Scratch McGill University

Find a cesspool of anti-Semitism;

“As a Jew, my connection to Israel is a core aspect of my identity, and I hoped that this trip would help me to experience Israel through a new lens,” Wright wrote.
The trip is set to leave for Israel at the end of December. Wright made it clear that the trip entails visits to Israel and the Palestinian territories “to meet with politicians, journalists, and locals from all sides to better understand a very nuanced geopolitical conflict.”
She then explained on Facebook that as a result of her decision to participate on the trip, “the SSMU Legislative Council voted to call for my resignation from my positions in student government.
“The SSMU president personally singled me out, and actively encouraged others to attack me,” she added, highlighting that only she was targeted, despite the fact that another non-Jewish councilor is joining her on the trip.

Much more at the link.

If you wish to register your disgust with ringleader Bryan Buraga, his email is, or leave a voicemail 514-398-6801. I’m pretty sure he’s not answering his phone these days.

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    1. did it.
      email subject was “hey, ya fuckin NAZI”
      I will advise all if there is a response . . . . . .

      also prominently mentioned MY status as a university student.

  1. Let the record show that McGill’s genteel anti-Semitism was the reason Mordechai Richler—the only author worth reading that Quebec ever produced—had to attend Sir George Williams College, as it was in his day (in ours it’s the downtown campus of Concordia).

    To call Montreal’s English-speaking elite “the Westmount Rhodesians” was an insult to the proud people of Rhodesia, who were grateful for Israeli economic assistance during their (ill-fated) independence struggle. Few of the English elite had ever fired a shot in anger, least of all to defend themselves against felquiste murderers—and they didn’t even have brainwashing by a pedophile Roman clergy as an excuse for Jew-hatred in most cases.

    There were exceptions, of course. Most of them voted with their feet after 1977. The remainder were happy to collaborate with the French—and join them in kicking the Jews.

    Nothing’s changed at McGill—not for the better anyway. There’s more French signage, more hideous concrete buildings, more Muslims, and more Chinese—who, of course, essentially match the stereotype of clannish, money-hungry Jews the Westmount élite once wanted kept out of McGill in almost all respects. Funny how they can’t get enough Chinese students in the door now.

    1. McGill was not historically “anti-semitic” at all. It had not originally been established as an English-speaking institution but as a Protestant one, and so, while they would let anybody in, they had strict limits on the number of non-Protestants admitted, to ensure the school stayed substantially Protestant. They did indeed admit Jews, but not every qualified Jew who applied, because there were too many.

      Of course, that was then and this is now.

  2. Actually… the naysayers are probably right. But not for the reasons they probably did it for.

    We all got mad at Trudeau accepting helicopter rides and other graft from the Aga Khan. Likely should have been told “you can’t accept gifts from lobbyists, if you go you have to cover your own expenses”.

    1. Oh come off it. If she’d gone as a guest of Chairman Winnie to Beijing all expenses paid to “experience China through a new lens (made by a slave labourer in China no doubt),” they’d have wished her bon voyage.

      No. She was going to Israel to learn the truth about the place, and acquire facts she could bring home to counter the flood of anti-Zionist bilge poured into the ears of Canadians every day by the Yid-bashers and Arab-lovers in the Canadian media, English and French alike.

  3. McGill was anti-Semitic to the core. Isn’t the expression it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a Jew to get admitted to McGill. Because of McGill they even put it in the Bible.

    1. I love it.
      words from the very Son of God mixed in with some very, very stinging social commentary bridging the eons of time.
      and let’s remind ALL anti-semites that He is Jewish and thus so’se His Old Man. so there.

      and I STILL got a Star of David luggage tag on my athletic kit bag. Im looking at it right now.

      1. Going to be interesting when the Son of God returns, setting up His Father’s Kingdom, based in Jerusalem no less.