Expect a New Wave of Pro-Vaccine Propaganda in the Coming Weeks!

Alex Berenson reports that Rochelle Walensky’s highly politicized and disgraced CDC is up to more no good:

The CDC hits a new low

(I didn’t think it was possible either.)

But yesterday the Centers for Disease Control, America’s not-at-all-politicized public health agency, released a new study purporting to show that vaccination protects against Covid infection better than natural immunity. Of course, a wave of stories about the benefits of mRNA vaccination followed.

To do this, the CDC used some magic statistical analysis to turn inside raw data that actually showed almost four times as many fully vaccinated people being hospitalized with Covid as those with natural immunity – and FIFTEEN TIMES as many over the summer.

I kid you not.

Further, the study runs contrary to a much larger paper from Israeli researchers in August.

9 Replies to “Expect a New Wave of Pro-Vaccine Propaganda in the Coming Weeks!”

  1. If people who previously had Covid were dying or being hospitalized then the freaks and losers in the media would be howling about it along with their regular bullshit.

  2. Green, of the global media, is going to be sorry for a long time if he survives.
    He had on the program today a lawyer for four Alberta doctors.
    The lawyer really let it all hang out and cited a number of statistics and how the rulers manipulate numbers to make things a lot as in a lot badder (sic) than they actually are. He told an example.
    Green sounded as if he was sorry he got the guy to talk.

    The guy talked fast and Green could not keep up and silence the guy.
    I was a real fun to listen to on a radio knowing that there are more then me listening.
    This must have been the first time the media got a major pushback.
    Not gonna happen again, guaranteed.
    Heads will roll.

  3. Right on Lev.
    Green as part of Global is fed their narrative and thus pushes it HARD! QR and CHED has Shane Gannum on weekdays 9 to noon. Again the narrative! ‘Don’t confuse me with facts, I have had my mind made up for me.’
    I don’t listen much anymore since Danielle Smith departed. She had to leave because she looked for the other side and was willing to give them time.
    It was fun to hear Green trying to speak over the guest but the fellow was excellent. What he presented was totally believable.

  4. They have to up the volume and the extortion,time is running out.
    While they could deny the actions of Japan,India,Mexico through lying by omission,Florida has them in a panic.
    Nebraska threw a spike onto their trail last week and the Vaccines are failing so badly that not even CNN can spin it.
    And the peons are getting cranky,looking to their Bibles and Guns..
    Not a good time to be a helper..at least not one who has failed to adequately respond to a crisis they declared.

    We have seen what our government calls “Good Government” during a crisis.
    With help like what we have been treated to,we need no enemies.
    Government has demonstrated that they cannot protect and serve the citizens ,not even during a medical emergency,when they seize all power onto themselves and screw things up beyond all recovery..

    Not to belabour the point but we would have suffered less loss of wealth and lives if government had just stayed in their damn offices and closed the doors.
    The evidence is clear,their help has cost us more than a Spanish flu running unchecked.

  5. If kids get knocked off by this vaccine, which could happen, even liberal Karen Moms might get upset, that would totally upend the government’s pandemic.

    1. Liberal Karen Moms are fououououkkkked in the head

      they would blame climate change and the un vaxxed

  6. I wonder how many shots it will it take before people wake up to the fact that they do not work?