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    1. I will add one additional observation.

      When left-wing parties (Trudeau Liberals included) hold a majority in Canada they go for major change that is often hard to reverse. We get saddled with their bad ideas sometimes for decades and this is true at both the provincial and federal levels.

      When the right has a majority in Canada they just tinker, and most of what they do can easily be undone the next time the left gets a majority.

        1. Yes, they’re called like that by prone to temper tantrums, binary world idiots who handed the win to Trudeau.

          1. Colon is a typical LibCons. Blindly voting for a party which deceives + lies to low info voters by having the word “conservative” in its name. Buyer beware.
            Who is the only party leader in last election who had defunding the CBC in its platform?
            Scheer? No; he was promising a GST break on your hydro bill, as pandering.
            It was Maxime Bernier

      1. Yes, conservative leaders lack the courage to bear the brunt of the media outrage if they do anything too radical. My CPC MP told me that Stephen Harper would not touch CBC because in his opinion, Eastern Canadians considered CBC a “sacred” institution.
        Liberals can do anything they want because they know the media has their back.

        I’m glad some conservatives are starting to recognize that while Harper was a good PM by Canadian standards, he was NOT the greatest statesman in Canadian history or even it’s greatest PM. But then too many conservatives believe Andrew Scheer was a great CPC leader, not the life long political animal he really is, one that was willing to utilize one of the conservative’s greatest enemies to dig up dirt on an opponent in the CPC,Max Bernier.

        I do not understand the propensity of allegedly sentient Canadians adults for throwing themselves at the feet of a political party and accepting The Leader with the blind faith of a religious fanatic,ignoring many faults and lauding his few virtues. Politicians are ambitious and ruthless people who are very aware of their own shortcomings and invest in a career in politics instead of trying their second rate skills in the private sector where they know they wouldn’t get far.

        They aren’t there to serve us.

        By our standards, Harper was a good PM, not Saint Stephen the Magnificent.

        As to Justin Trudeau, words fail me. %$##@&%!!*&%%$#&!!! Consider that a string of obscenities.

        1. Yes , Harper was a good PM , but rather than canning the CBC early on , while there was time for the issue to subside , he did nothing as he was so focused on getting elected in the next election. In the end it was the CBC (among others) who led the charge in his defeat , resulting in the current Trudeau the 2nd disaster for the country.

          While Harper was a good PM , he was/is a globalist at heart , he allowed China access to investing in Canada. Notice how he has never been invited to the White House during the last 4 years. That is no surprise as Trump is a nationalist and Harper a globalist. Witness that fact that Harper was a big fan of TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and Trump rightly canned that as one of his first initiatives. I read TPP Section 17 and it was totally globalist giving up sovereignty in many areas but especially the media .. a China goal.

          Trudeau the 2nd. What can you say. The guy is basically an arrogant , stupid communist , guided by an advisor, Gerald Butts who is a marxist.

          Regarding Trudeau the 1st and his vaunted Charter , it doesn’t include the right to own property , which speaks to his communistic ideals

        2. My MP’s team told me the same drivel about Eastern Canadians and their love for the CBC. Eastern Canadian votes are valued more because they are worth more

        3. Mr morris, He doesn’t have any virtues, if he did, then he might have been more “ethical” as well. He’s also not very bright either. I detested senior, but at least senior was intelligent, the spawn is not, and Butts is his brain, and Butts is dangerous to us all. He is the wizard pulling the levers behind the curtain, and even though we know it, he still gets away with it. Words don’t fail me, but as far as I’m concerned, Justin’s surname is an obscenity, and he has failed us and Canada. What does fail me is the fact that there are idiots who think the sun shines out of his (_i_) .

      2. Recall that Harper’s majority was with a slightly higher percentage of the vote than Zoolander’s majority. Yet the entire national media parroted the mantra after Harper’s win that “36.8% is NOT a Mandate”, while when the Spawn won a majority with 36.5% ( I may have mis-remembered he exact percentages but they were only a few tenths apart), they all loudly declaimed about the stunning “Mandate for Change” that he had.

        1. The corporate media also yammered on about how “young” the Clown Prince was when elected. I remember thinking that Harper was about the same age more or less at his first election as PM, but isn’t it strange that I don’t remember the media praising Harper for his youth compared to the outgoing Martin PM.

          And when Joe Who, (shout out to “Joe” who commented below), had been elected the youngest PM to date, the media only referenced the risk of callow youth and inexperience. (Compared to that old relic, the Magus of the Rideau).

          The corporate media exist to manufacture our perceptions so that they align with the purposes of our “owners”.

          1. Je me souviens, translates to “we shall remember”. When driving in Sherbrooke Que, many years back with a chatty local guy, I asked, “Je me souviens,” seen on the car license plate just ahead of us, “what does that mean I asked?” He replied, “We shall remember”, My reply, “Remember what?” His reply, “Um, er, um, I forget”….sigh! I chuckled all the way back to his house, and so did he.

  1. And, those were the good ole days. Now all the MSM is bought and paid for. The Trudeau Communist party is actively working with social media to censor any dissenting opinions, and passing more punitive laws to curtail any speech they deem to be hateful. We are on the precipice of internment camps and reeducation centers, unless Trudeau can be disposed of, once and for all.

      1. A major reason the Chinese had Harper removed. They were promised a pipeline to the Pacific, which didn’t happen.

        They thought the Libranos would hurry things along, being more natural allies of China. But for Trump, and a greater need for the Libranos to avoid regime change by a frustrated United States, the pipeline just might have been built by now.

  2. The Senate, the CBC, equalization payments…. nothing done.

    Remind me, what DID Harper achieve exactly ?

    Why must Conservatives become so timid once in power ? We must learn the “hit back, twice as hard” lesson.

    1. Agreed 100%.

      I believe this is why so many conservatives in Canada like Trump. He is willing to take on the left without hesitation. I honestly cannot remember when that last happened in Canada. I am tempted to say Mike Harris in Ontario, but meh.

    2. Harper was an economist which is similar to weather forecaster.

      He did a decent job on the economy, shaved 2 cents off the GST and gave us Tax Free Savings accounts … I think Trudeau has been eyeing those ever since.

      Canada is not a real country. It is several territories who have decreasing amounts of commonality. We need to break up soon. At least before Trudeau kills what’s left of us.

      1. J West said, “He did a decent job on the economy, shaved 2 cents off the GST and gave us Tax Free Savings accounts … I think Trudeau has been eyeing those ever since.”

        WTH do you think the carbon tax is?

        Sure they give back the principal to select people minus administration costs, but it has GST tacked on which is NOT refundable. The so-called carbon tax is simply a 4-5% GST hike and Canadians are too stupid to realize it.

    3. Hey, Harper’s tenure wasn’t a total loss; after all, he did score an invite to Bohemian Grove.

      “Peter [Mackay]: I am back from the Bohemian Grove,” [Colin] Powell writes. “Surprise, Surprise, I sat next to Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion.”

  3. “If the BBC setup in Canada; it would be the most right of center broadcaster in Canada, by a country mile.” ~Stephen Harper
    Wall to wall socialist media in Canada muzzling Canadians.
    “If you don’t believe in free speech for people you disagree with, and even hate for what they stand for; then you don’t believe in free speech.”

  4. IMO Harper thought he had re-election in the bag. It makes you wonder how in tune he and his advisors were. Their campaign was more out of touch than Sheer’s was. Neither were a credit to conservative thinking.

    My refusal to be interviewed by the CBC the other day drew some surprised looks here in BC. I said sleezy journalism should not be supported. The Harper people thought they could influence the CBC and instead they were used.

    1. Quite wrong. They knew they were in trouble from the beginning. They knew that the media party was in a gang-up with Liberals, NDP and Greens. The NDP were still being protected by a veneer of faux reverence for Jack Layton’s achievements in Quebec. The Liberals were being fawned upon by just about every reporter in Canada because of the Trudeau name. They also had the hostility of two major provinces to deal with: Ontario and BC. And Alberta was useless having just escaped the regime under Redfraud and was now under the Harper opponent Prentice.

      Where were you while all this fecal matter was hitting the fan?

      1. Don’t fool yourself on Jack Layton, I had an email from him being full on in this globalization by totally believing in global warming at the time. That UN report was done by scientists you know.

        1. Of course Layton believed in it. But my point was that he was revered by the NDP and the left-leaning press for his historic breakthrough in Quebec which had mostly been owned up to that point by the Bloc or the Liberals.

          1. That was very impressive to see on Election night as Quebec turned orange with NDP mostly first time candidates…He was having a difficult time finding experienced politicians.

        2. Remember the short stint =of about two month where the NDP had “We are the Party of Muslims” on their website and the Muslims they had were all Muslim Brotherhood radical types, every last one of them. That was my #walkaway moment when it came to the left.

  5. Agreed, the CBC needs to go. Unfortunately, normal right thinking Politicians need an ironclad grip on their underling staff (mostly socialist liberal federal employees) who have the wherewithal to destroy their bosses. Harper hoped incremental changes would do the trick; he was wrong.

    1. It may have been easier said than done. Along with organised riots, the CBC and the well funded left would have gone crying to the Supreme Court. The Lieberal bitch from Ft. Macleod (AKA Ch. Justice McLachlin) would have reinstated it with punitive damages awarded. To get rid of the CBC, we would have to go full Maximilian Robespierre on the entire organisation and its sympathisers.

    2. The CBC needs to stay, they couldn’t make their living anywhere else, any other way. It is we who need them to go, so we must find ways to push. They aren’t going anywhere if they aren’t sent, and the government (I very much mean the bureaucracy as well as the current governing party) is very comfortable having its own media dominant in the country, cheering for it and assisting it.

      Get on this Senator’s proposal, back it up with letters to your MP, – even if, maybe especially if your MP isn’t Conservative – the relevant Minister, the Auditor-General. And the head of the CBC, try to give them the idea their position isn’t safe.

  6. Take a real close look at the CBC logo. Zoom in. You’ll see that instead of red pixels, the CBC logo is comprised of tiny ‘Liberal Party of Canada’ logos.
    (sarcasm for the humor challenged)

  7. Interesting bit in the comments from Julian Assange and Theo Fleury:

    “When Harper left office, Canada was ranked 6th best country for quality of life, after Trudeaus first year 9th place, after second year 15th, after third year 17th, today 2020 midyear 21st place, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see where this is going.”


    1. I thought that was astonishing. Media needs to take note. Our country is disintegrating. Harper was a fine Prime Minister. It is easy to criticize, but his tenure was based on values, honesty, and careful thought. Canadians like their government agencies. I think it would have been very politically unpopular to ax the CBC — incrementalism was a good way to proceed and given a second majority, I think it would have been successful in defanging the CBC. Canadians must learn the hard way, I guess. I miss Harper. Canada was in a much better place when Harper was our leader.

      1. Incrementalism would have been a good way to proceed if it had worked. It didn’t work because it wasn’t given enough time to work, so it turned out to have been not a good way to proceed. I’m not unsympathetic to PM Harper on this, the future was unwritten, he had to make a guess on what could work and if he thought more than one way could, which had the best chance. He guessed wrong.

  8. Back then, I kept telling lefties that Harper was the only true liberal in the race and they looked at me like I was crazy. I’d still take him over Trudeau any day, however.

  9. Stephen Harper was the closest thing Canada had or will ever have to a legitimate ideological conservative as prime minister. I say closest, because even he was still too left wing or didn’t act upon conservative values often enough.

    He reversed the long gun registry but didn’t go far enough by reversing more gun control, he abolished the wheat board but it took too long to do so, and as Kate as has stated he didn’t defund the cbc. And in the end, like Andrew Scheer and ultimately Erin O’toole, he was defeated by a racist and sexually abusive trust fund brat. There is no hope for legitimate conservatism in Canada, which is why we must no longer be a part of Canada, whether that be as a result of a referendum or resurrection.

    1. Did you mean “insurrection?”

      Because unless Alberta shoots her way out, or (more realistically) gets the Americans to do it for her, she’s not going anywhere before the Second Coming.

    2. Can we say Canada had a brain fart with Trudeau and his massive spending be forgivable loans?
      Not likely, the banking system loves entrapped servitude.

    3. Kenlis, Would that be resurrection or insurrection? I too, would Take Harper any day. He was a policy wonk, and yes, a tinkerer. With enough time he might have done more, but in this country, conservatives are the respite party when the Libs piss enough of us off, but we stupidly forget their multitude of crimes and vote em back in for two or three mandates before another respite relief of a mandate or two. Harper lasted longer than most Conservative mandates before him, but only had the one majority. But YES, we need to fight and bite, when we have the government seat, not whine and tinker!

  10. well harpo did institute a law were the banks can take 10% of any and all accounts they hold, with out notice, if they are under water and over stressed, there’s that. Butt what do you SCC’s expect from some one who thinks the world came about around 4000 years ago? Logic is NOT their strong point! Harpo thought the CBC was/is a sacred cow, he could just have privatized it and sold it off, letting it fail on it’s own.

  11. As much as this is a glaring error on Harper’s part, it must also be pointed out that as Canadians, we have an inherent and lazy trust in governments or even people. We expect them to fix these messes. How many rallied around Doug Ford as the “new Trump”?

    The problems we see in Canada now are cultural. People are fine to be lazy @$$holes voting for another lazy @$$hole. Very few are willing to take to the streets.

    Living abroad has been an education for me. I’ve seen people get livid and react to even minor changes from the government. People in Hong Kong are literally risking their lives for freedom. I pointed this out to a Canadian woman and she shrugged her shoulders and said we could not do that here.


    We WON’T do what they do in Hong Kong and that is why we will end up with the CBC, censorship and North Korean-style camps.

  12. Every station is MSNBC in Canada. True.

    Witness the recent deaths of John Turner and Cretch’s wife and the coverage. Both were way overdone for the lack of accomplishments, should have been a 1 minute note, instead, 5 minutes each of their wondrous ness. Liberals.

    I don’t know about about the rest of you, but Turner was a colossal failure, the Never Was of the Liberal party. Cretch’s wife? I’m sorry, other than that, what was with the collective coverage about, that 99% of Canadians didn’t GAF about? She was not elected and did not serve in any capacity, a lame attempt by the media to “Eleanor“ her? It was bizarre, and carbon copied across all the lefty newsies. Bizarre.

    Oh yeah, orders from the PMO. Strings attached.

    Klowdtv.com is looking really good right now.

    1. Turner was the product of his mother, who apparently was a very sharp woman, (for government work, at least), and she went so far as to engineer a “chance meeting”, aka ambush, between her son and Mackenzie King, while the PM was out walking his Irish Terrier, Pat III. That’s how ambitious she was for her son to grab the brass ring.

      Interestingly, Turner was attracted to intelligent women. Geills, (I will say “apparently” again), was also a very smart lady, who married the jock rather than her intellectual equal. Turner’s mother or wife would have been better PMs than John, and certainly not the ideological disaster that was/is the Trudeau dynasty still ruling.

      The great mystery is why Turner was thought to have the royal jelly when he resigned in 1974 (?), when only a few short year later his fall from Anointed One status was so rapid and humiliating. Had Trudeau been able to capture the entire media elite in the interim?

      Trudeau really hated Turner, (jock envy?), and totally screwed him over many times, fatally, in fact, resulting in the “you had an option, sir”, death sentence.

      Strangely enough Turner himself shares responsibility for the political ascendancy of Trudeau. If he and Paul Hellyer had supported Winters at the 1968 leadership, (Turner had refused to drop out), Canada would have been spared from Trudeauism. Even the old lefty Judy Lamarsh foresaw dire consequences. “Paul, you’ve got to support Winters so we can stop that son of a bitch!!” [edit: upon reflection, I think Judy called Trudeau a “bastard”]

      Incidentally, my hall of ignominy for those responsible, directly or indirectly, for the manufacture of Trudeau as a political reality are (no particular order):
      1. Jean Marchand and Pearson (Pearson caved to Marchand and gave Trudeau a high-profile cabinet role)
      2. Paul Hellyer and Turner (as mentioned)
      3. Maurice Strong and Keith Davey (they created the Trudeau myth)
      4. Dalton Camp (he was responsible for Stanfield, the Erin O’Toole of his day)
      5. Joe Clark (who could easily have won the support of Fabien Roy and the Creditistes to shut the Liberals out long enough for Donald MacDonald to take over from Trudeau. Trudeau’s arrogance had obviously rubbed off on Clark, which combined disastrously with his own congenital stupidity.

      Of course, the media elites, the power elites, and a plurality of Ontarians and Quebecers also deserve credit for Trudeau, but the Hall is reserved for key individuals only.

      1. I remember when a staunch Liberal friend (the good old days) and I decided to check out this national phenomenon when he visited NB.

        Standing about 5 feet away from him, we both agreed that:

        1. he was unimpressive and looked very small(though listed as 6 ft)
        2. he was a poor speaker
        3. he had zero charisma
        4. he looked like he enjoyed John McCallum’s company
        5. he wasn’t going to win

        Just another in the long line of Liberal Party/Canadian Media co-produced phantasmagoria.

  13. Yes, he did have a choice! The SUN news network should have been allowed the same operating parameters that the CBC enjoyed, mandatory carriage. For the rest of the faux conservatives here that can’t grant Harper some acknowledgement of what he accomplished, he did cancel the gun registration and he did enact the indigenous accountability act. Unfortunately the Liberals, true to form and as mentioned above, rescinded both of these accomplishments. The problem with many so called conservatives in Canada, and I admit in the Twenty-first Century there are few of them, is that they have allowed themselves to be pigeon-holed into a mischaracterization by the Left. Too many years of conducting politics under the Marquess of Queensbury rules while the left adopted Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. The events south of the 49th are an example of one conservative that is starting to adopt the Left’s game plan in politics and that is causing turmoil. Fortunately many Americans still believe in personal accountability and freedom and are rallying behind the conservative belief that governments are something that we establish and empower to govern us, not to rule us.

  14. Getting rid of the CBC is simply a “Forensic Audit”… It is impossible to budget a 1.5 Billion loss year-after- year in Broadcasting… NBC-NYC found some of the many ways used to steal, and they MADE ~> 1.5 Billion… Consistence (cooking the Books) is a sign of Systematic Theft

    Get it Done


  15. I’m so sorry to see that Alzheimers is affecting Mr. Harper at such a young age.

    Either that or Mr.Boutique Tax Cuts Now Long Gone thinks your average Conservative supporter would swallow any silly falsehood.

    Mr. Missed Opportunity himself was massacred by the Canadian Media ( that should not have been any surprise) and he responded with all the fight you would expect from a Joe Clark/Kim Campbell lovechild.

    Trump has more spunk in his little finger.

    I half expect there to be new gender named for Canadian Conservatives.
    From Fumbling Bob to Wrong Way Joe.
    From Lying Bags Brian to Kim’s Jean and Elsie show.
    From Mumbles McKay to Parson Manning.
    From Stock SeaDoo to Sideways Steve.
    From Scheer Lightweight to O’ No……?

    What’s next?
    Welcome your new Conservative Leader, Joe Btfsplk?

    I know what I expect.
    More of the same.
    Just like the Liberals without the good press.
    Which only makes them try harder.
    To be Liberals.

    I’m tired, tired, tired, Chris Rock tired of it.

    He could be talking about Canada.
    Can’t have shit, Liberals want it.
    Conservatives, put the Liberal dick down.

  16. Pffffftttt…Harper, what a nothingburger. No one watches or listens to the CBC save for some blue hairs who need their Big Band fix on Saturday mornings. The calamitous drop in advertising revenue only proves it, couple that with a sneaky yet nasty undercurrent of anti Semitism within their ranks and it tells me they’re destined for failure. I personally know at least 10 people in my immediate family ranging in ages from 19 to 40 and I guarantee you they couldn’t name one CBC show they watch or listen to even on a “once in a while” basis.

    So screw it! Stop obsessing over it. Conservatives need to focus their energies on a vast array of internet media platforms to get their message across and ASAP. Get on the “conservatism is the new counterculture” meme. Look at how Rebel Media is making the buggy whip manufacturers at the Canadian MSM lose their fng minds.
    And why in my opinion Liberals are getting ahead of the curve by contemplating licensing and along with it content monitoring – A sad day for Canada IMO…and if they have their way, will make SDA a thing of the past.

  17. Agree Kate, right in the money as usual, the biggest error in Harper’s term was trying to appease the lefties and media versus smiling Nodding in front of the cameras and kicking a$$ away from them.

    When will conservatives realize there is only one hope, fighting back as hard (or harder) as the left does??

    1. Sadly, Canadian Conservative Leaders remind one of the Black Knight.

      Full of talk.
      Brave, maybe foolhardy.
      Against long odds and pretty much alone ( talk about your Potemkin army), it’s a massacre as usual.
      Left as useless as limbless man in a swordfight.
      Then, the Media and the Conservative Leader agree it’s just a scratch.


  18. The government of Chinada Province, whether under direct Liberal control or under that of a bogus opposition party, will never defund the CBC.

    It wouldn’t do any good anyway.

    The corporate media is designed to sell whatever Bay Street wants sold, not to report real news. The market for genuine journalism is extremely small even in the United States, which doesn’t have a CBC or anything similar to compete unfairly (unless you count PBS, which is more similar to TVO, Télé-Québec or other even more shambolic, hard-leftist “educational” networks).

    What would do some good, in Canada and the US, is an Accurate News and Information Act to force the media to stop inventing “sources familiar with the matter” and to allow officials who know what they’re talking about to set the record straight.

    But of course that is a non-starter, because Bay Street insist that freedom of speech is their right to disseminate propaganda and pornography, not the right of decent people to both speak and hear the truth.

  19. If you live and run a business in Canada, move your business offshore … NOW. Leave. Pay your exit tax and get the fleck out. In five years, it’ll be “now you’se can’t leave”.

    All my colleagues in Canada have either moved out, or are closing up shop and moving assets and capital, fast.

    It’s about survival long term.

  20. I would have been happy to see just CBC TV go. CBC Radio was at least local.

    To me one of Harper’s biggest failings was not appointing new Senators. Trudeau was able to appoint 21 Senators in late 2016 because Harper’s nose was out of joint after he was unable to get the Senate reforms he wanted.

  21. Agree with much of the above but I think there was interference in the 2015 election. Probably 5 points worth based on social media manipulation.

  22. Kory’s analysis was correct but the Quebec billionaire wasn’t powerful enough to get an equal chance from the CRTC.

    Marxists running government bureaucracy reject the idea of an equal playing field in principle. Because, such competition leads to a hierarchy of competence; that is not how they acquire or keep their jobs. It fulfills their lust for power and allows then to vent to their resentment(Cain and Able) against those successful in the private sphere; this via genocides, cultural revolutions, gulags and guillotines and cancel culture/de-personing, social credit scores.

    Destroying free speech and a free press has been the dominant political campaign of the Trudeau government… a variation of the C.P.P.s treatment of Hong Kong. (Note- he’s seized more control of the Canadian media and now the economy faster than anyone imagined; and the most of the business class are kowtowing, are prostrating themselves in obedience.

    Emperor Trudeau’s promise to take political control of the internet in Canada, is all that remains for total thought control, in lockstep with his ideological idols in the C.C.P. . Freedom of association, lost due to limiting public gatherings, Freedom of Speech, lost due to masking and not allowed to associate outside your bubble.

    Civilian disarmament, just the last step to prevent a repeat of The Magna Carta uprising that made the Rule of Law, apply to the Crown and agents of the government as to the commoners.

    History is not divorced from the personalities of the characters that play out their roles. Finding one’s moral courage is harder than finding one’s physical courage. But the required sacrifice of doing that, it is the virtue, the over riding ideal, that built Western Civilization.

  23. Every conservative PM before being elected: “I’m a conservative.”
    Every conservative PM once elected: “I’m a centrist.”
    Every conservative PM after being ousted: “Canada needs a conservative PM.”

    What’s next? Harper gonna tell me that Trudeau shouldn’t be banning guns? Or Canada needs more pipelines to tidewater?

    Lucy has pulled the ball on this Charlie Brown one too many times.

  24. I still believe that Conservatives, and Canada, have no bigger enemy than the Bitove-owned Toronto Star.
    The (once?) top selling newspaper in Canada is nonstop, top quality Liberal Party propaganda.
    CBC, CTV, Global being close seconds.

    Sad commentary on a biased, partisan, compromised Media.
    Destroying democracy.

  25. Harper was a good PM.

    However, if he had set the Commie BC free in the first 6 months of the Majority, nobody would have remembered it by the time of the next election. Remember, very few pay any attention to the CBC anyway and nobody would care after the elites had their tantrum.

    We have to start governing like the Leftist Liberals. Note that Turdeau reversed all of the laws that the Conservatives had worked so hard to bring into effect.

    From now on, we must govern by taking no prisoners and let the chips fall where they may and govern as if we had the mandate that we had actually been given.

  26. Hey, don’t look at me. I am not the one who told you “the CPoC and Andrew Scheer are the only chance to stop Trudeau”.
    I am not the one who is still going on about “it was Maxime Bernier’s fault”, in the Hillary “I am actually president” Clinton style.
    I am not the one telling you now “the CPoC and O’Toole are the only chance to stop Trudeau”.

    Fool me 9,999 times or less, shame on you. Fool me 10,000 or more times, shame on me. AM I RIGHT?!

    You want to keep voting for the same leaders? Stop crying when it always turns out the same.

    1. Maybe, actually go out and vote for the one they are calling a “white nationalist”.

      If you want to rub their noses in it, then actually rub their noses in it.

  27. Harper should have revamped the CRTC and also gotten rid of mandatory carriage for the CBC.

    One thing he got right (that hasn’t been mentioned here) is freeing HNIC from the clutches of the CBC. The loss of this cash cow is one of several factors that will kill the CBC. Too bad it’s going to be a while yet.

    In any foreseeable time-line, the only solution is Wexit. Once the West has had enough, the rest of Canada will happily negotiate a more equitable and freer federation.

  28. Shrug.
    Six tenths of the electorate is red, ninety-five percent of the remainder is pink with yellow leaders.

    So take care of you and yours.

  29. The first politician to come out, and start treating the Pravda Media of Canada like so many so called conservatives treated Sun News Network, Post Millennial, The Rebel, and all the rest.

    Whomever does to the CBC, what so many NDP, Liberal, Green, and CPoC MPs have done to The Rebel, I will vote for that guy.

    When I see the video, where the “reporter” being told “I only answer questions from approved media” is from the CBC instead of Spencer Fernado, or Keane Bexte, … .

    Until I see someone who treats the enemy, like they actually believe it is the enemy, there is really no point, is there.

  30. Typical no backbone conservative, too soft, too timid. Because of is lack of action, the only right wing media Canada has is Rebel Media, but that’s only in english. On the french side there is nothing, nada, 0% of right wing media representation. For a man from Calgary Alberta he wasn’t much of a cowboy.