21 Replies to “How Much Longer Before the Plague Hits California’s Cities?”

  1. …and here I thoght the Progressive “Plague” of leftist Politics was well entrenched in California for decades.. Isn’t their population declining.?

    Well, seems to me one plague BEGATS another…

  2. I would expect every disease and parasite in Mexico and Central America to become rampant here….
    We wiped those things out years ago…and have lost all resistance to them
    …and for the most part are not even suspect when you go in for diagnosis…so they are not even ID’ed right off

    We quarantine every fish, plant, bug, and bird that comes into this country….and yet we know those diseases and parasites are rampant in Central America and do nothing

  3. If you can perhaps hold on for a week or three, I’ll check around and see if I can find someone who cares.

  4. More gun control will surely fix this.

    Bubonic plague is endemic to the area, incidentally. One or two cases in Arizona every year, up around the Grand Canyon. Dog gets fleas, owner gets the plague. Only a matter of time before the pneumoic version shows up.

    The real fun will begin if rats with Four Corners disease get established in SoCal. That one is a hanta virus, antibiotics can’t treat it.

    When will this change? When rich white Liberals start catching it. Then you’ll see some frantic action by state and local government.

  5. Isn’t vibrant cultural enrichment wonderful? (Yeah, right.)

    When “refugees” are massively imported, they don’t just bring along their customs and practices, they take along their ailments and afflictions as well. Don’t explain that, though, to the open borders brigade.

  6. wonder if any rich white liberals interact with the unwashed?

    How many cars/bikes/firehydrants/bridges are required to pass muster and prove your not a robot?????
    Anybody else having this problem here?
    What’s the point?

  7. Obviously, if plagues do breakout, it will be result of Global Warming(TM). We will need to severely increase taxes and boost immigration levels to cope with these unprecedented threats.

    What I don’t know now is whether I’m being sarcastic or prophetic.

  8. Kate et al — I reposted this information on my several reach out Blogs. Naturally with attribution to SDA. Thanx for the great service in bringing forward necessary news, frequently not published in the Smeredia.

  9. Scaremongering.

    An increase in annual typhus cases from basically zero to twenty may technically fulfill the definition of “epidemic”, because the definition uses relative rates, but in real absolute terms it’s irrelevant. Typhus can’t be spread from human to human; it’s carried by fleas and lice. It’s rarely fatal, only about one in twenty cases.

    As for yersinia pestis, it needs to get colder for y. pestis to break out. It’s also easily treated with antibiotics. Yes, yes, antibiotic-resistant strains blah blah, but that ship sailed long ago for much more common and dangerous bacteria.

    None of this detracts from the need for California cities to get their sh*t together – literally – but using easily debunked scaremongering to make the point doesn’t help.

    1. I agree that it would be much more convenient for the authorities if tens of thousands of homeless wankers and illegal immigrants died of diphtheria, typhus, tuberculosis, the Plague etc. Then they could use front end loaders and dump trucks for the clean up. Although, not a good look on the DemocRats, the Friends Of The Little Guy.

      The thing you’re missing here is that 20 cases -is- an outbreak. First, because its twenty -that you know of-. There will be a bunch more that didn’t come in.

      Second, these things move very fast. One month, two cases. Month later, 20 cases. Month after that, 200. Et cetera. Because the outbreak is caused by a condition that isn’t changing. That being the fleas of vermin attracted by sewage and garbage. The garbage and sewage situation is not being fixed. Its going to get worse, quickly.

      Hospitals can treat 20 cases. They -may- be able to successfully treat 200 a week, if they get organized and there is enough money. They will try to treat 2000 cases, but many will die due to SNAFU and organizational corruption. There’s a limit to what they can do with their current setup, and it looks like they’re getting close to that limit.

  10. I don’t relish the thought of these vagrants with diseases carrying their fleas into the local supermarket. They need to all be quarantined on Jerry Brown’s multi-thousand acre ranch … lovingly cared-for by Jerry and his … partner.

  11. Not fast enough.

    Plagues and famines are how God keeps human populations in line with the food and water supply—and among the many ways He humbles them when appropriate.

    The people of San Francisco are long overdue to be put in their place by the God they swear doesn’t exist.

    1. And the … science … they’re ignorant about. The “science” of FAKE Global Warming statistical models … is the only “science” they know.

  12. reminds me of the news item about chirese stray animals getting treated like royalty, at least ‘refugees’ and somehow being allowed to bypass quarantine regulations on their way to spreading a fatal disease:
    and from the link:
    “According to Weese, the outbreak likely stems from a shipment of rescue dogs from Asia.”

    I brought this to the attention of the local LIEberal mp. no response in some 1/2 a fcukin YEAR.