Social Disease

From Zuck to Yuck;

His free speech views faded when they became a threat, rather than a boon, to his bottom line. Now, rather than being seen the way he wants to be, as an open-minded entrepreneur and even a potential presidential candidate, Zuckerberg finally stands exposed as a leading member of the new techno-aristocracy manipulating the world and shaping our society to fit their own world view, while getting ever richer in the process.

18 Replies to “Social Disease”

  1. In other words, now Zuck’s services to the cause of overthrowing President Trump are no longer needed, he’s just another capitalist to be expropriated, so his firm’s assets can be sold at a fraction of fair value to fronts of the Chinese Communist Party.

    I admit it couldn’t happen to a nicer man.

    “Techno-aristocrat?” They must have confused Zuckerberg with the Winklevoss brothers. All Zuck has ever been is a professional intellectual property thief.

    That’s all the giants of Silicon Valley are. If they can’t buy you out for a fraction of what they know your concept is potentially worth, they’ll just steal it.

  2. If any moral person could have shut off Hitler’s microphone in the 1930s, they would have.

    1. I bet your mother thinks you’re hilarious.

      Donald Trump was the first true friend of the Jews, and of Israel, to sit in the Oval Office. He was NOT a friend of American globalists with names like Bloomberg, Zuckerberg and Emhoff, who only pretend to be Jewish so they can smear any critics as anti-Semites—and flee to Israel if their pet thugs ever turn on them.

      In Israel, the name of Trump is a blessing. The name “Reform Jew” is a synonym for “traitor.” American globalists of Jewish ancestry are, at this stage, a bigger threat to Israel than Hamas would ever be without the assistance of Wall Street and Hollywood.

    2. If a moral person could have prevented the crushing sanctions of the Treaty of Versailles, no shutting off of microphones would have been necessary.

      1. There were no crushing sanctions.

        The United States, twice, loaned the German governments the money to pay France, UK.
        And then offered to renegotiate.
        Furthermore, crushing was not fixible no matter what amount of credit, on any terms.

        The real German, French, Low lands, eastern Europe, Itally economies were physically ruined. A generation of able men, boys, leadership, intelectual talent lay in graves. Paper doesnt cure killing off half your 20 year olds.
        So, regardless Europe, Germany had to suffer. Although Berlin stole, griffted, coked out fine on US credit.

        Germany had just about recovered when the little guy took over. Pity.
        I believe the last of interwar German debts were paid off in the last ten years.

        1. The Dawes Plan? The Young Plan? They did very little. The war quilt clause, the loss of territory and colonies, the French occupation of the Ruhr, the Bolsheviks stirring up trouble in Germany, etc etc etc. The perfect formula for providing a support system for somebody that said they had the answer. Sure, Berlin did fine. But the NSDAP headquarters was in Munich, with Berlin being held as an example of decadence that was unbecoming of a German peoples.
          It’s alway more complicated than just “If only I had a time machine and killed that guy”. “That Guy” never emerges organically. Whether its Adolf, or Greta Thunberg, they are all manufactured and the face of something else.

    3. So you advocate killing someone now if you suspect they will do bad things in the future?

      In other words, you advocate murder.

  3. On the Peter Schiff fan page on Facebook, yesterday someone posted that common meme showing lumber prices in 2020 versus 2021. No comment was attached. Facebook fact-checked it with the message that the run-up in lumber prices was due to Covid, not Biden. They’re openly shilling for Biden now.

  4. If Trump truly failed at anything, it was his decision to play footsie with legacy and social media instead of fighting hard to limit their obscene powers to control public perception. He should have given the middle finger to both Twitter and Facebook long before they even had a chance to do it to him. Trump definitely has a rather large ego and I believe it distorted his priorities in dealing with these social media giants.

    As for Harper shuttering the CBC? What an absolute fantasy that one is. He never had the balls, he never even showed the desire, he had nowhere near the political capital to spend and I seriously doubt he even had the solid support of his trough-feeding members, let alone a majority of ignorant Canadians. Harper was far too happy stroking CBC dicks with one hand to even think of dropping an axe on their necks with the other. The simple, unquestionable fact remains that not only did Harper not shut down the CBC, he never even made an effort.

  5. Just another creepy oligarch running another corporate example of the institutional left. The world would be better off without him and his techno-bait for the mindless but the mindless must be titillated even if it means being herded in bovine splendor through chutes run by leftist activist degenerates.

  6. The politicians we elect in a democracy is a huge crap shoot and all we can do is complain to no avail.

    1. All politicians will disappoint. One that has the spine to stand up to the bureaucrats does not exist. It is easier to let the bureaucrats run wild than to rein them in. Jason Kenny verbally confirmed he didn’t see the need to interfere with AHS; making us wonder why the hell do we need politicians?

    2. Liz, we used to be able to dump them at the party riding level if they performed in a manner less than approved by the party. I used to be one who could have done that.

  7. In a sense today’s techno-aristocrats are yesterday’s industrialists. Theodore Roosevelt recognized the threat they had become and broke them up like a bull in a China shop. Republicans had their chance a few years back but instead put on a Kabuki theatre act for the viewers.
    Result – Biden in Trump out. Just what both parties wanted.

  8. Zuck is no longer useful.
    Poor Zuck.
    Now he has used the “Power of Facebook”,there is little doubt as to his nature.
    For ignore their words.
    Actions are the only truth in an era of universal deceit.

    Now the Facebook idiots declared they held the truth,the one truth and only truth about Politics and Covid..
    they acted.
    Banning other points of view.
    And they were,of course,wrong.
    Totally ideologically blinded.
    So now,every “fact checked declared truth” of Facebook is a liability,for our progressive comrades over at parasite central.
    Poor wee Markee has focussed too many eyes upon his actions and by default upon his fellow travellers.

    This is bad for the parasite business,so under the bus with Zuck,conveniently much of the machinations of the election fraud from 2020 will be laid at his(Facebooks) door as well.
    Remember you heard it here first;”Zuckerberg did not kill himself”.

  9. Let the nerd have his day.I just witnessed Zuckerberg throwing spears at a target with hearing protection on.
    What a dipshit.