Just Kill It

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NDP will vote with Conservatives on motion to ensure censorship bill does not violate charter rights.

NDP Statement

On Monday, we will be voting in favour of a motion that puts Bill C-10 on hold while the Department of Justice conducts a new Charter compliance analysis and calls on the Minister to appear in committee. The NDP plans to table a sub-amendment that puts a timeline on the motion to make sure the conservatives are not using this as an opportunity to delay the advancement of the bill indefinitely. The modernization of this law is necessary for our cultural ecosystem.

Showing the world that the Liberals are not only left of the NDP, but to the crazy left of the NDP wouldn’t be bad for the brand. Just sayin’

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  1. Well, that is a good sign. Now if they would only vote with conservatives on a range of other issues, we might see actual opposition calling Blackie to account for his arrogant actions.
    By the way, the post millennial site drives me crazy with its pop up shit and all.

    1. *
      “voting in favour of a motion that
      puts Bill C-10 on hold”

      couldn’t they just make this a non
      confidence vote and toss the whole
      lot of scoundrels out?


  2. This is window dressing. The NDP will end up supporting this bill in the end and brag about their virtue in asking for more due diigence. If they were really worried about due diligence, they would kill it and make the Liberals go through the whole process again.

    1. Exactly! The addition of a ‘timeline’ says it all. All the Libs have to do is run out the clock. As for Charter violations — 1 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.— the very first paragraph shows how they can justify anything that they want.

    2. Steve E.
      Yes… the NDP and the LIberal/CCP Party are working together, a de-facto coalition.
      The NDP are a rump party federally and always will be thats why they”ve attached themselves to the China Party Liberals, for power.
      The NDP may pretend to hold the LIberal/CCP Party to account on this one issue, but its all for show, wink, wink.
      The NDP want this censorship and CHina style authoritarianism inflicted on the rubes MORE than the Liberal/CCP Party does, the NDP just have to pretend otherwise for the public and the Media spin.
      Nothing will stop the CCP/Liberal/NDP from their globalist communist agenda… maybe a pause, but this censorship will be imposed because that is what the CCP want and they are running this Government and this country.

  3. What the hell is a “cultural ecosystem”?
    Secondly, if it’s still a bill, how is it a law that necessitates modernization?
    Last, if you need any government department to analyze this bill to see if it’s constitutional, you need to pack up your office, go home, and resign your seat for someone more intelligent.
    I’m one with the title of this thread, just kill the bill already. It’s definitely a confidence motion.
    This is not something the liberals would be wise to chance an election on.

    What am I saying?
    Wisdom and Trudeau don’t inhabit the same reality.

    1. Well, given the constant media shilling for JT, an election on this bill just might work. He will be portrayed as fighting back against evil White Supremacy, Hate groups (such as churches that are not on board with whatever is the latest LGBQ fantasy) Racism, et cetera et cetera.
      O’Toole will be quaking in his shoes, lest the CBC crowd lump him in with those Neanderthals who, say, want to go to church, or have their kids taught in school rather than indoctrinated.
      Aaaand this election will be lost, too.
      But who am I kidding? Our petulant ideologue can do whatever he wants, and he knows it. The NDP will back it, and the MSM will praise it or look the other way. This will not trigger an election. We don’t even need them anymore….

      And I am with you……WTH is a “cultural ecosystem”? Made me want to barf at the pretentiousness of making up a meaningless phrase and thinking it gave an erudite image. Will the LIV’s be mesmerized?

  4. Lol, the NDP don’t care about free speech, charter rights or anything else. They probably didn’t get any “closed door deals” They are waiting for Libs to give them something in return for their votes

  5. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

    The court will decide it’s a reasonable limit. End of discussion.

    1. Oh yes the much vaunted Charter that does not include the right to own property .. thank you so much Communist Pierre

      1. Nay, nay, not just Pierre. It required every Premier, lawyers all, to also sign off on our so called Constitution. Nary a one of them had a mandate from their constituents to do so either.
        Our infamous Constitution is a “document” by lawyers, for lawyers. Biggest con job perpetrated on Canadians in our history.

        1. You got it.
          It’s a life time job guarantee for the snakes in the grass.
          The so called Canadian constitution is so open to interpret it any way you want it, it is completely worthless document.
          Bottom feeders made it and they will cash in on it if it means that they have to kill.
          Remember, the communist killing fields everywhere were established by the bottom feeders.
          That’s what they do.

    2. The court, on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada will decide what is a “reasonable limit”. And all limits will be reasonable.

  6. It defacto violates the rights of Canadians, but I’m sure that the Liberals will find sufficient justification in POGG for that violation to be acceptable for our learned idiots in robes

  7. Welcome to fascist Canada. As long as the leftists in Quebec and the migrants/immigrants in Toronto get free stuff, Great Leader will be in power for the next ten years. Then his son Dear Leader can take over.

  8. The NDP are directly responsible for everything the Spawn does and that should be the message loud and clear. They own it. As above, this is a delay and negotiation for more NDP statism via the Spawn. Canada cannot become broke soon enough thanks to these green statist assholes.

    1. If this measure goes through, the only thing that will be owned is us.

  9. The liberals and the NDP are Waiting to put on a black shirt Waiting to weed out the weaklings Waiting to smash in their windows and kick in their doors.
    Thank God we have a conservative opposition to bring this fact to light.

    1. *
      well… now that justin and company have
      implemented proportional representation
      like they prom… wait a minute


  10. People aren’t getting it. The entire thing (especially the rubbish Charter) should be scrapped and never again entertained.

    This proves that the true state of the Canadian is servitude.

  11. More Kabuki theatre; if they wanted it killed, it would be killed. They want the bill passed, as is. They also want the appearance, that “they tried”. I suspect the majority has already fallen for it.

    Just like they have fallen for the “line 5 is going to shut down”. Everyone is going to come out of that line 5 stuff with the appearance that “they tried”. All aimed at different groups, sometimes multiple groups by the same people.

    It is like Scott Moe. If the Saskatchewan Party actually did not want us paying the federal carbon tax? We would not be, end of story. They could have used not with standing, they could have had a separation referendum already, they could have blockaded the highways and rail lines already; they have not.

    1. Exactly, Kevin!
      One thing I remember from a phase of life I would rather forget….

      If you are going to step into the ring, you’d better have already decided to win.

  12. Communists love their censors and the Libs, NDP and BQ (along with a good chunk of the Torys, including the people who run the party) are all commies. These delays are all Kabuki theatre to placate the plebs. Don’t fall for it.

  13. “Cultural ecosystem”? WTF is that exactly? Whose culture, certainly not mine nor any of my ancestors.

    1. They want to force you to watch corner gas on netflix and pay extra for it. The whole reason netflix and all that is so popular here is so we can watch anything but that crap.

      1. *
        “watch corner gas on netflix and pay extra for it”

        you mean… “little mosque on the prairie”, right…
        ‘cos i think oscar got his pale arse cancelled.


  14. The NDP have their reasons for doing this but you can be absolutely sure that our charter rights are not one of them.

  15. Bill C-51 was passed by the Conservatives in alliance with the Liberals. NDP opposed.

  16. We’ve been under anti Charter dictates like House Arrest and anti science, unhealthy, illegal Mask Dictates for over a year now, but yeah, the NDP are really worried about Canadians “rights and freedoms” and how this new censorship dictate may interfere with the useless Turdhole Charter. The NDP are as full of shit as the Media and the LIberal/CCP Party. Jugheads NDP couldn’t care less about the Turdhole Charter or the “rights and freedoms” of Canadians, just ask Bonnie Hitler, Horgan and Comrade Dix over in CCPBC.
    This CCP censorship shit will be imposed eventually, when the time is right with overwhelming NDP and Media support and the Supreme Court Dictators will uphold it using the excuse that censorship and CRTC “moderation” have been going on in Canada for decades so whats a little more… for your own good. Make no mistake this CCP censorship and an end to limited freedom of speech legislation will be imposed, its just a matter of when. Welcome to the “Basic Dictatorship” of the Post Nation State.

  17. Being very polite here.
    Conservatives, if that’s what you claim to be.
    Stop the damn bill. Not just a little bit, not a large part of it. The whole damn thing.
    Just bloody stop it!

    End of story.

  18. The NDP, Federally led by a F’KING TERRORIST….and now they are coming out to say “gee” this bill doesn’t pass their Smell test..?? LMAO.!

    What a croc.
    Note to Singh: KILL IT or STFU.

    This bill is simply part n parcel of the continuing Campaign to remove Any and All supposed rights from Canadians.
    We are witnessing and literally Re-living Germany 1936 …. To a T.
    FASCISTS in every corner of EVERY level of Govt. And I’m betting controlled by the Hundreds of Millions of YEN it took to Buy everyone of those MOFO’s off. Kenney, NenXi, Iveson, Whoregun, Palliser for CERTAIN….Moe too most likely.

    Just look to Kenney and his Alberta Dictatorship.
    Legislature suspended. Law now made by 3 or 4 folks- NO Debates – No Votes – SFA. Still spewing the utter BS of CASES CASES ad nauseau…now curfews …. yea, tell me all about it.

    VIRUS my (_i_).