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  1. The people who really run things in Canada called from the Chinese embassy compound on St. Patrick Street in Ottawa and told Justin who they wanted in the Senate.

    Justin did as he was told.

  2. *
    “This is a Canadian Senator appointed by Justin Trudeau”

    well, if you’re gonna “admire a dictatorship”… this one sure
    has to be in the running.

    the big, brass balls on these commie f@ckers.

    pm care bear has his marching orders.


  3. This guy isn’t the only one… Not by a long shot….

    “A Toronto-based community group founded by former Liberal MP Geng Tan has received more than $160,000 in federal funding and is echoing China’s official propaganda denying the Uighur genocide.”


    “In August 2019, the group co-founded by former Liberal MP Geng Tan published an advertisement that harshly criticized pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, suggesting they were colluding with foreign powers.”

    1. Bill Yee, advisor to NDP Premier John Horgan….

      “…a letter demanding British Columbia NDP Premier John Horgan remove a member of his Chinese-Canadian Community Advisory Committee after calling allegations of genocide against the Chinese Communist Party “lies” on a Toronto radio program. Thirteen people signed the letter slamming the “outrageous” statements made by Bill Yee claiming accounts of genocide in western China were “lies,” including religious leaders, activists, journalists and community advocates. ‘Can you afford to have a genocide-denier and tyranny-defender as adviser?’ reads the letter, which also accuses Yee of being a proxy for the CCP and working with the United Front Work Department.”


  4. Is Mr Woo a dual citizen?
    If he is he should be reported to the CPP for breaking their law against obtaining dual citizenship.
    If he is isn’t a Canadian citizen how did he qualify to sit as a senator?

    1. My MP, Maryam Monsef, and her whole family lied on their refugee claims, and she’s a cabinet member. Citizenship doesn’t mean f*ck all in Canada anymore.

      1. It is shocking that the media just let that drop, but they are relentless in their attacks on Conservatives. Like with Andrew Scheer ” Do you think homosexuality is a “sin?” — well after the election. (Like this was a major issue in Canada . . . duh.) No doubt, but that the Canadian media is helping to destroy the country. There are very few journos who even attempt to hide their political bias.

      2. But, but, but … no human being is “illegal” … esp. an “illegal alien”. Hence, no borders, no ewwwww “citizenship”. Aren’t we ALL citizens of the entire world now?

        However, if this WHITE, responsible, US Passport-carrying human tried to take up residency in Canada … I’d be deported so fast it’d make your head swim.

  5. Un-frickin-believable!

    Do idiot NDP/Liberal voters not realize that being a colony of China is not going to work out for us?

    1. China doesn’t intend to colonize Canada, they want to make us a client state right alongside North Korea. They will strip all of our natural resources and leave a few grains of rice in return and the Turd will kiss their feet and thank them for their generosity.

  6. A lot of the twitter responses are focusing on his being Chinese (the anti-racists always go straight to race) and point out it’s not illegal to speak or write Chinese or be Chinese.

    I agree with them but they are deliberately missing the point. It’s not how he conveyed the message, it’s the message itself which is putting out the CCP position. And is a threat. How did he become a Senator? It is illegal for government officials to work for foreign governments.

  7. First of all, Senator Woo was born in Malaysia and raised in Singapore. He’s ethnically of Chinese heritage, but isn’t a Chinese dual citizen (or secret spy).

    Second of all, his tweet is not a threat to Canada or the two Michaels. It’s a realist assessment of the best way to secure their release. He was actually interviewed by the (pro-HK democracy) Apple Daily News (that’s like why he continued to respond on Twitter in Chinese), where he rightly pointed out that even if Meng is released back to China — the US DOJ is currently in negotiations with the CCP — we can’t assume that China will simply release the two Michaels even if they want to, nor can we rely on the US to unilaterally force China to release them as part of any deal. He also said this: “I’m not saying that Canada should recognize China’s judicial system, but if you keep calling their system “illegal”, then it is very difficult for China to release Kovrig and Spavor.”

    This is about diplomatic face-saving — give China the rhetorical legitimacy to release them “legally”, and they will.

    1. Face saving or no, their arrest was illegal by anyone’s definition. Their trials a sham.
      The Chicoms keep pushing. Push back by removing every single Chinese student from Canada. Forever. Even Honk Kongers. (Taiwanese are gladly accepted.)

      1. Of course the two Michaels’ arrest was illegal — according to Canadian judicial standards and to international law. Neither of which are recognized by China.

        That’s Woo’s point — by definition, whatever legal system is legitimately practiced within a country by that country’s government is “legal”. Repeatedly calling China’s judicial system “illegal” only makes sense if your primary objective is not securing Kovrig and Spavor’s release but rather scoring an empty rhetorical victory about the superiority of Western legal systems. You don’t have to endorse China’s system, you just have to acknowledge that their system is “legal”, based on their own f’ed up standards, and that’ll help create space for China to relinquish.

        1. I believe if you acknowledge their system as legal you endorse their system as legitimate and the face-saving is merely an obvious layer of subterfuge.
          Its well beyond face. Meng represents the elite in China. Jailing her is an affront to their superiority inside and outside of the country.

          1. And her eventual extradition will be as devastating to the CCP hierarchy as Tiannemen (sp?) was to the pro democracy movement in Peking.

        2. Quite right, Smith. What the ambassador is doing is conveying what China’s position is. What Buddy and everyone else on SDA has been missing over the past couple of years in commenting on this is what in a practical sense Canada does to get the Michaels back. Ezra can find it incredible all he likes, and he’s not necessarily wrong. But what he fails to deal with is what in a practical sense Canada can actually do to get them back.

          The short answer: nothing. China is big enough to practice hostage-diplomacy, and there’s nothing Canada can do about it.

          1. Many of us are not willing to prostrate ourselves, our entire country and way of life just to get back a couple of Canadian hostages. That may be tough to hear, especially for family and friends of the Michaels. Giving in to this sort of “diplomacy” only invites more of it. You are losing sight of the forest for the two trees.

          2. Chris, that’s quite sensible and realistic. I agree. Hold the funerals and move on with the understanding that Canada cannot do business with the PRC ever again. What must also be understood is that a lot of Canadian business sectors are dependent upon Chinese labour and manufacturing. All this needs to be terminated if Canada is serious.

            And certainly no more nonsense about Chinese military conducting exercises in Canada.

          3. “… and there’s nothing Canada can do about it.”

            Bullshit, there is nothing Canada is WILLING TO DO about it.
            How many children of high-ranking Chinese officials of influence are currently enjoying our universities? How would they like to see threats of Chinese ownership of Canadian businesses being severely limited? Those are just for starters.

            And why should we give a flying f*ck about their “saving face” when they never even hesitate to spit in ours? I am so sick and tired of being told what groups we have to tiptoe around while they enjoy free reign to slander and shit on us. F*ck these commie bastards.

          4. Observer, you and Steakman are missing the point. Nothing of what you say will get the two Canadians out of China. And nothing Canada can do can prevent future Chinese aggression.

          5. What can we do?
            Ok we accept the fact that no matter what we do the two Mikes won’t be released and then do the one thing that will cause the communists maximum grief.
            Put Meng on the next flight to New York.
            No prior notice, no negotiation, no warning, just have the minister sign the extradition paper’s without reservation and put her on that plane.
            What pray tell can the communists do about having one of their elites going on trial in a court where the proceedings are broadcast.

          6. How many children of high-ranking Chinese officials of influence are currently enjoying our universities?

            Speaking from personal experience, they don’t enjoy our universities–they own them. While I was finishing my Ph. D. just over 20 years ago, I noticed how they acted as if I, a citizen, was an intruder or a squatter on their turf.

            Worse is how many of the engineering profs I knew during that time bent over backwards to kiss their butts and couldn’t wait to get them as grad students. Many of those same grad students are now faculty members either at my alma mater or at other universities in this country.

          7. Or cgh, maybe both steakman and I respect the intelligent policy of NOT NEGOTIATING with terrorists or kidnappers(don’t mean to speak for you, steakman).

            If we negotiate away our rights to enforce our own laws on this one, how long before they start calculating the concessions they could demand from our chickenshit western politicians by holding an NBA team for ‘reasons’?

      2. Arrest all those who have sufficiently high social credit score/connection to chicom party. Summary sentence to hard labour, confiscate all assets. Release with mandatory immediate deportation only after Michaels are released. That is what a PM with functioning testicles should have done.

    2. Meng and the Two Michaels. One of these things is not like the other. Holy shit, more proof you can’t legislate against stupidity.

    3. “…a realist assessment …”
      … is the following: Michaels are dead until we start arresting high profile chicom nationals/party members and play hardball.

  8. The Chicoms are bullies and Liberals are cowards. They make great bed-mates.
    Until our security forces, the armed forces and the national police choose their country over their pensions we’ll see even more of this.
    Or until our protectors, the Americans, say enough is enough and finally do what needs to be done.
    With shock and awe.

    1. Try not to be terminally stupid. “Shock and awe” means nuclear war. No one is risking that for the lives of two individuals.

      1. Mind your mouth, fucktard. What I wrote has nothing to do with nuclear war nor even war with China. If you can’t comprehend go eat shit, coward.

        1. You really are a moron. What do you think “shock and awe” means in a nuclear power confrontation? If you don’t understand that, then fuck off and die. The world will be well rid of you.

          1. You have no comprehension skills and you’re ugly.
            I was referring to the US fixing Canada as our security agencies won’t, you puss-nutted coward.

            Shock and awe are military displays of overwhelming force and firepower, not nuclear, understand, Shitbag?

            Go back to licking assholes for pocket change.

          2. The US Military shocked and awed Iraq with not a single nuclear weapon. That confrontation is where the term “shock and awe” was defined. Why the hell are you going on about nukes?

  9. pretty sure the “person” posting as Smith is a bot, maybe Kate can investigate the source to confirm.

      1. So going along with the communist talking point so the CCP can save face is going to benefit Canada how exactly?

  10. Like South Africa, time changes things.
    Are royal houses of Europe still arranging inter-family marriages?

  11. What does it matter. This isn’t even a real country anymore. Look at the opposition leader of the CPC to confirm the fact. He’s in cahoots with the governing party. Bought and paid for.

  12. Unlike Meng, the 2 Micheals cannot leave china at any time they want. They are being subjected to arbitrary detention, and Kafkaesque trials, but according to the senator, we should recognize the legitimacy of the Chinese judicial system, and all that entails….

  13. Pardon my thickness, but what exactly were the two Mikes doing in China in the first place? Who’re they working for, and what “business” were they conducting in Chinah that required them to be there? Why were they picked over any other “Canadians” walking down the street in Chinah, because apparently there were lots to pick from, long before Wuflu struck? We haven’t heard a peep from distraught girl friends, wives, kids, mothers nor inconveniencing the Chinese in any way over here, other than the sham inconvenience visited on Ms. Rich Bitch? What’s taking so long to whisk her over the border, or release her now that the Chinah Pres is holding sway in the White House? Of particular interest is that Powercorp, who have been operating for decades in Chinah, have not been inconvenienced one iota. If the Chicoms were serious, that’s who I’d slam the hammer on. It’s not like we are concerned with saving, or losing face especially the Black faced Minstrel we have as a the Prime Idiot.

  14. Thats racist! Cant you see all the racial hate against Asians these days…. com’on man leave the poor Asiana alone. You know it for our own good. The Asian hate card is in full swing in the states, it will come here as well. Cant bad mouth an Asian (i.e. Chinese) or your a racist now leave the CCP party and their citizens alone as they rape north america.

  15. If you still have doubts about Dear Leader orally servicing Chairman Xi, there is only one hope for you, MAiD. You’re too far gone.

  16. Perhaps ONLY people Born in Canada should be allowed to run for and work in Public Office

    Enough of these Diaper Heads And Chicomms already.

  17. Look, it’s fine to go on and on about “Canada should do this” and “Canada should do that”, but let’s face the facts.

    We presently have a Government that is bent over a Beijing barrel. The Liberal Ivory Tower Trash is compromised by two things: (a) their investments n China and (b) favours received from Xi and Co.

    On anything to do with sucking up to the chocomms they can rely on the support of the useful idiots in the NDP.

    And the final nail in the retaliation coffin is a pathetic Conservative Party that marches to the steps called out by Justin’s bought-and-paid-for media.