39 Replies to “The ‘W” Word”

  1. The slow suicide of identity politics destroying everything in its path – the new American exceptionalism. The march through the institutions is now complete.

    1. The graphic accompanying this article reminds me of those European women on New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany and many other places.

    1. They hate white people because we have “built” everything. And they are not us, correct. We have been remiss in not adhering to the tribalism they embrace, because our tribe is indeed superior to theirs, that is why they wish to destroy us. It will fail, as history has shown that white people tend to get very angry at some point with the stupidity they put up with and they eliminate that which is harming them.

      1. You know what I’m having a fantastic time with right now?
        Anybody following the mainstream media as enemies of President Trump is marked.
        What a wonderful way for your enemies to show themselves to be popped off later.
        More popcorn please!
        Just sitting back and let the ducks line up…

      2. *
        Reg: “All right, but apart from the sanitation,
        medicine, education, wine, public order,
        irrigation, roads, the fresh water system
        and public health
        , what have the Romans
        ever done for us?”

        Attendee: “Brought peace?”

        Reg: “Oh, peace – shut up!”

  2. The more I see stuff like this, the less inclined I am to give any credence to -anything- a liberal says or does. They are the enemies of life and must be shunned.

    One hopes they don’t take the final step where they try to form the Third Reich and we have to deal with them a bit more harshly than mere shunning.

      1. I’m not that old, only a Boomer, but I -remember- stuff like when they finally lifted the Iron Curtain, and the horrors they found in places like East Germany and Romania. Horrors.

        My old man is still alive, he remembers the horrors that the Nazis perpetrated. He remembers being a kid in the 1930s, watching the whole thing happen in real time. He remembers the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis, I was a like 5 when that happened.

        So now, 2020, I’m sitting here watching the same exact sh1t happen again but this time in the USA and Canada, with China being the driving force. Identical to the 1930s. Down to the freakin’ flags they use.

        Everything in the media these days is a lie. All of it, from Corona to Whiteness, all horrifying lies. Saw a CBC headline about Trump the other day and his “unfounded accusations” over the election, and realized they’d opened the valves on the BS tank all the way. Not even pretending anymore, wide freakin’ open, let ‘er rip.

        1. yup. The day is fast approaching when they’ll get what’s coming to them.

          And me? I won’t give two shiny sh*ts

    1. An anecdote from a long time ago, around 1968 or 1969. I was a student radical way back then, attending a small Catholic university in the U.S. A group of we lefties decided to enroll in a two-credit course, on “the politics of American racism”. The small political science department had no blacks teaching, so they hired a black lawyer from downtown on stipend to teach it. He looked like a well-mannered businessman, not at all radical.

      Anyways, I remember getting hold of the required text a week before the course started, and was so engrossed by it I read the whole thing before the course began. The lecturer was a bore, reading from the book during the lectures sometimes. The six or seven of us studied for the final, and we felt we knew the material.

      When we got our grades, we were disappointed to see that we white students all got “C”s, while the two black students in our group got “A”s. We rolled our eyes and shook our heads, a good introduction to real American racism. That was 50 years ago. Reading the posted article, onec wonders what the liberal schmucks of today must face, as to grades in courses like these.

      1. That sounds like my first graduate supervisor, who wasn’t white. He had students from all over but the ones he spent the most time working with, the ones he was the most favourable to were those from the same part of the world he came from.

        Biased? Surely not…..

    2. “They are the enemies of life”
      The “Liberals”.

      That’s what they are, what they say and what they do are in 180 degrees in opposition.

      What they falsely accuse normal people of doing, they themselves are guilty of.

      Its like preemptive attack and it seems to work with the help of media cartel and other such low life.

    3. It’s called Red China.

      Their only regrets about the Holocaust are:

      1. They didn’t think of it first.
      2. The national socialism experiment had to be cut short before the Final Solution was completed.
      3. They won’t get another chance now the Jews have the bomb.

    1. Our Politicians actions have consequences, unfortunately we will be suffering for that.

  3. It used to start in the universities and colleges but now the brainwashing starts as early as kindergarten. We’re doomed if we let that continue.

    1. “It used to start in the universities and colleges . . .”
      Guess where they teach primary school teachers.

    2. Every education system, from coast to coast, has to be torn down and every public sector union has to be destroyed before anything will ever change in this country. Control of the curriculum must be returned to the municipalities instead of the monolithic Ministries that are staffed by died in the wool socialists that have no accountability to the public whatsoever. I’m sick and tired of being told that I’m not smart enough to know what’s best for me by people who couldn’t change a tire or cook anything more complicated than microwave pizza pockets.

    1. I’m certain of it. During my most recent trip to the States, the hospital I worked in had a very large number of African-American staff in all kinds of medical and technical roles. They were well-educated, happy, and prosperous. There are of course millions of such people all over the country. Meanwhile the cafeteria was staffed entirely by white people.

      Percentage-wise, African-Americans have far more churchgoers than white Americans. You can bet your ass they don’t want to live under Marxism or have armed neo-Black Panthers policing their neighborhoods, or have gangbangers let out of prison to resume whatever activities put them there. I’d like to believe that they are not just embarrassed, but horrified by the behaviour of BLM and their political allies.

      1. Blacks are still voting 85-90% for the Demonrat Party-they’ll never learn. As an aside, I read somewhere that college educated black women earn more than their white counterparts. I don’t see very many blacks protesting against the anti-white narrative and legal discrimination against whites in the U.S., much less in South Africa. Oh well, it’s going to take a lot of pain for peoples heads to be set right.

  4. Every accusation is a confession.

    “White privilege” doesn’t exist.

    The people devising and bankrolling this are a small club of rich white scumbags (or, increasingly, half-white, half-Chinese), who know in their hearts that they only got into fancy universities because their scumbag fathers licked the boots of richer scumbags to gain wealth they did nothing to earn honestly. They wouldn’t know wealth honestly earned if it ran them and their BLM and antifa friends over with a Mack truck.

    In their hearts they know that nothing of value would be lost if the whole bloody lot of them were lined up in the university square and mowed down with a machine gun, and the university endowment distributed among the truly needy—starting with the widows and orphans of good Americans used as cannon fodder in wars waged to make the world safe for fascism with Chinese characteristics.

    In the event I’d settle for their cashing out their trust funds and giving the proceeds to the truly needy, and seeing tomorrow morning about learning an honest trade where they actually make, build or grow something useful, and can look themselves in the eye when they get up in the morning before going to work.

    I won’t insist that they vote for patriots at the polls. That will come as a matter of course—as will the understanding that self-respect cannot be bought, but only earned.

    What can I say? I can dream too.

  5. I believe there is some value in the above statements that, “They hate us because they are not us”. However, if we were to convey that message to them they would likely have their head explode. Racism has become the default. a thoughtful mind would consider this uneducated ignorance. Yet even educated people resort to the default with little engagement. I try to treat everyone I engage with, with a level or even keel, and attempt to respond in a like minded manner to their interaction with me. I don’t care about color or race, and, even as an atheist, try to show deference and respect a persons faith, for their belief is as relevant to them as mine is to me, and as long as they don’t attempt to brow beat me with their religion. (admittedly I do have a lower tolerance for those of the Islamic faith) yet even then, I attempt to be fair minded with them as well, knowing a great number of their adherents hate me for simply existing. I tend to give back what they give to me. If they are respectful and tolerant, I am as well, and always begin any interaction that way. If I perceive a chip on their shoulder, or perhaps a cold shoulder, my defenses trigger, and I will either give back equally, or exercise prudence and leave without further interaction.

    That said, there are times when you need to deal with an attitude, to complete what you are doing, such as shopping or banking while dealing with a snippy type, or a condescending attitude from another, or a teller or store clerk. Most of the time, it’s just a little annoying and not worth further aggravation or complaint. Things have unfortunately changed dramatically in the last few years. At one time you could have a conversation, political or otherwise and debate without vitriol or hate spewed language. Today, such a conversation could get you attacked physically, and even harmed or damaged. Civility has vanished, replaced with identity politics, wokeness, racial bias and hatred. Today, it’s considered racist to insist we all adhere to societal norms plus use math and language with a little reality. The idea that because it’s a white tribe creation, it has no value with their own tribe, whatever that tribe may be. Yet they forget that we are trying to live in one society, one that has evolved over hundreds of years, and they insist now, that we accept and change to this new norm to appease them, yet with little if any personal introspection, of what they think they might achieve with these moronic attitudes. Are they creating dissent for the sake of it? I think not, it’s almost a “group” think. There are many normal folk of all races, colors, and outlooks, but these group think types, whether it’s about systemic racism, illegal immigration, occupied lands, TDS, pink pussy hats, perceived extra hate of, or shootings of blacks, what ever their cause, the lists are almost endless, and some even develop multiple joint causes, “Antifa/BLM”. All it seems to achieve is more alienation from one another. Such groups or causes, create further divisions in our society, that simply make it harder for us all to get along, when what most want, is to just live their life and lives, with as little intrusion, and as much independence as they can. If we were to dig a little deeper than most do, I think we might find it is all deliberate! Societies that thrive are those that accept one another, and work together to achieve and accomplish group and individual goals. That ideal, we most assuredly do not have in north America.

    If you were for any reason, such as financial gain, or gain of power, or some other more nefarious reason, trying to conquer or take over, or destroy a society such as we have…or had, and you were wealthy and have resources, but were not big enough to engage in an all out military assault, how would you go about doing it? Would you not create dissent between races, between political ideals, between religions, between the have and have not people, the rich and poor. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with tenacity and determination, it could be done….is being done. Again, none of this is organic, it is happening because there are people out there that want it, and want it badly enough to apply vast resources to get what they want.

    Four words to ponder, = Globalists, Elites, Davos, Soros!

  6. When someone gets made at my thoughts and calls me a racist or any other derogatory term, I respond with, “So I won the argument? You have nothing of substance to counter?”

  7. Maybe they are surprised at how easy it is to rebel against”whitey” and get no pushback!.. They are acting like they are the majority only using violence against us,and they are getting away with it because Racist has us cowed. But who is more racist, you,me, or BLM?

  8. The time is rapidly approaching where we simply agree;
    “Damn right I’m racist,learn yoga and go down on yourself”,
    alternately “Have sex and Travel”.
    The accusation has power only over the pearl clutching ninnies who want to be loved by all.

    I have proudly stated “I am without racial prejudice for I hate everyone equally” for 40 years.

    However,those cretins who see racial division as a path to power are slime.
    We must reintroduce the code of duelling,as such vicious scum need removed from the gene pool as soon as they self expose.

    Our new country can reduce the cost of government enormously,simply by insisting all taxpayers must carry and all tax-takers cannot.

    For these institutional haters can only survive as parasites.
    Ugly twisted worms gnawing at the foundations of civilization,corrupt with so much self hatred they will never rise out of their self made cesspits.
    Who needs them?

  9. Some define success as the ability to run down a wounded wildebeest while others define it as figuring percentages using Roman numerals. The former win medals in track and field, the later Noble prizes in math andd science.

  10. Affirmative action on steroids and where progressives are initiating a quasi societal caste system, whites of course always held close but not quite at the bottom of the institutionalized hierarchy. They’ll use Whites to keep the machine running and that’s about it. We’re seeing it already and it’s only going to get worse. Flown out of Pearson or Vancouver lately? Check out who are in positions of authority – that ain’t no accident Skippy.

    Yes yes I know…cutesy anecdotes do not a policy make. But when you almost miss a flight to Europe because a security attendant becomes absolutely ballistic only because you had the unmitigated gall to tell her that her pidgin English instructions to you were unintelligible – then calls her unsympathetic soy boy white manager for backup to berate you. You just know something else is going on.

    Racist? Yeah, like I give a shit.

    1. But when you almost miss a flight to Europe because a security attendant becomes absolutely ballistic only because you had the unmitigated gall to tell her that her pidgin English instructions to you were unintelligible – then calls her unsympathetic soy boy white manager for backup to berate you. You just know something else is going on.

      Edmonton’s airport isn’t any better. If it isn’t a soyboy, it’s a short, fat, tattooed feminist with purple hair cut in a lesbian style.

      The security of the nation rests in their hands….. yeah, right.

      1. Whenever I see one with ugly blue hair, I complement them. “Nice hair…..its the same colour as the water in my toilet”

    2. Some years ago, was flying home from Vancouver and got tagged because my underwire bra had set off some sensor. So got patted down by a rather embarrassed agent and was told to turn around, at which point I faced a group of unbelieving travellers watching this happen.

      Got through “security” and the next thing I saw was a shoe-shine stand “manned” buy a woman in full burkha. Did wonder what security checks “she” had to get through for the job.

      Over the years, have had many “random” checks on my various travels. I’m always told “it’s random” to which I am prone to respond that would be more assured if I thought they were pulling me over for a reason.

      1. It’s rare if I get through airport security without having something of mine being checked.

        One time, it was my boots. Someone didn’t recognize that the straps and buckles were part of the design. (Hey, Alberta’s cowboy country. People wear boots like that.)

        I use an occlusal guard because a former dentist figured I grind my teeth at night. You guessed it–someone thought it was suspicious.

        How about a full-body scan in which I had to remove my handkerchief out of my pocket because someone couldn’t figure out what it was?

        Stuff like that often made me wonder if I’m on some sort of blacklist and require extra “treatment”. Then again, I don’t think that Mensa membership is a necessary qualification to work as airport security.