Popcorn time: Sit Back and Watch the Green Party’anistas Destroy Themselves!

Well, well, well, it turns out that not everyone is dreaming of rainbows and singing kumbaya in Green-land aka the upper echelons of the Canadian Green Party:

The turmoil, infighting and conflict plaguing the Green Party started just days after Annamie Paul was elected leader, CTV News has learned.

Green Party sources say Paul and the party clashed over her expected salary.

Last month former Green Party MP Jenica Atwin crossed the floor to the Liberal Party — an exit triggered by her opposition to Paul’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Soon after, six of 15 federal councillors voted to initiate a non-confidence process in a bid to remove Paul from her role as leader.

In a letter, the group described Paul as having an “autocratic attitude of hostility, superiority and rejection.”

Annamie Paul sounds like a real piece of work! How ironic is it that Paul is throwing endless identity politics charges against anyone who dares disagree with her. The circular firing squad that is destroying the Greens is priceless!

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  1. Obviously, the Greens were inspired by the Conservative Party.

  2. To quote Kermit the frog “it’s not easy being green”. The Party is a joke, a voice from the back of the pack with nothing to contribute.

    1. The Green Party has nothing to contribute because Trudeau is doing it for them.
      Putting someone in a power position because of skin colour, race, or gender has tanked the NDP and now the Green Party too while anybody who could possibly have any type of leadership skills have to stay quiet or the politicians and media monkey hammer them to quit or slink away.
      Can’t even appose the Gay flag in any municipality without having the media and all the other politicians dirty trick them into submission. Slapping hate charges on anyone that does. Meanwhile in the Middle East, they flattened a wall on top of any they catch…so the herd goes to Canada where they demanded their human rights horseshit.

    2. How can the charges against Paul be described as “sexist”? It’s done everything possible to erase every last remnant of femininity from its personage … its not identifiable as any particular sex …

  3. “Annamie Paul sounds like a real piece of work!”

    But, but, but … she is a designated victim.
    What’s yer problem?

    So then there is that.

  4. Well like the one Jew hating Green MP, Jew hating members are welcome in the Liberal Party. They have shown they will take anyone as long as they pledge allegiance to Teddy Bear.

    1. Yes, any criticism of Annamie Paul is–by definition–racist, sexist, homophobic (I assume she’s a lesbian), and above all ANTI-SEMITIC.

      No criticizing your Chosenite betters, goyim, or else …

  5. Not good news for conservatives in the coming election.
    Except that it reveals that virtue signaling about the environment is more about a belief system than a sober assessment of the science. Too bad O’Toole conceded on climate change instead of revealing that much of the activity on the left are policy choices masquerading as science. It would be a difficult idea to convey, but the country, Ontario especially, was primed to understand this as Covid policy moved from rigor to incoherence. It is now hard to see current Covid policy as anything but a means to hold onto illegitimately obtained power.

  6. Too bad. They steal votes from the ndp and libs, if the greens were stronger it would be better for the right.

    1. True. Ironically, Lizard May is everything that they criticize Paul for.

      But Lizard is a pale Green. The racists and nazis within the Greenie party can’t tolerate new Dear Leader, despite the same politics.

      Agreed with others, they are nuttier than squirrel shit, but, they have a useful purpose, by splitting the left vote an additional way. If the Greens go down, the Libs and Dips benefit, and that’s bad for everyone.

      We should be mischievous, applauding Paul, and backing her up, justifying the racism and bigoted attacks. It’s good strategy

  7. If you are foreseeing the end of the Green Party, just stop deluding yourself.

    What is at play here, is the same thing that you see when you try to convince someone you know that going to Cuba is not a good idea. No, they are not “helping the people directly”. All every tourist to Cuba has ever done, or ever will do, is feed the communist leviathan that is eating Cuba.

    It is the same dynamic at play, when you read a piece from someone you believed to be intelligent, where they talk about the FBI like it is still a law enforcement agency, like there is even the possibility that it could go after any Democrat like it did Trump.

    The paradoxes, inconsistencies, self contradictions; they are a feature, not a bug. The simple fact of the matter is, that when you point out they are not making sense, they laugh at you. Logic, reason, those are defences. They want everyone defenceless. In all conceivable ways. Making sense is beside the point.

  8. The left has consolidated their support for the Spawn / Butts basic dictatorship, the most tyrannical regime in Canadian history. It has all the attributes required from the green zealots, cultural Marxists, Palestinian supporters, apartheid supporters, identity politics lottery winners, and thanks to an unpopular NDP leader, white collar labour. This in itself is a guaranteed loss for the Conservatives and the dissolving base is a wonderful opportunity to send them a message that won’t affect the outcome. Canadian who think there is a benefit in voting left will eventually discover reality.

  9. Lets call a spade a spade.
    The Greens should change their name to the Anti-Semitic Racist Shit Show Party.
    The Libs can be the Globo-homo FU ROC Party.
    The NDP can be the Economically Pig-Ignorant Anti-Semitic Party.
    And the Conservatives can be…the Con Party.

    1. The cons could be the BlueLibs.

      Fencesitters. FlipFloppers. TwoFaced Shortpants party

  10. Sorry, but a bunch of Conservatives gloating over troubles in the Green Party seems like the height of hypocrisy, to me. The right is currently LOST in this country, an absolute embarrassment of confused ideologies, conflicting loyalties and shitty two-faced leaders. We have no right to fucking gloat about anything.

    Unlike many emotional posts I have read here over the years, I have never been embarrassed to be a Canadian, but I sure find myself ashamed to admit I am a Conservative, these days.

    1. Like anything our politicians touch turns to shit.
      But the keep doing it over and over.
      True insanity masked as our reality.

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha…

    A Nothing burger party with a black nothing burger anti semetic Lesbian Commie racialized ZUMA like trough feeder at the helm….”I DEMAND more ya lowly slobs..!!”

    It could not happen ANY OTHER way – It’s by DESIGN.
    Clearly illustrating how & why every black run African country is typically an utter shit-show of corruption & despair.

    1. You are a good man, steakman. Good, smart, and truthful. More power to you.

  12. The Conservative party worked as a potential governing party in Canada only under a rare combination of circumstances: a united right under a strong leader, Liberals infighting and electing a series of weak leaders, a strong NDP with a solid base of support in more than one province, and an emerging Green party. The Liberal strategy of consolidating and coopting the left has worked remarkably well despite the obvious deficiencies in their leadership group. In the absence of those rare conditions there is really no chance for a party on the right, especially one that has repudiated their own base. But even if they hadn’t they wouldn’t win now. Which is amazing given the Liberal record.

  13. so she isn’t smart enough to have purged the May loyalists when she assumed leadership of the party, and put her own loyalists in place?

  14. Trudeau’s media needs to beat down the Green support in the hope that their voters will go to the Liberals.

    They would hide this if there wasn’t an election in the air.

  15. “ autocratic attitude of hostility, superiority and rejection.”

    Sounds like most of the lefties I know. “My stool doesn’t stink” runs deep.

  16. “Well like the one Jew hating Green MP, Jew hating members are welcome ….”

    It seems endemic to the whole party of three. Paul Manly, son of former MP Jim Manly, didn’t fall far from the tree. Manly Senior got a drubbing from Israeli commandos as I recall, who helicoptered down to the ship bringing embargoed cargo to Gaza.

    He whined and complained for a long time afterward and I suspect Junior Manly has never forgotten it.