23 Replies to “The LGBT Civil War has arrived”

  1. If you haven’t seen David Chappell’s latest comedy special, he had a whole section regarding the alphabet people that lightly touch upon who’s really in charge of the whole thing.

    1. *
      Ask an Endocrinologist

      This new approach, called “gender affirmation,” makes gender dysphoria
      less likely to resolve, pushing children down the path toward irreversible
      medical and surgical interventions. The fact is, no child is actually born in
      the wrong body.


  2. Its interesting to note that all these and other protesters seem to be well fed.
    How does that happen when they apparently have no jobs?
    Seems all this pro – con is funded by some that want to generate strife. In this fashion they can grasp the dark power over politicians and with the active support by the media cartel supress freedom.
    Then a totalitarian dictator, take yer pick of ‘ists, that will promise order can take over with the support of the LIV’s that is very likely the majority of plebeians.

    1. First world problems. They have no worries about survival, so they need to find something else to worry about. And they have to project their fears as a means to self-importance because otherwise their lives are meaningless.

    1. That would make a great bumper sticker. Watch libtards heads explode in your rear view mirror !

      Should get the Trumpers on it. He’s doing a roaring trade in plastic straws and Sharpies. This would also be a guaranteed winner.

  3. Who needs phony-baloney sports shows like American Gladiators when one can watch this stuff for free?

  4. The snake is eating it’s own tail … just keep eating your own depravity.

    Oh, and most all of us normal humans don’t care … and never have. Oddities are just that. Nothing more. Sorry … that “hurts”? That’s “cruel”? That’s “bullying”? Ha! That’s nature baby … and she’s a real bitch.

    1. Kenji, most people hate me because I tell the truth and will not accept anyone’s acceptance of perversion and stupidity. I have females in my family who will never spew queer crap and socialist crap at me because they know I am the alpha male. When I die they will celebrate.

      1. I’m not popular either. My sister in Law will not only not speak to me … but neither she or her husband will be in the same room as me. I coached my own daughter in multiple competitive sports, basketball, softball, and soccer. For years. And when I remarked how I thought it was outrageous that lesbians were “taking over women’s sport” … she ceased speaking with me. Meh. She lacks the intellect for a cogent discussion anyway.

          1. If I may…

            Our soon to be Grandpa Rock n Roll Kenji is not estranged from his daughter CNB, she is making him a grandfather!

          2. I believe Kenji is only “cold” about the use of the pronoun “she”. Yes, that “she” probably should be referring to the immediate antecedent, which is “my daughter.” But reading in context, I do believe he means “my sister in law”,

  5. The Left has always been full of internal contradictories.

    Take Unionists for example. They have always been not only bastions of votes for the Left, but have been a major funding source for decades upon decades. Cue the new Leftist proclivity for bringing in hordes of unskilled mostly illegal SCAB labor.
    They want these scabs because they a cheap labor(which Union labor ain’t), and because they are expected to vote for the Left and Leftists causes even if it is illegal for them to vote. Just one example, there are many more.

    Oh, and Sargon is wrong about abortion not being a male issue. It truly is a human issue.

    1. and long before that the NDP were the party of both the environmentalists and the woodworkers unions in BC. The local union agitator never could explain that one.

      Terry Jacks, at least, understood that one when he was protesting against an old pulp mill. “Shut it down, and compensate the workers!” Yup, other people’s money is always the key to solving problems.

  6. A pox on both their houses.
    More LGBT civil wars to come. Islam against all sexual deviants. “Normal” gays against drag queens.

  7. I liked the comment from: Doubleplus Ungood
    “I, too, was once a man trapped in a woman’s body. Then my mother gave birth to me…”

  8. That Sargon dude a bit of an ass.

    They have been rushing in and shouting down Jordan Peterson, and everyone else sane for what, 30 years? None of those people he is defending now ever raised a complaint.

    Well, you were silent when they came for the conservatives, and this conservative doesn’t give a single feck about plight of biological women now.