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  1. It’s already more confusing than Father’s Day in the Ghetto and about to get worse.

    1. The Great Reset. There are not enough businesses & livelihoods which have been destroyed by the virus.

      1. Yep … jussssssst a little bit longer … and all those independent entrepreneurs will be crushed like bugs

  2. According to that Graf:

    It looks as if Chinese Kung Flu died instead of Canadian citizens.

    Government’s are so blind they can’t even read a brail road map.

  3. That stat reminds me of the Gas left in Washington D.C. after Joe Biden’s executive orders.

    Green New Squeal

  4. Obviously the virus was trending towards oblivion, and any extinction is a bad thing. We must fight against the loss of any fully developed species.

    Save the coronavirus!

    (too much?)

  5. Blue States like New Jersey, Michigan, and Colorado are now dropping their mask mandates. Covid is basically over as an epidemic. It will probably always be with us as an infrequent annoyance, like mononucleosis (which hit me way harder than the WuFlu did). Of course, it will take weeks for the ignorant retards in Ottawa and the provincial capitals to come to grips with this fact.

  6. Tests are not cases and computer models are not patients. Repetitive I know but apparently people still don’t get it.

    1. Another ‘New Development’…
      Trudeau wants the US Boarder open by July 1st.

      Sort of hard to achieve this when everyone’s locked down and the virus is still rampant all across Canada.
      Can’t get that first jab in quick enough as our governments mandate is mutating…
      Shows that this ‘Pandemic’ was political theater.

  7. Let me translate.

    There are two competing narratives, one from the swamp in DC and another coming from the swamp in Ottawa.
    DC wants to generate something credit worthy for the senile octogenarian in the Oval Office while in Ottawa they want the lockdown to continue long enough to have a controlled election.

    1. ” to have a controlled election.”
      i.e. Mail in ballots and counting after election night so they know how many to print.

  8. “teacher’s Unions” need we say more? Can’t open the schools second week of June, but could have Mid May. Awa-Summer Holidays- the teachers need a break.

  9. The irony that totally flies right over Dougie ‘s head:
    I have noticed lots more people ignoring his ‘stay at home ‘ orders as the flu numbers go down.

    1. A year and a half of our State of Emergency and still locked down with no changes on the horizon that this will ever go back to normal.
      So people just adjust and adapt to the new reality.

      1. Nor I vowg.
        Don’t even listen to the COVID 27/7 cases cases cases cases anymore, just shut if off.
        The old joke
        Patient: Doctor, when will this pandemic end?
        Doctor: I don’t know, I am not a politician.

      2. owg

        Neither have I, nor have most Calgarians….I go where I please.
        & could care less about the little hitler’s in Edmonton (or for that matter, our fat phuque of a Muslime Brotherhood mayor of Calgary. Naheed NenXi)

        Karma’s a bitch and its gonna bite down OH so hard on Kenneys UCP, & any MLA that stood by him

        I sincerely hope that translates into more n more folks joining Maverick and the Wild Rose.

        1. All gov’t will have difficulty giving up these controls they’ve had over people. In the coming federal, provincial, and civic elections they’ll say things like, “we did this for you” (not TO you).

          I’m not surprised to see these numbers, only appalled at most gov’t in general setting aside any mention of freedom in their constitutions / mission statements.

          And at no point have I considered “staying at home” … Wild Rose / Maverick or whoever stands against the general idiocy that’s taken hold in Canada.

  10. I guess they’re looking for zero? Or is it nothing? I’m pretty sure it takes a long time to find nothing.

  11. @WillR — on the PHO data tool that you linked to, change the ‘Start date’ on the Case Trends tab to sometime last fall, say, Sept 1, 2020.

    For what it’s worth, a fuller picture including Wave 2 (when variants weren’t an issue) helps explains ON’s reasoning for the lockdown extension: case counts and case rates, while past their peaks, are still relatively high and well above the troughs in Feb 2020. Test positivity, while also trending down, is still above 2.5. Number of patients in hospital/ICU remain higher than in the fall.

    The extra two weeks allow for trends to continue moving downward, plus at 140K vaccine doses administered per day, it’s potentially another 2M jabs in arms between now and June 2.

    1. None of the trends are due to lockdowns. Or maybe you can explain those February lows you mentioned?

  12. Cases, hospitalizations, ICU, deaths are all down. Ford and his “Science Table” are expert goal post movers. This latest lockdown, and it’s two extensions, are due to ICU numbers and mobility. The ST believes there will be another wave if mobility is not controlled. The initial projection in March 2020 was for 1200 ICU beds full of Covid patientsd by mid-April 2020. Ontario ICU peaked recently at 900 Covid patients. If they thought they would need 1200 a year ago, how is 900 an emergency now? Well, because they did SFA to address the potential ICU shortage. The mobilty measure is just the latest excuse. They now have an extra 2 weeks to find a new excuse.

    * I am not justifying the Ontario gumnt decisions, just explaining. The pandemic ended for me April 17, 2020.

    1. Correct, April 202 was the end, or sure as hell should have been.

  13. Using Occam’s Razor, perhaps “government healthcare experts” are just idiots, morons, and butt-kissing buffoons?

    1. I have wondered about some grand great reset scheme but given how moronic these people are I personally doubt they could organize such a thing.

  14. Yesterday CTV breathlessly reported that Tin Pot Tam decreed that, by fall, “if 75 per cent of those eligible for a vaccine have been fully vaccinated, expect to be able to gather indoors with people outside your household, participate in indoor sports, and attend family gatherings.”
    Forget the family gatherings & indoor sports, where’s my free donut or burger & poutine? Geez. These people think Canadians can be bought so easily.

  15. Fathers Day coming up folks, can’t have that.
    People might get together.
    Annual summer festivals denied.
    Then July long.
    August long
    September long
    “Just 4 more weeks.”

  16. It’s even more interesting if you break things down by age and sex. Truly fascinating one might say as the closing of sports facilities for the young, 20 somethings and the young at heart were a significant target for “The New Lockdown”.

    If I could paste the image it would be fascinating… Look at all the items, “Cases”, Hospitalizations and Deaths. Tick the button to split by sex. Make sure you’re looking at “Both” the rate and the count. Keep in mind that we have been sold that women (and other groups) are the “most affected” — is that true? Note that seniors often get “special shopping hours — like “7-8AM”. — No problem getting up at 6AM to do your grocery shopping by 7AM — right?? Based on this graph — where would you put your effort if the objective was to “save lives”? What age group wpuld give you the least concern? Assuming (likely correctly) that the disease spreads by aerosolized droplets (extremely small) as the vector — which group might be most susceptible? (indoor workers, outdoor workers? Could HVAC systems without HEPA filters and UV disinfectant lights be an issue? Would it be worth retrofitting our HVAC systems in office buildings etc if it is an aerosol issue?
    Just asking….


    1. Do you mean retrofitting the retrofitted HVAC systems that were retrofitted into “leaky” buildings remedied by previous brain thrusts after the manufactured “energy” crisis in the 70’s and 80’s?

      It’s amusing what happens when taking advantage of one manufactured crisis leads to other manufactured crisis

      It was long ago evident that buildings were tightened up too much and fresh air infiltration or exchange rates were decreased too much in new and retrofitted buildings as well designing them with inadequate ventilation rates and air filtration. That has lead to poor air quality and “sick buildings” now made evident by the scrutiny placed on Covid. Upper respiratory tract infections ( colds and flu) have been rampant in buildings for years but were tolerated since they were “just” flus and colds.

  17. Simple confusion.
    The lefthand or vertical axis is not # of cases.
    It is actually “Grip on Power,via fake medical emergency”.
    When you correct that small error in perception,the actions of our Parasitic Overload become very clear.

  18. Just to ice the cake.CBC is covering all the “righteous Protesting of Israel,on behalf of Hamas”.
    Large belligerent crowds..Not one arrest for “Violating the Dread Covid Restrictions”.
    But of course CBC sees no hypocrisy .
    Naturally their paycheck depends on it.

    So Pastor causing zero cases of contagion is Bad. Arrested.
    Rodeo causing zero cases..Super Bad.Rcmp investigating.
    Crazed Son’s of the Desert Pedophile causing mass outbreak??
    Or our usual antisemites out doing street theatre together..RCMP kneeling?
    Double Plus Good.

    Firing all our current “leaders” is way too modest a proposal.
    Hanging them without a sudden drop and leaving them hang as a warning to the rest of their kind would be a far more appropriate action..
    But we are civilized…
    So we must make3 allowances for the fools and bandits who rule over us.
    “Do not judge us” they say as they break every rule they use armed minions to ram down our throats..
    Like VOWG,I am going to have to cut comments.

    As Henry Mencken considered us part of a large and ever-growing species he called homo boobiens, his quote “there comes a time in..” is perfect for now.

  19. I think this is a misleading post.
    The graph is a representation of variant and mutation cases…not the actual positive “cases”. The graph shows that Ontario had fewer than 500 positive cases on May 13th but today’s Toronto Sun reported more than 2400 positive Covid cases.
    I don’t agree with the lockdowns and I think Ford is a spineless piece of shit but I also believe that this site and SDA’rs shouldn’t manipulate data to suit our own narrative.
    Feel free to tell me if I missed something in that graph.