Elections Have Consequences

Reading through Andy Ngô’s Twitter feed is a walk through an alternate reality where the Rule of Law has completely disappeared from Portland, Oregon. Here’s a short list of [alleged] Antifa thugs who were charged but released without bail:

Based on recent history, all charges for every one of these folks will likely be dismissed.  They magically all seem to have Get Out of Jail Free cards.

With a few minor exceptions, the citizens of Portland have consistently voted in Democrat mayors since 1957 and the citizens of Oregon have entirely voted in Democrat governors since 1987. They can live in a state of denial and blame anyone they want but ultimately the real blame rests entirely with them. Elections do indeed have consequences.

h/t Derek

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  1. That’s a mean gang when they’re masked up and in numbers with weapons.
    I’m not the toughest dude, but I think I go into a room with all 9, just fists and feet and fighting for cause, and I’m the only one coming out.

    1. Buddy, I am an old man and I think the same thing. My skin would be cut but they would be hospitalized.

  2. “Elections have consequences”

    Indeed! And not just in the US of A. Out here in the Ontario countryside, all the kids are singing:

    There is a commie leprechaun
    His name is Tit O’Toole
    He dresses up in suits of blue
    To suck in all the fools

    But in a bit, we’ll see wee Tit’s
    True colour shine right through
    On climate change and pipeline pains
    He’s green as turdo two

    1. Ahh, the GlueHuffing Post.

      Strangely, the police not intervening may actually put an end to this. The twitterati have convinced those determined to fight fascism with fascism that they are on the right side and people support them. Perhaps getting their asses kicked by ordinary citizens on a regular basis will show them the error of their ways and teach them tolerance and respect.

      Whenever these groups square off, with police in between, whatever the mayors orders are, the police have no problem turning their backs to the right, but dare not do so with the leftists. They know that if left alone, the Proudboys will walk around waving flags and singing the national anthem, then go to drink in a bar, but whenever the left shows up, shit gets smashed.

  3. Unsurprisingly, they are all white and never got out of school.
    They are teaching new generation how to act for socialist/fascist, communist cause.

    1. The first thing I noticed; not a lot of diversity in the faces of the Mayors and Governors either.

  4. On a brighter note, at least there are no weird intersectional fantasy I am a gnome genders recorded on their rap sheet.

    1. Pete, not quite. Second last “dude” on the list named Joshua with the big Adam’s apple identifies as a woman. And why not? He looks like a pussy.

  5. I am reminded of the Palestinian Authority. Someone would commit an act of terrorism against Jewish civilians. The PA would announce for the international press they had been arrested, pat them on the back and escort them out the back door. Arresting them and getting go immediately afterward shows the Democrats in Oregon 100% support violence and anarchy and it is part of their plan. The arrests are simply for public consumption so the Democrat politicians can pretend they are doing something opposite to what they are really doing.

    1. Mike, the government. that is why we are where we are because the idiots and morons have been voting for communism for decades.

  6. The current Gov. of Oregon list of accomplishments –

    Born in a foreign country
    Openly LGBT
    Bisexual LGBT woman
    BA in Environmental Conservation
    Certificate in Women’s Studies
    J.D. Degree and Certificate in Environmental Law
    Lifelong politician

    What I cannot find is any evidence of her attempting or passing the Bar Exam. Nor can I find evidence of her having ever held a job outside of politics.

    What do you expect when THIS is who the people elect? You get what you vote for … good and hard.

  7. The biggest problem is the Soros-funded campaign to elect communist prosecutors across the US. See Kim Foxx in Chicago, Gardner in St. Louis, the bitch in NYC, these idiots in Portland. In San Franshitsco, they have a prosecutor who is a terrorist progeny. I call these bastards communists because communism starts with the destruction of the old society with the goal of building the new one, “better and more equal”, on its ruins. So these prosecutors play their part in the ruins section of The Communist Conquest of America.

  8. A real charming bunch, aren’t they? It doesn’t look as if any of them ever did anything useful in their entire lives, let alone work at a real job where they needed proper qualifications and were expected to earn their pay.

  9. What a bunch of FemiNaZI – SoyBoy losers…my lord. I’m with OWG and put me in a room with all 9..me and my friend # 30 Louisville…

    But what’s partially enjoyable for me is that this is what ALL North American CITY Dwellers typically vote for. LEFT WING BS. Look no further than to ANY MAJOR Canadian City and you will see the same FAT SLACK JAwed (_i_)HOLES in council and in the mayors seat. Dems – Libs … it’s all the same skanky rotten smell.