The Religion to Replace All Other Religions

A recovered adherent to Critical Social Justice ideology has written an important blueprint for dismantling this destructive cult religion. Don’t kid yourself, IT IS A RELIGION.

I realized that Critical Social Justice ideology is not only intellectually vacuous; it is downright dangerous, and that the reason it has captivated so many minds is not because of the strength of its ideas, but because it has succeeded in silencing more reasonable and time-tested principles. If I had encountered a wider variety of ideas in my undergraduate—and especially in my graduate—education, I would have been spared years of being captive to Critical Social Justice ideology; I would likely have changed my field of study to something more practical; I would have matured more quickly in understanding the complex, and sometimes tragic, nature of human behavior; and I would have developed a more rational, sustainable understanding of how to live in the world as a decent person, outside of the narrow framework of being an activist for “social justice.” If Critical Social Justice ideology had been presented in a more intellectually diverse educational landscape, I would have been able to properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of Critical Social Justice arguments. Sadly, American universities are, for the most part, not marketplaces of ideas, but mere echo chambers.

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  1. Does it reach the level of thought and consistent worldview (even if parts of it devolved to “because the gods say so”) required of a religion?

    I would have thought it’s a cult. Ultimately, a death cult. Nihilistic to the core, and self-destructive.

    1. ” . . .even if parts of it devolved to “because the gods say so” . . .”

      Yes. They assign the word of the God History the proper noun “Science,” which is revealed truth they call “other ways of knowing.”

      Don’t just listen to what they say, watch what they do when they say it. You’ll find they use the same words you do, but assign them very different meanings. They themselves are very aware of this difference in meaning and use it as a weapon against you.

    2. After a complete read of the link, I see nothing that changes my original though. It’s a cult, converts must be shielded from outside influences and thoughts, dissent and original thought is not tolerated.

    3. SocialJusticeBitchers,ExtremeWhinning!.. PurplehairedDickphobicFatties.. Lots of fun descriptors.. Yeahhhh here comes 2021. The year of HindSight is almost over.. Will 2021 be better or worse?

        1. vowg, I kind of agree, but am somewhat perplexed as to how it could get any worse. Unless of course, we accept that this will devolve into civil war.

  2. ” . . . IT IS A RELIGION.”

    They are essentially good old fashioned Calvinists with the proper nouns changed. Many people have started likening them to the Puritans. My position isn’t that are like the Puritans, but that they are the Puritans.

    Calling God “History” and the divine plan “Progress” doesn’t change what they are, even if they wear a Karl Marx skinsuit. Their witch hunts look like which hunts because they are witch hunts.

    1. Your remarks reveal Thst you know/understand absolutely nothing about Calvinists and Puritans.

  3. People who are ignorant of, or blatantly defy the God of Israel don’t believe in nothing. That’s the problem.

    They’ll believe almost anything that indulges their own vanity, making them easy pickings for Satanic cults—Islam, socialism, militant faggotry, black supremacism, globalism, their name is Legion.

    G. K. Chesterton beat our correspondent to that realization generations ago. What took her so long to listen?

    Fading looks, useless credentials and worthlessness on the job and marriage market, dooming her to permanent poverty is my guess—along with the realization that she was past being a particularly useful idiot.

    Experience keeps a dear school. The woke learn in no other, and scarce in that.

    1. Experience keeps a dear school. As good an explanation as I’ve ever seen for why people tend to become more conservative as they grow older. The more experience one has, and the more one has been held responsible/accountable for their own actions, the less glamourous new ideas appear. Knowing how bad things can be when the “established” rule are ignored is more likely to make one stop and think when a new path is offered.

      Or, alternately, changing grips and throws while juggling is best done with practice sticks, not running chainsaws.

  4. ” . . . if my colleagues were to find out about my criticisms of this field, I would be unable to find any employment in academia.”

    She says that like it’s bad thing.

    Dear Ms. “Jones,” don’t get thrown out – RUN!

    1. Run where?

      Her career path has declared to any prospective employer who needs to turn a profit that she is likely to be worse than useless. On the marriage market she is equally worthless.

      What makes you think she had a plan B? That would have required her to have something resembling common sense.

  5. “If I had encountered a wider variety of ideas in my undergraduate—and especially in my graduate—education … I would have developed a more rational, sustainable understanding of how to live in the world as a decent person”

    Most rational people develop this LONG before entering post-secondary education. It’s called growing up. How empty headed does one have to be to enter graduate studies?

  6. Activism is a way for useless people to feel important, even if the consequences of their activism are counterproductive for those they claim to be helping and damaging to the fabric of society as a whole.
    — Thomas Sowell

  7. There’s nothing just about this nonsense, which is simply just another way to balkanize society blurring people with persons.

    For power as end and means; poor versus rich, black versus white, male versus female, sex versus sex, morality versus amorality,

    As Thomas Sowell stated: “Since the sins of human beings are virtually inexhaustible, there is seldom a lack of examples of wrongdoing to which intergroup differences can be attributed, rightly or wrongly. Where the quest for injustice is over-riding, among the things it over-rides are logic and evidence.”

    Always of: “. . ideology. . . is an instrument of power; a defense mechanism against information; a pretext for eluding moral constraints in doing or approving evil with a clean conscience; and finally, a way of banning the criterion of experience, that is, of completely eliminating or indefinitely postponing the pragmatic criteria of success and failure.” Jean-François Revel

    Which inevitably leads, as sure as the sun coming up tomorrow, to: “What is called “planning” in political rhetoric is the government’s suppression of other people’s plans by superimposing on them a collective plan, created by third parties, armed with the power of government and exempted from paying the costs that these collective plans impose on others.” (Sowell)

    With the neo rulers lording over us in the name of the people, different only to degree (so far) from Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Hitler.

    Progressives are totalitarians in training, slow burn Marxists propped up by useful idiots in media, arts and bureaucracies.

  8. The demon Screwtape writes – The thing to do is to get a man at first to value social justice as a thing which the Enemy (God) demands, and then work him on to the stage at which he values Christianity because it may produce social justice.” – CS Lewis.

    1. WZ…CS Lewis is arguably more accurate than Orwell, in breadth and scope when taking both of their works in full. That Hideous Strength, the final novel of his space trilogy, stands in tandem with Orwell’s 1984. But, then, comparisons are odious…but informative taken all together.
      By the way, CS died on the day Jack Kennedy’s head blew off. Oh, and Huxley died that day, too. Providence has a sense of irony, eh?

  9. Gods are mans creations to give answers that they are to afraid to give themselves.
    Man is the master of his own fate not the gods.

    1. Personally I agree with you Shawn, but unfortunately, we have allowed stupid idiots to become our masters….but then, that implies that we too, are idiotic and stupid. The reality is that sadly, this is the truth of the matter.

  10. As others have noted,when you lead with a lie,the rest of your ravings are idiocy.
    Critical Social Justice.
    What a load.
    For every preface to Justice is a denial of true justice.
    For if Justice is not blind and that laws do not apply equally to all,then justice does not exist.
    Yet this is the premise of “social justice”.
    As for “Critical Social Justice”?
    These asshats cannot even figure out which washroom they will use.

    So when you are abused by some adherent of “Critical Social Justice” whip out some hemp rope and start practising your noose making technique.

    Tell them it is for some critiques of their critical thunking.

  11. Punch them in the face instead of system dismantling would be more fun.

    And maybe more practical. It took war to defeat nazis and racist imperialists.

    The radioactive half-life of communism is what? 75 years? Do we want to wait that long?

  12. Leftoxenomorphism is a missionary, messianic and terminally aggressive religion.

    It is missionary because they believe their calling in life is to turn all the rest of us woke like them.

    There’s only place in their worldview for woke people.

    Non woke people are wrong, sick, evil, heathen, “white supremacists”, “internalized misogynists”, “literally hitler”, you name it and there’s no space for us on the planet.

    The are messianic because they see themselves as the messiahs of wokeism.

    By “terminally” I mean they are quite willing to terminate, and that means from cancel culture to genocide, anybody and everybody not willing to kneel and worship their pantheon of idols and be terrified by their gargoyles.

    One of their main idols is “social justice”, an evil joke on real justice.
    One of their sub-cults is feminazism.
    Another of their sub-cults is homofascism.
    Another of their sub-cults is transfascism.
    One of their main gargoyles is “climastrology changeology” an evil joke on real science.
    And the list goes on.

    All they have to show for themselves is their Holy Mother Church of Maarx Moloch.
    The religion that brought us nazi germany, soviet russia, commie china, the killing fields of cambodia, the Armenian genocide, rwanda, cuba and the list goes on.

    That is what they bring and everybody not infected with leftoxenomorphism knows it.