A One Dose Summer!

Are we having fun yet?

The Winnipeg School Division says its playgrounds are now off-limits for those who don’t attend school during the day.

The division says the move is being made because of increased use by community members during school hours.

“WSD recognizes that outdoor play is one of the few pleasures families have at this time, however, WSD schools have unfortunately been experiencing people congregating at the school playgrounds both during and after school hours,” said a statement from the division.


Update: one dose summer holidays are starting early for some.

38 Replies to “A One Dose Summer!”

  1. The horror! People are congregating? Outside? The transmission rate is statistically zero outside. But science! Wowzers.

    1. Just a second. Just how many grannies do you want to kill? You selfish bastards, refusing to support their ineffective measures.
      Don’t you know you’re to blame for the outbreaks and deaths in long term care homes? Staff actions? No, your attitude, bigot.

      There has been one case of asymptomatic spreading of covid outdoors. One case. That’s a long way from zero, bud. Isn’t world totalitarianism, with our freedom, prosperity and safety taken away a small price to pay to save one life?

      What about collateral deaths you ask? What about lockdowns hurting not helping? Sure, tin foil conspiracist.
      C’mon man, just because we knew this all along but threw out the science book anyway is no reason to criticize people.
      Just look ahead to the next government overreach, not at previous overreach; stop being so negative.
      Reach for the stars, man. Hasn’t government given you everything you ever wanted; well at least as decided by bureaucrats?
      Think of what world government can do to you. Umm, I mean for you.

  2. Are these people not paid by the taxpayers?
    Certainly doesn’t seem like it.

      1. Recently the Manitoba government was boasting that their rent-a-covid-cops had issued 1.8 million dollars in covid fines, then proceeded to whine that only 10% had been paid. I suspect the 1.8 million won’t even cover the taxpayer money Pallister has pissed away on his gestapo force.
        See you court, I say.

    1. I perceive that the BC Guvmint will shortly be begging people to pay for any licence, they have comprehensively destroyed the BC economy as witnessed by yesterday evenings report that US cruise ships from Seattle to Alaska will probably no longer make stops in Wuhan Flu-infested Trudeaupia, that will leave a $4,000,000,000 hole in BC’s finances. Well done Hennie Penny.

      Richmond BC tried to shut down playgrounds last year-my recollection is it deterred the Karens, most parents just said fuck you and continued about their children’s recreation-result NO Wuhan flu cases amongst the children.

  3. Poland opened up and the bars and restaurants are buzzing.
    Meanwhile, Tam, Henry, Blackie, and Premiers won’t follow the science, preferring to punish us.
    Perhaps I will emigrate to Poland and plea for refugee status.

  4. Here’s a proposal! What if visitors to the playgrounds double-mask, and wipe down all the equipment they’ve touched with sanitizer?

    Double masking will restrict respiration sufficiently to immobilize the user. So nobody will be doing much playing. And well … we just HAVE to sanitize because the Chinese phlegm can live on surfaces for up to 21 days!! Right? Out there in the UV sunlight … Right? See what happens when our TOP government scientists leak half truths and zero truths into the public consciousness? Faulty information is elevated to certified orthodoxy

    1. That’s what you get for frequenting gay bathhouses, M’Lord.
      *bows and scrapes as he backs away to avoid exposing his bung hole*

      1. Be careful how you backup, you never know who is standing at attention behind you.

  5. I want just one of these dimwitted morons to show me the virus that is supposed to be the whu who flu on any surface anywhere in sunshine. OK all you science people, SHOW ME. First you will actually have to show me the virus, something that so far has not been isolated. Showing something that looks like a spike virus is not acceptable.

    1. vowg, Aren’t those the little round fuzzy thingies that stick to your socks when you’ve been walking in a field? I get em on my socks even in the sunshine!

      The idiocy of my above statement is as valid as the statements those idiots put out.

      1. Yeah! Just like those spike proteins sticking out of the COVID virus … all stickery and whatnot

      2. Those were burrs, weren’t they? My Mom used to hate when I came home with them stuck all over. Even in our hair. Class rooms of grinning 6 year olds with no front teeth and chunks of hair missing where the burrs had been. If we weren’t cut, scraped, bruised or splintered we hadn’t been creative enough on “fun”. Life in the 50’s.

  6. Both kids and adults are now too fat and out of shape to even outrun fat and out of shape cops. Otherwise they could tell the cops to GFT and let them try and catch them.

    1. Roller blades! Nyah, nyah, nyah out of Taser range. Video it. Mail ’em a copy.

  7. I have no problem with them restricting access to school property WHILE school is in session. But doing it after-hours is just petty, vindictive, and controlling. Oh, and it’s just stupid, too. Those playgrounds are paid for and maintained by tax dollars. It’s high time to let people enjoy the liberty of the outdoors.

  8. People in Manitoba are filling public spaces as playgrounds , parks, etc, because it is against the law to meet other people on private property. No bureaucrat could see it coming and who knew that the weather will be great to be outside and socialize ?

  9. The mantra of ” lets follow the science ” has been ringing in our ears for over a year now …but ..but .. now the goal posts are moving again . Science now says outdoor activities are safe …..a lot safer than indoors . What does Foghorn Leghorn do ????
    I truly believe we are living in the twilight zone ……………………..

  10. Signs at all city-owned facilities — wear a mask if you’re within 5 meters of the amenities. So far, I haven’t seen any compliance with the idiotic order, and this is in Ottawa. I think we’re at a tipping point where most people figure fuck this shit.

  11. It looked like May long out on the highway yesterday. Diesel pusher motorhomes, 5th wheels, boats every kinda dirk bike and quad imaginable.

    People aren’t interested in staying home. The public health message has worn itself out. No matter what the government says, nobody is gonna to listen. It’s summer!

    1. Here in Ottawa summer protest season has begun. Of course this is only a problem if you’re white, speak English, aren’t a Líbrano and actually have grievances that need addressing.


      I passed the protestors while running errands in the neighbourhood. Mostly young healthy people, who in a sane world would be regarded as the Dominion’s future, not a problem to be solved.

      Ottawa’s finest were out in force in case the Trumpjugend tried to cough on someone.

      Later that day the local Arabs brought downtown Ottawa to a standstill, flying Palestinian flags from huge cars that they could have never dreamed of affording in Gaza, Judea or Samaria, unless they were Fatah or Hamas top brass. Supposedly the Arabs were observing the “Catastrophe,” but you would think Palestine had won the World Cup.

      The cops were nowhere to be seen.

      An active synagogue still functions on Rideau Street, but I saw nobody willing to appear to be Jewish, much less daft enough to make a stand for Israel and risk being crippled or killed by the Arab occupiers.

      I suspect what remains of the local Jewry were waiting for Sabbath to end, so they could fire up the computer and figure out how far their home equity would go in Tel Aviv. Pity the rest of us can’t even dream of moving somewhere where we aren’t someone else’s ATM and punching bag.

      1. DS

        Good comment. Out here in the buck brush there is a Zionist who occupies the trap shack.

        I’m not sympathetic to the palestinians. Their arab brothers need to accept them home and end this madness.

  12. On the bright side, our health minister here in Manitoba is complaining about how people are not getting tested, not cooperating with contact tracing (we promise not to fine you if you tell us you broke our rules) and not avoiding social contacts. He’s in despair because if we don’t stop not listening things are going to get much much worse. Like our ICU capacity which is currently at half normal, might fill up again or he might have to order masks outdoors and curfews.

    And even if you have had two doses of the vaccine you must still wear a mask, social distance, follow all lock down rules, ect because you can still get and transmit the virus.

  13. What about the mosquitoes pushing other mosquitoes on the swings? Or do they have to wear a mask?

  14. If Trudeau had played his cards right all Canadians would be vaccinated by now. We have drug company’s in Canada that could have done the job of making a Vaccine but Naw stupid is as stupid does that is Trudeau. Pallister is locking the whole Manitoba down again when there are only some problems in Winnipeg and Brandon. So Why Lock The Whole Provinces Down stupid is as stupid does!! Manitoba’s percentage of deaths is minimal and Canada’s percentage is minimal. I have been vaccinated but still have to wear a mask HOW STUPID. Where is the herd immunity when this is all over most people are going to have to go outside and eat a pound of dirty just build up immunity once again for all the germ that go around every year. Yea!! where is the Flu no cases they are Covid! Lets get back to normal life and have a great summer.

    1. B. C.’s no better. Most of the population is in Lotusland (and, by extrapolation, most of the cases), so why make people up in the Peace River block wear masks?

  15. Why would anybody in their right mind take an EXPERIMENTAL ” vaccine”. Are you a Lab rat??
    Keep your immune system in good order. Go outdoors without a mask and live! Good grief people!! Bunch of frikkin sheeple!!