20 Replies to “Little Known Facts … You Won’t See on CNN”

  1. Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the old USSR, owns three houses one of them a lake house. When asked, he said he “needs” all three of them. This was well after he was kicked out of a commune years ago for being a parasite.

    1. Twas ever thus.
      The Media is trying to start a race war to cover up the looting and Whitey is the target.

      Nothing, not a tiny thing will change, until Canadians get in the face of their Lying, Liberal Loving Media every day in every way.

      Canadians he said?

  2. After all, grifting worked so well for Al Shakedown, hasn’t it?

    Then there are Barry and Mike, who, after moving out of the White House, got themselves a nice place in Martha’s Vineyard.

  3. Justin took a knee but you know nothing matters to a Liberal unless taxpayer dollars, the more the better, are involved.
    Just how much did you and Canadians contribute to the Marxists?
    The Canadian Lying Media will never tell.

    Blame the Lying Media and you’ll probably be right.

  4. For that price in Canada, you’ll be lucky to get a shit hole garage falling apart as the big bucks speculators have taken control of our Real Estate industry.
    Seeing houses in Muskoka right now flipping $150,000 to $200,000 weekly right now. Pretty profitable market for them.

    She’ll bring down the property values quite nicely with her shit disturbing.
    The only reason the media would have anything to do with her is causing trouble is news worthy.

  5. Topanga Canyon is one of the whitest neighborhoods in LA. <2% black. Low crime, very desirable. As opposed to Lynwood, Willowbrook, Watts, Compton, and so on.

  6. Comment from my super lefty buddy married to a school teacher. He wants our minimum wage in Ontario to be $20 an hour as New Zealand is trying to do. He retired to a northern nice town after selling his Toronto home for mega bucks. I, as a former Director of Payroll, questioned how rising taxes and company costs to pay for this wage would kill our economy. His response:

    “Unlike you Dave I like paying taxes. It is the cost of a civilized society.”

    My response, “Don’t squeal then when a 50% capital gains tax is taken from the sale of your Toronto home. You entered its sale amount in your T4. When taxes become punitive the rich just move to a lower tax area like Florida or Texas.”

  7. So glad the woke corporation I work for had 5 to 1 matching gifts for employee contributions to Marxist organizations like BLM this past summer. I should print out this article and post it on one of our company bulletin boards.

  8. “He wants our minimum wage in Ontario to be $20 an hour as New Zealand is trying to do.”

    Yeah I’m sure he does. I have a few of them in my neighborhood as well…but they’re the first to pit one kid against another for the cheapest lawn cut. And it’s that kind of nutty mindset why Joe from Alberta discovers it’s cheaper to have his pizza boxes made and shipped from Hong Kong.
    What the Hell…raise the minimum wage to $50/hr. and we’ll call it a day.

    1. Surprisingly, if wages actually kept with inflation, minimum wage would be far over $100 an hour.
      Beating it down with immigrant labor has decimated reality in wages to inflation.
      Also, you have to pay for any political adventure our governments want you to buy into.
      Easy example is insurance…you weren’t born to pay them, our politicians mandated you to.

    2. They never seem to grasp the fact that the minimum is always the bottom no matter high high that bottom might be as all costs rise to the same level.

  9. A friend at college, the son of a prominent CBC radio personality, told me his father’s saying about commies:

    Deep in the heart of every communist lies a desire to own a Mercedes Benz.

    Even at around 17 y.o. I was already there as I vividly recall nodding knowingly. I believe my first encounter with the concept was hearing about how the commie elite all had their dachas. I believe I nodded knowingly to that as well.