Having someone on the right owning a Nazi flag is almost as likely as someone on the left not owning a pride flag.

    The Nazis were on the political LEFT – not the right despite the repeated lies from the controlled media.

  11. Given the name, perhaps he was just the vanguard of a Hindu Supremacist Organization?

  12. So the guy is a Hindu? Though his name is Hinduish, It would have been plausible to think he could be a muslim considering the nazis and muslims are on the same page regarding Jews. Anyway, a CNN commentator suggested it is a mental illness issue. So the point is moot.