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  1. Serious and permanent injury from a vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate? Where do I sign up for that great deal?

    1. The Vaxx Industry takes the profit, the taxpayers take the risk (in terms of finances and health).

  2. Legal liability wise, Justine’s government shoved down the people’s throat an unapproved non-vaccine and the media went along with it-how is that not actionable in civil court?

    1. the “good governance” loophole in the Charter
      The Charter is, as was intended, the appearance but not the actuality of rights protections for Canadians.

      1. “Good governance”…..when does that start and what is the definition? I have been waiting for a long time.

      2. The only reason the charter was written was to protect the legacy of a philandering intellectual from Montreal who avoided serving in the military during WWII.

        It was never written based on the assumption that natural rights exist by nature, rather it was based on the assumption that rights exist due to the benevolence of the state.
        The author of the charter presumed the problem to be bit about “royal assent” and that the authority of the state should be someone from Montreal.

  3. In that Teresa Tam speaks for the Communist Chinese Party, will this “great new deal” extend to the Falun Gong?

  4. First they said we had to keep wearing masks and distancing after being vaccinated, which was tantamount to saying it doesn’t work.

    And they wondered why people thought, then why bother getting it?

    Now this.

    It does not inspire confidence in the vaccine when they announce compensation for those who are seriously injured by it.

    I suspect they’re saying that to encourage people to get the jab. “Don’t worry, if it hurts you bad we’ll look after you.”

    I would think it will make people less likely to be vaccinated. (Because according to the officials, the vaccine may not work and might hurt you bad.)

  5. Interesting considering I saw a talk by an Ontario ER doctor who said he has been trying to file reports on adverse reactions but can’t get his reports accepted due to spurious reasons like him not having access to the lot number of the vaccine injected into the patient he treated in the ER. It’s going to be a very small database.


    1. Speaking of science, here is the list of science on AstraZeneca vaccines. I keep expanding the list, point 7 added today.

      1. They declared AZ safe.
      2. They changed the timing of the second shot from under a month to three to four months (all vaccine manufacturers disagreed).
      3. They declared them unsafe while simultaneously declaring them safe for those who already had them.
      4. They decided that it makes perfect sense to advise people who got AZ shots to get Phizer or Moderna for their second shot (all vaccine manufacturers disagreed).
      5. They backpedaled on #3 and #4 and decided that the unsafe vaccine is safe to be used as a second dose for those who already had a first dose.
      6. They changed the best before date (AZ manufacturers disagreed).
      7. Vaccine mixing is back in, point 4 reinstated after being cancelled by point 5 (all vaccine manufacturers disagreed).

      They know everything and are never wrong. they are experts, always trust experts and never be anti-science. Also, Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.

      1. It’s science by law. That’s the same logic that was displayed by certain American politicians who proposed legislating that the number pi be only 3.14.

      2. Number 6 was the rotten cherry on this very ugly cake, IMHO. I laughed a mad scientist laugh when that one came out…

        1. No, it’s fine. Justa Weirdeau used his quantum computer skills to time travel the vaccines back to before they expired.

      3. But wait there is more:
        8. Point 2 is invalidated, even though it is optimal to delay second dose to three to four months people can now speed the second dose (depending on supply) closer to what manufacturers recommended.

  6. Now they will allow employers to mandate it since there is now a ‘support program’.

  7. Incoming!


    “Dr. Charles Hoffe never wanted to be in the spotlight, especially for talking about the adverse health effects of the COVID vaccine. But when patients began showing up at his office with “serious injuries,” he knew he had to speak out.

    Hoffe works as a family physician at Lytton Medical Clinic in British Columbia, where 70% of his patients are Indigenous Canadians from the First Nations tribe.

    Hoffe told Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., on the “RFK Jr The Defender Podcast,” that First Nation patients who received the Moderna vaccine were experiencing adverse health effects including certain disabilities, shortness of breath and neurological problems.”

    [Cont’d at the link]

    1. Looks like more genocide. Justin faces a dilemma on this one. Does he protect the aboriginals, or does he protect Big Pharma?

  8. I believe the mask she’s wearing in her photo is aimed at protecting us against “Covideo-19”. a harmful computer virus…

    Anyway, there is a new review out on variants, spike mutations and immune escape that’s worth perusing. It’s heavy, but gives a very good perspective on what may lie ahead: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41579-021-00573-0

    If (Big IF, but a plausible if) the evolutionary pressure that is being applied on the virus – massive inoculation with therapeutic agents that do not necessarily neutralize a type of virus notorious for its mutating abilities, at the same time people are either transmitting the virus or being infected, there is no “government program” that will explain away any other wave of the Wuhan-flu. I will remain hopeful that this isn’t the case, but could the Seychelles and the Maldives be the warning shot that, besides the unknown long term effects of these therapies and the nasty acute side-effects experimented by many, we are simply compounding the problem with this ill-conceived mass-inoculation program? I’m sticking to the “Zelenko protocol”.

    1. Thank you for the Nature article.

      The Chinese vaccines, such as those used in the Seychelles, appear to be of negative value.

  9. Dear Canadian citizen; in the interest of saving the planet for your children … we have cut off all your pipelines delivering gas and oil. Our TOP scientists said we needed to act NOW! to save the planet. Therefore, we ask that any of you who are freezing to death, and can’t seem to find enough blankets … please let the department of health know, and we will send you a warm outer, outer, outer, coat to wear.

  10. Everyone lined up to be guinea pigs and they expect Big Government and Big Pharma to pay up.

    These cretins had better hope that the flu shots they were glad to receive does not render them in a perilous medical condition that the single-payer system in Canada can’t and won’t treat.

    1. Oh, your “perilous medical condition” is coming. It will probably take 2-3 years so it won’t be a “vaccine injury” it will just be a mysterious overwhelming spike in dementia cases that will be blamed on climate or something else. And you won’t get treatment, the healthcare system won’t be able to handle it, you’ll go straight to “medical assistance in dying” (that’s why the need those laws now), ie: euthanisa, ie: culling, ie: being a participant in UN Agenda 2030.

      Warning: Pfizer’s Experimental, “Emergency Use-authorized” mRNA Vaccine Carries Serious Risk of Prion-Associated Spongiform Encephalopathy/Dementia

      1. I’m thinking of long-term problems and problems that will arise in children (ie – infertility, heart problems).

        And no one will be held to account.

  11. The government messaging around the pandemic’s many issues has been one long Keystone Kops featurette.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you — OUR LEADERS ! ! !

  12. Dr Tam.
    Is Nutz.
    This “Top Bureaucrat” is not just stupid,nor merely incompetent.
    Nope this one is nuts,full scale raving loony.
    I guess the senior bureaucrats foresaw no problem promoting her/it into the slot over at Public Health,after all what could go wrong?
    We have not had a real potent pandemic since 1918..
    Public Health and Pandemic Response?
    A perfect place to park a dear friend who has lost its marbles..Cause you cannot fire one of our “special little helpers,not here inCanada.
    For proof..well watch the video,or read the “Official Covid pronouncements put out by her office in sequence,Or attempt to translate a Tamism press announcement into basic english..

    1. actually I believe Dr. Tam is neither stupid nor incompetent. I just think she is doing her job (not for Canada, that is irrelevant, but for her real paymasters in Peking)… She is originally from Hong Kong and you can read quite a few articles about her in 2020 and early 2021 in local papers how she is hated there for being an agent of CCP.

      Used to be that “do not attribute to malignancy what can be explained by sheer incompetency”, but sadly that is not the case any more. Let me present you Dr. Tam – I’d almost say chief murderer of old and sick people in Canada.

      Have a nice evening everyone.

      For side reading I highly suggest http://www.scmp.com and http://www.taipeitimes.com

  13. Hey Doc Theresa, where does one sign up for the mental damaged caused by seeing your inane tweets since January 2020?!? They’ve hurt me … a lot!

  14. L – The compensation payments will be in $ Billions, and yet, again the citizenry will bear the
    tax burden to pay for:

    1. The civil liability of an emergency use authourization for “vaccines”, which are only in the
    phase 3 experimental trials. In effect, the fed./prov. government has “signed up” by way of
    deception, the recipients participants in a medical experiment. Therefore, no informed
    consent was obtained. Does this trigger the Nuremberg War Crime Tribunal trial and punishment, e.i. hanging? If it doesn’t, nothing stops them from doing it again.

    2. The civil liability suits against the fed/prov. government for damages and or death
    from this medical experiment may set a new record, especially when totaled
    with #3. below.

    3. The unnecessary suffering, injury and death caused by, the unjustified by medical science, lockdowns. This should including loss of businesses e.i. livelihood. This is the equivalent of a medical malpractice civil suit.

    4. Neither the Prime Minister Trudeau, nor the Premiers, nor their Ministers of Health and
    Justice can sidestep being responsible: legally, morally and politically for what happened on their watch!

    5.The bureauc-rats may require Interpol warrants to be apprehended. That is if Red China will honour them ?

    P.M. Justin Trudeau, the admirer of China’s basic dictatorship, may be found hiding in the
    Hidden City in Peking/Bejing? In which case, a prisoner of war exchange for the Empress of Vancouver would be in order.

  15. Once they find out that employers can’t force people to get the shot, provincial health care will be putting up roadblocks for unvaccinated people. No vaccination, no healtcare!
    And if you are a senior, they will limit your pension, or CPP because you are un vaccinated, and you will cost the system more to administer your case. It is coming!
    There are just so many ways to screw people over that are allowed.

    1. ” they will limit your pension, or CPP because you are un vaccinated” That seems to me that it would be illegal. I don’t think they will go that far. What would their purpose be?

      1. What would their purpose be?

        Since when has that ever stopped a government from shafting the people?

      2. Please define “illegal” in the context of Canada today.

        Purpose: to f*k you over, as has been done so many times before.

  16. Experimental GMO vaccines from Big Pharma.
    I remember when the left would be freaking out about Big Pharma getting a liability shield for an experimental GMO vaccine.
    Any one of those alone was enough to have them in hysterics, now they are demanding that everyone take the shot that includes everything that they used to hate.

    Test the Covid vaxxers with this quiz: What are the most serious risks of the new mRNA vaccines?
    If they can’t tell you any of the risks then ask them if they a risk/reward analysis of whether they should have gotten the vaccine.
    Ask them how they compared the risks to the rewards if they didn’t know any of the risks.
    You can’t do a risk/reward analysis without knowing both the risks and the rewards.
    Depending on the person’s health condition the risks may be very well worth taking.
    But you have to know the risks to intelligently make that decision.

    And as a this is a new vaccine nobody knows what the long term risks are.

  17. The missus and I are the only ones in both our families who haven’t gotten the jab. Part of me can’t help but wonder if we’ll the sole survivors once this crap goes haywire.

  18. Tourista Spam,
    First, thanks for wearing a mask. That really helps, from an aesthetic perspective.
    Secondly, piss off.
    Thirdly, and die.
    Fourthly, where do I get the free money thingy?
    Yours truly,
    A triggered Canadian of no determinate gender, if that helps for getting the money.

  19. Had to go back up and read “RN”‘S comment.
    A point well made.
    Why would anyone except, that those entities that have supported abortion and euthanasia, or at least ignored these issues for many years are hell bent on now “saving lives”!!??
    It never was believable.
    And the spin of it all comes from the same people who have spun the climate porn.

    Local “conservative” governments and their cheerleaders now to embarrassed to concede they drank the kool-Aid talk the fear porn ad nauseam.
    Prediction…not one of our premier’s will be running in the next elections.

  20. It is surprising ( in a way) that so many politicos go along with pushing this vaccine. Clearly there are potential pitfalls when a vaccine is still experimental. It seems very reckless to give it to young people and also to accept the word of the pharmaceuticals about how effective it is. I find it odd that there is no discussion of the issue. Politicos are either brainless or threatened somehow.

  21. Tam is a chinese communist spy who should be hanging from the nearest lamppost………..

  22. The only bright spot in this vaccine nightmare is that our pols (especially blackface) took the jab… or did they? Was anyone around Trudeau when he took the jab, other than Sophie, and the administering technician?

    I can’t help but speculate if that jab they took was a placebo just for the photo op. I guess to avoid wearing the tin-foil hat, I must point out that I’m merely speculating. Of course there’s no proof of this. I’m just thinking to myself aloud.

  23. Having just received my second moderna shot I advise against it.
    Definitely not just distilled water.
    I experienced massive arm pain- many times worse than any tetanus shot along with a 102F fever and a night of the strangest chills running down my spine over and over again. Sweating and shivering at the same time. Strange dreams too, and i rarely dream.
    36hrs post injection the fever and weird tingles are gone but i have a persistant dull headach like a malt liquor hangover despite sipping gatorade in the shade all day.

    I used to be pro vaccine but I will not be getting any booster for damn sure

    1. You were a f*cking moron to get the first jab to begin with. Enjoy dying like the guinea pig you are.

      1. Easy on the tanqeuray there tanquer

        Tam is wearing a mask because she’s performing a lobotomy on Canada

      2. Agreed. Thought I’d post my results in case anyone is considering it.

        have fun dealing with all the mindless zombies and dead bodies after I’m gone. Maybe you can get a job in a nursing home, wipe my ass for me when i make a mess

        1. See my comment above. You’ll likely have been euthanized long before you get issued a diaper.

    2. B, too bad, so sad. The information is out there for all to read and understand.

  24. People should keep this in mind all the time:

    The Four Biggest Lies in the World
    4. The cheque is in the mail.
    3. Yes, I’ll respect you in the morning.
    2. (Sorry, this one is X-rated)
    1. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.

  25. Try and prove to the Federal government that the vaccine you took months or years ago was the cause of several severe sicknesses, good luck with that
    This is coercion plain and simple. If you get the shot we have your back, wink wink