12 Replies to “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”

  1. In the game GTA V, part of the plot revolves around the FBI and the CIA (called the FIB and IEAA in the game) competing for funding and engaging in false flags in order to get said funding and be hailed as heroes.

    It is not a good sign when real life resembles a plot from a crime drama with satirical elements.

    1. Its actually the other way around.

      The FBI and CIA have been caught doing this so much in the real world that Rockstar *copied their idea*.

  2. Most of the plotters were FBI agents. They’re making the RCMP look good at this point.

  3. Remember any radical political organization (like the county GOP Party) that you are part of may have someone informing on you. Just like the Stasi, NKVD, Gestapo, or KGB.

    Easy tells for informants:
    They suggest your group to do iffy or potential criminal actions. How? They befriend the drunks, drug addicts, and mentally slow members, and try to get them to plan to do stupid and criminal actions. “Kidnap Gretchen!” How? When? Why? Where?
    They brag they can get the “good stuff,” for these plots like illegal guns, bombs, explosives.
    They are always pushing more radical actions. “Kidnap Gretchen!”
    They often have a criminal record, or are or have been involved in crimal activities. Hey, it’s nothing personal, they are just trying to stay out of jail by putting you into jail. It is called working off their case. They got caught, and now the law wants them to snitch. And they get paid too!
    Lifelong Friend? Army Buddy? Cousin? Joe’s buddy that suddenly is back in town? It doesn’t matter. They have a job, and you are it! They need to get you arrested and put in prison if they don’t want to go to prison.

    Remember the Malheur Wildlife Refuge? Half the people there were actually informants for various Federal and State Law Enforcement Agencies. It actually came out in court documents when they tried (very few of) the people that took over a Wildlife Refuge in the middle of Nowhere Oregon. I am surprised the CIA, DIA, and NSA didn’t have informants there too? Maybe they did? Maybe some smart guys were reporting to multiple agencies, and getting multiple paychecks?

    There are rumors that anyone at the Capitol on January 6, and is not indicted was actually a Fed informant or actual Federal Agent including most of the agent provacateurs riling up the mob. I think that is an exageration. Some of them merely ratted out their friends after January 6, to get better treatment.

  4. In a digital world its easy for the Powerful to make up identities (not to mention add shyte to suspect’s files) that are fool proof. I bet they often don’t know everyone on their own side. A built-in redundancy.

  5. Which makes it an FBI plot to kidnap the Governor.

    Does that mean the FBI is guilty of conspiracy to (arguably) commit treason against the State?

  6. Policy based evidence manufacturing..
    This is the default modis of the Bureaus..
    And you thought it only applied to “Climate Science”..

    Government needs a Hobgoblin,to frighten and threaten the Gullible.
    For Kleptocracy crashes and burns when the thieves are exposed..
    But using F.U.D..Fear Uncertainty and Doubt a government of thieves for the benefit of those thieves can last for decades..
    Until the ability to steal (borrow against the productive citizens credit) other peoples money runs out..As faith in the citizens willingness to pay vanishes..

    These “Law enforcement Agencies” are bureaus first and forever.
    They serve a far different master than the people forced to pay for their existence.

    Which is why we are building toward a “France 1778” crisis,because these fools and bandits rule,without care or responsibility,but their minions ensure no “organized” opposition can exist..So civil remedies fail,strangled at birth and waiting in the wings is that age old master..The Mob..
    Eventually the masses go mad and slaughter rules the day..

    Civilization,killed by those tasked with protecting its institutions.
    This Dread Covid Theatre has been a glorious revelation.
    Those social myths necessary for group confidence and cooperation are dead.
    Dead, hanged,gutted and being carved into cutlets.

    Really makes you wonder about the mentality of persons attracted to “Civil Service”,that they conspire to create the very conditions they were paid to prevent..

    “A republic,if you can keep it”..
    And we Canadians have been blessed living in the shadow of these rights freedoms and limited government..
    Now we are all naked before the malevolence of Greedy Evil bastards,who fear all and everything to the point they strive to control every breath we take..
    Kinda makes you wish their parents had taught them human values and personal responsibility..
    Oh well.
    What cannot go on,stops.

    The natural consequence of absolute government power,is everything fails.
    For those who produce, turn their faces to the wall and refuse..
    No force in the world can produce that creative energy that free men bring to creation.
    Time after time,”It just was not done right”.
    “This time we will get socialism right”.

    Never because such slavery is contrary to human nature.
    But parasites,even the two legged allegedly reasoning kind,gotta parasite.
    Theft and instant gratification are always attractive choices..To those who never developed.
    Stuck in the Terrible Twos?

  7. So if you are a member of the local “gun club” and some guy is advocating something outside the law call the cops. If he gets arrested his usefulness is ended, if he doesn’t he’s a Fibbie or a shill and you can run him out.