7 Replies to “Nows The Time When We Juxtapose”

  1. Of course the LIVs will simply call it a conspiracy theory and blithely wave it away. My new definition of conspiracy theory is “something that’s different than what comes out of he television set. “

  2. When the US invaded Afghanistan, the technology was still in favor of the US.
    After 20 years, not so much.
    Drones has made Military personnel a liability now.

  3. Why any civilized country would enter Afghanistan is beyond me. It did not work for the British troops in the mid-1800’s, it did not work for the Soviet Russians in 1980-1982 (at least they were smart and got out after only a few years!) and it has not worked for the Americans – 20 years! What is up with that?

    1. Afghanistan has long been of interest to various countries.

      During the 19th century, and the early part of the 20th, it was part of the Great Game, as it was called, between Britain and Russia. Both were jockeying for position and power in that part of the world, particularly when one considers Afghanistan’s close proximity to what was then India (which includes what is now Pakistan).

      The Soviets tried a variation of that when it overthrew the Afghan monarchy in the late 1970s. When the puppet regime that was installed proved to be ineffective, the Kremlin decided on more direct action and sent in the Red Army. Keep in mind that the region was already unstable due to the Shah skedaddling out of Iran, so Moscow thought, “First Kabul, then Tehran.” The objective was to have ready access to a warm water port, from which it could try and control the Indian Ocean.

      The Americans simply wanted revenge for what happened 20 years ago.

  4. Remember how Trump got savaged for daring to call the Fake News an Enemy of the People? Turns out they’re only the enemy of some of the people.